Duke University Gets Corporate Mining Gift To Help Exploit Indigenous People Of Peru

By Gary G. Kohls, Transcend.org -

3 Jan 2017 – Below are two articles that nicely illustrate the cunning methods that ALL multinational mining, exploration, drilling, energy extractive or oil transporting corporations use to try [...]

Student Debt Slavery: Bankrolling Financiers On Backs Of Youth

By Ellen Brown, Ellenbrown.com -

The government, too, had to be enslaved by debt. It could not be allowed to simply issue the money it needed to meet its budget, as Lincoln’s government did with its greenbacks (government-issued [...]

Betsy DeVos Met With Boos, Protest At Commencement Speech

By Casey Quinlan, ThinkProgress.org -

Betsy DeVos delivered a commencement speech at the University of Baltimore on Monday, sparking protests from students and members of the community. Her speech focused on the topics of [...]

Tax Bill: Stealing Money From College Education For Tax Cuts For Wealthy

By Jeff Bryant, educationopportunitynetwork.org -

New tax bills Congress just passed with zero input or support from Democrats hit higher education hard, but new legislation House Republicans are crafting will likely worsen the damage. As The [...]

Arrests, Anger, Anxiety As Grad Students Visit Paul Ryan’s Office

By Nick Roll, insidehighered.com -

By Nick Roll for Inside Higher Ed - WASHINGTON -- As the competing Republican tax plans from the House of Representatives and the Senate head to a conference committee that will square the [...]

Creston Davis On Forming Global Center For Advanced Studies

By James Crossley, truth-out.org -

By James Crossley for Truthout - Creston Davis: Starting an independent school run strictly by intellectuals was always my dream. Back in 2002, I remember talking with Slavoj Zizek about the need [...]

Washington’s War On Poor Grad Students

By Jill Richardson, otherwords.org -

By Jill Richardson for Other Words - The Republican tax plan winding its way through Congress includes a special middle finger to the nation’s graduate students. It’s a little bit wonky, so stay [...]

The Time Of The Intellectual-Activists Has Come

By Creston Davis, truth-out.org -

By Creston Davis for Truthout - A crucial element of change happens when people realize that the current state of things no longer works. Change is a fundamental aspect of all areas of life -- [...]

Making Your Own Education When College Isn’t An Option

By Staff, blackyouthproject.com -

By Staff of Black Youth Project - At this point in human history, college has become damn-near mandatory for acquiring employment and, dare I say, being validated as a functional adult in our [...]

Public Higher Ed Skews Wealthy

By Rick Seltzer, www.insidehighered.com -

By Rick Seltzer for Inside Higher Education - A majority of the country’s top public universities have grown less accessible for the most financially strapped students since 1999 -- and at the [...]

Ohio State Denies Request To Have Richard Spencer Speak On Campus

By Brandon Carter, www.thehill.com -

By Brandon Carter for The Hill - Ohio State University has denied a request to rent space for prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus, citing public safety concerns in the [...]

College Rankings Promote Economic Inequality On Campus

By Benjamin Wermund, www.politico.com -

By Benjamin Wermund for Politico - Meanwhile, there is no measurement for the economic diversity of the student body, despite political pressure dating back to the Obama administration and a 2016 [...]

Protesters Confront Betsy DeVos At The Harvard Kennedy School

By Spencer Buell, www.bostonmagazine.com -

By Spencer Buell for Boston Daily - Protesters, some standing with their fists in the air and waving signs that included the words “white supremacist,” swarmed to greet Secretary of Education [...]

Georgetown Law Faculty Take A Knee To Protest Jeff Sessions

By Ryan Grenoble, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Ryan Grenoble for Huffington Post - Professors at the school have vociferously opposed the visit by Sessions. In an open letter published ahead of the event, signed by around a third of the [...]

Jeff Sessions Is Met With Protest At Georgetown Law

By Karen Sloan, www.law.com -

By Karen Sloan for Law - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions received a frosty reception from some students and faculty at Georgetown University Law Center, where he delivered a talk on free [...]