On Contact: Teaching History For Indoctrination

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

"The teaching of history in our schools is not an impartial or neutral discipline. It is at its core about justifying the power of the ruling elites in the present by defining the ruling elites [...]

How Socialists Won Our Democratic Rights

By Adam J. Sacks, Tribune Magazine. -

The myth of modern democracy is that it was handed down from on-high. In fact, the ruling class resisted extending the franchise at every turn – and it was socialists who fought them for the [...]

An Historic Rant

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

We don’t need another post about “these times.” We can all pretty much agree that shit is weird – that we’re confused, bewildered and feel like we’re on a boat captained by Bond villains heading [...]

The Roots Of Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist Resistance In The US 

By Robin D.G. Kelley, Blackagendareport.com -

“No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!” has been a popular protest chant since the New York real-estate mogul and former reality TV star became the 45th president of the United States. This was no [...]

The Settler Playbook: Understanding Responses To #ShutDownCanada In Historical Context

By Sarah Rotz, Daniel Rück, and Sean Carleton, Activehistory.ca -

On February 7, militarized RCMP arrested and removed Wet’suwet’en land defenders from their unceded territories, triggering demonstrations and blockades across the country. With large parts of [...]

Bernie Sanders Was Right About The Cuban Literacy Campaign

By Catherine Murphy, Truthout.org -

The corporate media have long been looking for ways to discredit Bernie Sanders, and they settled on a surprising statement he made in the 1980s during his tenure as mayor of Burlington when he [...]

The Terrorism-Industrial Complex (TIC)

By Jan Oberg, Transcend.org -

A modified image of President Ronald Reagan with Afghan mujaheddins–‘freedom fighters’ against the Soviet Union in 1983. Today, against the USA, they are called ‘terrorists.’ 25 Feb 2020 – Since [...]

Why US Generals Do Not Oppose The Disastrous Never Ending Wars

By Danny Sjursen, Tomdispatch.com -

There once lived an odd little man -- five feet nine inches tall and barely 140 pounds sopping wet -- who rocked the lecture circuit and the nation itself. For all but a few activist insiders and [...]

Remembrance Of Malcolm X On His 84th Birthday

By Michael Smith, Michaelstevensmith.com -

I heard Malcolm speak when he came to The University of Wisconsin in 1963.  He had yet to break with The Nation of Islam and was protected by several of their bodyguards.  All were dressed [...]

Saugeen Ojibway Nation Has Saved Lake Huron From A Nuclear Waste Dump

By Joyce  Nelson, Counterpunch.org -

A major victory for Canada’s First Nations has just been won in Ontario. On January 31, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) overwhelmingly voted down the proposed deep geological repository (DGR) [...]

No Fascist USA! Lessons From A History Of Anti-Klan Organizing

By Hilary Moore and James Tracy, Roarmag.org -

Ever since fascism first crawled out of the ideological sewer, anarchists and autonomists have been there to confront, antagonize and organize against it. You need not dig deep into past history [...]

Freedom Rider: Prejudential: Black America And The Presidents

By Margaret Kimberly, Blackagendareport.com   -

Ten of the first twelve presidents of the United States were slave holders. This is just one of many historical facts that this columnist discovered while researching and writing Prejudential: [...]

Patrice Lumumba: Revolution, Freedom, And Legacy In DR Congo

By Roxana Baspineiro, Telesurenglish.net -

On Jan. 17 1961, the African leader and first head of government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Patrice Lumumba was brutally murdered in a heinous crime that after almost 60 years [...]

Celia Sánchez Manduley: The Most Famous Woman You Have Never Heard Of

By Tiffany A. Sippial, Historynewsnetwork.org     -

If the name Celia Sánchez Manduley does not ring a bell, you are not alone. In April 1965, Andrew St. George began his article for Parade with a rhetorical question: “Who is Celia Sánchez?” [...]

Growing Up Panther: An Interview With K’sisay Sadiki

By Susie Day, Counterpunch.org -

K’SISAY: I was born into activism. Both my parents were Black Panthers in the Queens branch of the Party. When I was a baby, my father was arrested for a robbery and served five years in prison. [...]