Israel Lobby Spreads More Lies About Palestine Groups At NYU

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, Electronic Intifada. -

New York University has agreed to settle with the US Department of Education over allegations that the university had not appropriately responded to claims of anti-Semitism. Two [...]

Land Grab Universities

By Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone, High Country News. -

On August 29, 1911, a Yahi man known as Ishi came out of hiding near Oroville, California. He had spent decades evading settlers after the massacre of his community in the 1860s and had recently [...]

The Way Forward For NYU Graduate Students

By International Youth and Students for Social Equality at New York University, -

Since July, the Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC), which is affiliated with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and has over 2,000 graduate workers as members at New York University, [...]

Six Reflections On The Abolitionist Strike At The University Of Michigan

Both within and outside of the frameworks of “permissive” bargaining, the desire and urgency to create a world centered around care cannot be granted by a university or union bureaucracy. [...]

Meet Students Organizing The First Campus-Wide Undergraduate Union

By Indigo Olivier, In These Times. -

On August 31, stu­dents at Keny­on Col­lege, a pri­vate lib­er­al arts col­lege in Gam­bier, Ohio, announced their intent to union­ize with the Unit­ed Elec­tri­cal, Radio and Machine Work­ers of [...]

University Of Michigan Asks Court To Halt Graduate Student Strike

By Leah Graham, Barbara Collins, Emma Stein and Liat Weinsten, Michigan Daily. -

A day after the Graduate Employees’ Organization voted to extend its strike, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel is seeking an injunction to get graduate students off the picket lines [...]

University Of Michigan Residential Staff On Strike

By Residential Staff, Popular Resistance. -

The bottom line is our health can’t wait. Our communities can’t wait. The University's inaction in the face of  ResStaff’s explicit concerns and action items over the last few weeks has made it [...]

This Public US University Has Seen Grades Soar Despite COVID-19

By Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian. -

If anywhere was going to take a pummeling from the coronavirus, you’d think it would be a place like Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. Georgia State is not a glamorous flagship [...]

Racialized Austerity: The Case Of CUNY

By Michael Fabricant and Steve Brier, Gotham Gazette. -

In the aftermath of the covid outbreak and in a moment of Black Lives Matter national organizing in response to police brutality the issue of racial justice has lit up cities and towns across the [...]

Graduate Workers: ‘Reopening Endangers Students, Highlights Racial Inequalities’

By Northwestern University Graduate Workers, Daily Northwestern. -

It is less than a month before Fall Quarter begins, and despite daily warnings against doing so, Northwestern insists on proceeding with the harmful and dangerous plan of reopening campus. The [...]

Koch Academic Influence Returns To Massachusetts With New Tufts University Think Tank

By Dana Drugmand, DeSmog Blog. -

When a new Massachusetts think tank housed at Tufts University launched earlier this year, Boston-based media described it as a “CBO-like center” (referring to the Congressional Budget Office) [...]

More Than One Out Of Five College Students Won’t Return This Fall

By Justine Coleman, The Hill. -

More than 1 in 5 college students reported they do not plan to enroll in the fall amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a poll released Wednesday. A College Reaction-Axios [...]

UC Santa Cruz Reinstates Graduate Students After Months-Long Strike

By Lauren Kaori Gurley, Vice. -

The University of California has agreed to reinstate 41 UC Santa Cruz graduate student workers who were fired in March after waging a months-long ‘wildcat’ strike. The strike for a cost of living [...]

Students Across The Country Are Going On Strike

By Mary Retta, The Nation. -

Since campuses began shutting down across the country in early March, college students have been speaking out about the economic uncertainty, lack of food, and housing insecurity the nationwide [...]

The Struggle For A COLA At Berkeley University

By Jack Wareham and Dylan Burgoon, Counterpunch. -

California - On March 5, in the midst of a campus-wide march and rally, a student protester at UC Berkeley walked into the bustling Free Speech Movement Café, a study spot that borrows its name [...]