Students Across The Country Are Going On Strike

By Mary Retta, The Nation. -

Since campuses began shutting down across the country in early March, college students have been speaking out about the economic uncertainty, lack of food, and housing insecurity the nationwide [...]

The Struggle For A COLA At Berkeley University

By Jack Wareham and Dylan Burgoon, Counterpunch. -

California - On March 5, in the midst of a campus-wide march and rally, a student protester at UC Berkeley walked into the bustling Free Speech Movement Café, a study spot that borrows its name [...]

“Everyone Deserves A Cost-Of-Living Adjustment”: Interview With UCSC Striker Yulia Gilich

Santa Cruz, CA – Graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) at the University of California in Santa Cruz (UCSC) are fighting for a livable wage. A year of unsuccessful attempts to encourage [...]

Students Sue Harvard For Investment In Private Prisons

By Staff, -

This is not a decision that our campaign arrived at lightly. Turning to the courts is a last resort. Having tried multiple channels, from protests to petitions to rallies to teach-ins to reports [...]

Wayne State Teachers Protest Mass Firings

By Jamie McQuaid, Workers World. -

On Feb. 26, nearly 100 lecturers, graduate instructors, students and allied workers marched through Wayne State University’s main campus in Detroit to protest the mass firing of lecturers, who [...]

Syracuse Students Lead A National Movement To End Oppressive Campus Environments

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

For a long time, students and faculty of predominately-white universities across the country have been experiencing oppressive environments where racism and homophobia are tolerated. This [...]

#NotAgainSU Protest Shuts Down 2 Blocks Of City Streets Near Syracuse University

By Julie McMahon and Chris Libonati,  -

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A #NotAgainSU protest shut down two city blocks near Syracuse University for about two hours Wednesday night. Around 100 students, faculty and supporters gathered in the [...]

Johns Hopkins students protest speeches by Joshua Wong, Nathan Law

By Wang Wenwen, -

More than 100 Chinese students at Johns Hopkins University in the US on Thursday night (US time) protested against speeches made by Hong Kong secessionists Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Nathan Law [...]

The Rise In Racism On College Campuses

By Kyla L. Wright, -

In 2018, the FBI reported that hate crimes on college campuses have risen 25 percent from 2015-16 and risen 17 percent from 2016-17. An additional 27.6 percent of the crimes dealt with [...]

Striking University Of California-Santa Cruz Grad Students Defy UAW, Arrests And Threats Of Termination

By Stewart Bernays and David Brown, -

Graduate student instructors (GSIs) and teaching assistants (TAs) at University of California-Santa Cruz are beginning the sixth day of their wildcat strike to demand a cost of living adjustment. [...]

Student Victory: Georgetown University Divests From Fossil Fuels

By Staff, -

On the evening of February 6, 2020, Georgetown University announced its decision to divest its endowment from all fossil fuel companies. This decision comes after eight years of dedicated [...]

Abby Martin Banned From Speaking At US University For Refusing To Sign Pro-Israel Pledge

By Staff, -

Since 2014, 28 states, among those Georgia, have adopted anti-boycott laws, including five executive orders issued by governors. Former teleSUR presenter and creator of The Empire Files Abby [...]

Harvard Law School Students Disrupt Recruitment Event, Calling On Major Law Firm To #DropExxon

By Eoin Higgins, -

Over 100 students from Harvard Law School staged a public protest against a recruitment dinner hosted by law firm Paul Weiss on Wednesday night, calling for the company to cut ties with fossil [...]

Secretary Devos Denies Students’ Rights To Full Debt Cancellation

By Staff, -

BOSTON –United States Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that she will deny full student loan cancellation to student borrowers who were cheated by their colleges and applied to have their [...]

JDL Canada Thugs Attack York Students Then Cry “Anti-Semitism”

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, -

Canadian politicians are echoing fabricated claims of anti-Semitism after students rallying for Palestinian rights were attacked by a violent anti-Palestinian group at York University in Toronto [...]