On Death And Dying As A Black Studies Professor At Portland State University

By Ethan Johnson, Black Agenda Report. -

Last Winter, fairly soon after the Portland State Board of Trustees, an unelected group of overwhelmingly white men, voted to arm the PSU police force, the first person they shot and killed was [...]

Power To Disrupt: Limits And Possibilities Of Campus Sit-Ins

By Jason Koslowski, Roarmag.org -

College campuses are systems of capitalist domination: of workers, students and surrounding communities. But campus revolts have been on the rise in recent years. In the US, for instance, as the [...]

The PSC-CUNY Contract—The Case For Voting NO

By Charlie Post, Portside.org -

This is one of two contrasting viewpoints posted to Portside Labor today about the PSC (AFT) tentative agreement with CUNY, covering 30,000 faculty (including 12,000 adjuncts), professional and [...]

Universities Are Bowing To Israeli Pressure And Treating Protests Of Israel As A Hate-Crime

By Philip Giraldi, Americanfreepress.net -

The Israel lobby in the United States and its counterparts in Europe have been paying particular attention to curtailing the activities of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS). [...]

Over 350 Faculty Members Have Declared That They Refuse To Be Intimidated By The Trump Administration Over Palestine

By Michael Arria, Mondoweiss.net -

Over 350 faculty members have signed a petition supporting Palestinian rights and declaring that they won’t be intimidated by the Trump administration’s recent targeting of Middle East studies [...]


By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

The Southern University System has opened its arms to the CIA with an agreement  to allow the agency to recruit operatives and shape classroom workshops and curriculum on the system’s five [...]

A Boom In Renewables Education As Scotland Upskills

By David Leask, Herald Scotland. -

A new study has revealed the sheer volume of training underway as the country upskills for climate emergency, new statistics reveal. The research, the first of its kind, showed an “enormous [...]

Opposition To Trump’s Migration Deal Has Sparked A Growing Student Occupation In Guatemala

By Jeff Abbott, Wagingnonviolence.org -

Late in the afternoon on July 29, students from Guatemala’s only public university, the University of San Carlos, took control of the university’s museum in Guatemala City’s historic center. [...]

Reparations And The Student Debt Wars

By John O'Kane, Counterpunch.org -

The public college and university system in California was tuition-free during the sixties and into the seventies when the baby boomers were attending college in record numbers. Favorable budgets [...]

U. Michigan Students Hold ‘Die-In’ To Call For Action Against Climate Change

By Staff, Thecollegefix.com -

Approximately fifty University of Michigan students and faculty, as well as local residents, laid on the floor at the school’s Museum of Art last week to bring attention to the (dire) [...]

Wealthy Parents Give Up Child Custody For College Financial Aid

By Jodi S. Cohen and Melissa Sanchez, Propublica.org -

Dozens of suburban Chicago families, perhaps many more, have been exploiting a legal loophole to win their children need-based college financial aid and scholarships they would not otherwise [...]

Business School Graduates — Don’t Work For Billionaires

By Chuck Collins, Inequality.org -

Congratulations, graduates, on your hard work over the last several years. By now, though, you’re surely feeling pressure about your next steps. You may have debt, parents that made big [...]

Help Today’s College Students As We Did For Previous Generations

By Chuck Collins, Inequality.org -

When I speak on college campuses, I ask students to write the amount of debt they anticipate graduating with on a slip of paper. In a recent class of 25 undergraduates at Boston College, just [...]

“No Justice. No Peace. No Private Police.”

By Staff, Aclu-md.org -

“No Justice. No Peace. No Private Police,” was a chant that rang through the Charles Village and Waverly neighborhoods last Wednesday. On the 300th “West Wednesday,” John Hopkins University [...]

7 Arrested After Police Raid Sit-in Against Hopkins Private Police

By Jaisal Noor, Therealnews.com -

The university had warned protesters they were subject to arrest after they took over and chained themselves to the building on May 1. Just days earlier, activist Tawanda Jones, whose brother was [...]