Homeless Philadelphians Moving Into Vacant City-Owned Homes

By Unicorn Riot. -

Philadelphia, PA – Housing advocates plan to reveal today that they’ve facilitated moving previously-unhoused city residents into “vacant, viable” homes in North Philly owned by the Philadelphia [...]

In Absence Of State Action, Organizers Help Homeless People During Pandemic

By Ella Fassler, Truthout. -

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, collectives sharing free food with the hungry were facing a sharp uptick in state repression. In Arizona, Tucson Police Park Safety warned the public that [...]

The Homeless Can’t Shelter-in-Place

By Libby Rainey, The Indypendent. -

Chris was given a test for COVID-19 in the middle of the night.  It was just past 1 a.m., and he entered Lenox Hill Hospital’s emergency room on the Upper East Side with a headache and runny [...]

Judge Rules LA Must Stop Taking & Destroying Homeless People’s Property

By Elijah Chilang, www.la.curbed.com -

By Elijah Chilang for Curbed - The city of Los Angeles has run into another setback in its ongoing quest to confiscate the property of homeless residents. A US Circuit Court judge ruled Wednesday [...]

New LA Law: Homeless Can Only Own Trashcan’s Worth Of Belongings

By Brianna Acuesta, www.trueactivist.com -

By Brianna Acuesta for True Activist - The city of LA just passed a law limiting the possessions of homeless people to one trashcan's worth of things. As though homeless people don’t already own [...]

NYC Shut It Down: Weekly Shut Down & Clothes For The Poor

By Keegan Stephan, www.keegan.nyc -

By Keegan Stephan for Keegan NYC - On Wednesday, November 4th, before temperatures in NYC dropped to 4 degrees, and the mayor warned people to stay inside unless absolutely necessary, NYC Shut It [...]

San Francisco Herding Homeless Out Of Sight For Superbowl Parties

By Evelyn Nieves, www.alternet.org -

By Evelyn Nieves for AlterNet - The first official signs of Super Bowl 50—six-foot-tall, 1,600-pound, solar-powered number 50s, each with its own Super Bowl-themed design—started popping up at [...]

Great Potential Of Poor Americans

By Paul Buchheit, www.nationofchange.org -

By Paul Buchheit for Nation of Change - The homeless are feared by the upper classes, and they’re often arrested for nonexistent or non-violent infractions, in good part because they are simply [...]

Black Homes Matter: San Francisco’s Vanishing Black Population

By Carl Finamore, www.beyondchron.org -

By Carl Finamore for BeyondChron - This story is prompted by a picket sign I saw at a recent anti-police brutality protest sponsored by two San Francisco families, one Latino and one Black, whose [...]

Berkeley City Hall Occupation Update

By Mike Zint, www.occupysf.net -

By Mike Zint for Occupy SF. Berkeley, CA - November 20, Day 5: It has been a busy day. The occupation is growing. We have had a lot of food support. Tents are still needed. Blankets are still [...]

Portland Declares Official Housing Emergency

By Shelby R. King, www.blogtown.portlandmercury.com -

By Shelby R. King for the Portland Mercury. Portland, OR - Portland City Council today passed an ordinance declaring an official housing emergency in the city. The commissioners unanimously [...]

Homeless New Yorkers Protest Police Stigmatization

By Emma Whitford, www.occupythebronx.org -

By Emma Whitford in Occupy The Bronx - Dozens of homeless New Yorkers and advocates rallied on the steps of city hall this afternoon to single out and condemn the NY Post’s recurring portrayal of [...]

Repurposing London’s “Anti-Homeless” Spikes Into Cozy Bedrooms

By Maria Sanchez Diez, www.qz.com -

By Maria Sanchez Diez in Quartz - London has taken to placing small, sharp spikes to discourage homeless people from sleeping in public areas. But a group of activists has found a creative way to [...]

Sao Paulo: A Sea Of People Fighting For Water

By Midia Ninja and Marianna Olinger, www.ninja.oximity.com -

These sacred luxury consumer temples (where the water tanks are always full), lowered their doors before the the march that brought together 15 thousand men, women and children - a significant [...]

Officials Want To Move Homeless From Downtown Camp

By Staff, www.azpm.org -

The Tucson City Council voted this week to relocate homeless people who have been living in a downtown park for a year and a half. The camp, called “Safe Park” by its occupants, includes the [...]

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