Federal Court: Cities Cannot Criminalize Homelessness

By Chris Teale, Smartcitiesdive.com -

The likes of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have come out hard against anti-homelessness laws in cities nationwide. The organization derided laws encouraging homeless people in Houston [...]

Homelessness Crisis Is Deepening In The United States

By Laura Tyson , Lenny Mendonca, Project Syndicate -

Despite strong GDP growth and an extraordinarily low unemployment rate, more than a half-million people in the United States are homeless on any given night. And with housing prices rising while [...]

All Laws That Make It A Crime To Be Homeless Should Be Repealed

By John Tharp and Maria Foscarinis, Otherwords.org -

When San Diego resident Gerald Stark’s rent increased and he couldn’t afford another apartment, the retired union pipefitter moved into his RV. But because he lacked an address, San Diego law [...]

Homeless America

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

PORTLAND, Ore.—It is 8 a.m. I am in the small offices of Street Roots, a weekly newspaper that prints 10,000 copies per edition. Those who sell the newspaper on the streets—all of them victims of [...]

The Constitution And Homelessness

By Steve Martinot, Counterpunch.org -

When the police violate the US Constitution, are they criminal? In what court can their conduct be judged illegal? For recourse against crimes against the people for violation of the [...]

Poor People On A Poor Planet

By Tiny aka Lisa Gray Garcia, Poor Magazine. -

i can’t exactly describe the sound of an aluminum walker being crushed by a Dept of Public Works (DPW) truck - but its a special sound of material violence unlike any other- with each crunch-clap [...]

Court Backs Activists Who Feed Homeless

By David Fleshler, Sun Sentinel. -

Florida - A group whose symbol is a clenched fist holding a carrot won a legal victory over the city of Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, when a federal appeals court found that its weekly events to [...]

The Homelessness Problem We Don’t Talk About

By Tanvi Misra, Citylab.com -

The punishment for a crime doesn’t necessarily end when the person has been released from prison. Formerly incarcerated people face multiple barriers to securing housing (including public [...]

Poor-Led People’s Campaign Marches To Resurrect Resurrection City

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

For the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Poor People's Campaign and Resurrection City, poor and houseless people marched from the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia to [...]

Cities, Volunteers Clash Over Feeding Homeless In Public

By Kate Brumback, Theolympian.com -

When Adele MacLean joined others in an Atlanta park to feed the hungry the Sunday before Thanksgiving, she left with a citation and a summons to appear in court. The case was dropped when she [...]

Homelessness: One of Capitalism’s Many Inevitable Products

By Gus Bagakis, truth-out.org -

By Gus Bagakis for Truthout - Housing is the necessary precondition for security, identity, emotional well-being, work, leisure and community. There is no greater condemnation of capitalism than [...]

Community Members Defy El Cajon Ordinance Against Feeding Homeless

By Bella Ross, thedailyaztec.com -

By Bella Ross for The Daily Aztec - “We call it ‘Break the Ban,’” said Mark Lane, a 1989 San Diego State alumnus and the primary organizer of the event. On Oct. 27, the city of El Cajon passed an [...]

Arrested For Feeding Homeless Without Permit Before Thanksgiving

By Aaron Kesel, activistpost.com -

By Aaron Kesel for Activist Post - The Sunday before Thanksgiving Atlanta police handed out tickets to activists feeding the homeless in a clear display of disregard for its hungry citizens [...]

Protesters Take Over Seattle City Hall To Fight Homeless Sweeps

By Kate Walters & Megan Farmrer, kuow.org -

By Kate Walters & Megan Farmrer for KUOW - As the council considers the 2018 city budget, amendments have been proposed to achieve both goals. But whether the provisions will receive enough [...]

Tent City Leader Blasts Pugh As City Is Moving Homeless Group

By Fern Shen, baltimorebrew.com -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - For Samantha Smith, the last straw came at the gala fundraiser for the homeless that she attended Saturday at the invitation of Mayor Catherine Pugh. Seated near [...]