What AIDS Activists Can Teach Us About The Covid Pandemic

By Ria Modak, In These Times. -

While health advocacy organizations have urged the federal government to learn from the HIV/AIDS crisis to more effectively respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, both within America and abroad, many [...]

HIV Prison Activists Are Leading A Freedom Movement

By Emily Hobson & Laura McTighe, Truthout. -

When AIDS hit prisons and jails in the 1980s, incarcerated people organized. They developed peer education programs to counter stigma and slow transmission, established buddy programs to provide [...]

Trump Admin Fires White House HIV Council Members

By John Lannoye, Gaypopbuzz.com -

President Donald Trump’s Administration has terminated all members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA). GPB has learned that members of the council were notified yesterday in [...]

Newsletter: Billionaires Fear Revolt As People Power Grows

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. Last week there was a populist revolt from across the political spectrum. Congress received tens of thousands of phone calls every day from people who are [...]