18-Month Struggle To Free Honduran Political Prisoner

By Erika Engel, Collingwoodtoday.ca -

In an apartment in Honduras’ capital city Tegucigalpa, a husband and wife played chess together for the first time. It might seem an ordinary scene - boring even - but it’s an experience both [...]

US-Trained Honduran Police Get Midievel

By Adrienne Pine, Mintpress News. -

Tegucigalpa, Honduras -  “It’s sad how the United States is supporting this corrupt government,” Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal told MintPress News immediately after his release from [...]

Protests And Repression Continue in Honduras

By Staff, Resumen -

This new round of protests are a continuation of struggle undertaken by the Honduran people to reject the Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH) government, accused by courts in the United States of [...]

Protests In Honduras Intensify As President Implicated In Drug Trafficking

By Greg Wilpert, Real News. -

The protests against Honduras’s President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, which have been going on for several months now, are showing no signs of letting up. If anything, they have been intensifying [...]

‘Fuera JOH’: Honduras Protests, Police Respond With Violence

From Daniel Langmier, Honduras Forum Switzerland. -

Protests are happening daily now calling for the president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, to resign. Here is a compilation of reports provided by The Honduras Solidarity Network we received last [...]

Hunger Strike In La Tolva Prison In Honduras

By Staff, Afgj.salsalabs.org -

On Monday August 5, Honduran Political Prisoners Edwin Espinal, Raúl Álvarez and Rommel Herrera started a hunger strike inside of La Tolva maximum-security military run prison in order to protest [...]

The End Of A Cocaine-Fueled Presidency? Juan Orlando Hernandez Faces Regime Change In Honduras

By Adrienne Pine, Mintpressnews.com -

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS — Flanked by ministers and military and police leadership, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez — embattled after being slapped with new drug trafficking allegations in [...]

“The US Got Scared” Voices Of The Resistance In Post-Coup Honduras

By Alexander Rubinstein, Mintpressnews.com -

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS — MintPress News went to Honduras and spoke with a number of leaders of the Honduran resistance amid a 66-day uprising over a neoliberal austerity deal reached between the [...]

Honduras Erupts On Eve Of 10th Anniversary Of Coup

By Greg Wilpert, Therealnews.com -

GREG WILPERT It’s The Real News Network and I’m Greg Wilpert in Baltimore. Just when the people of Honduras are marking the 10-year anniversary of the coup d’état that forced then President [...]

Ten Years Since The US-Backed Coup In Honduras

By Bill Van Auken, Wsws.org -

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the US-backed coup that overthrow the elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, who was dragged out of the presidential palace in his pajamas by armed [...]

Honduras: Ten Years Of Coups And Neoliberalism

By Katu Arkonada, La Jornada -

Riot control police in Honduras have called off a three day work stoppage demanding better food and pay hikes, but they warned, they are not going back to repress thousands of demonstrators who [...]

Why Hondurans Set Fire To The US Embassy

By Alex Rubinstein, Thegrayzone.com -

The streets of Honduras were filled with protesters and clouds of tear gas as the month of June began. The national police fanned out through the country to crush the protests with heavy-handed [...]

The Roots Of The National Strike In Honduras: An Interview with Bayron Rodríguez Pineda

By Beth Geglia, Nacla.org -

As the 10-year anniversary of the coup d’état in Honduras approaches, Hondurans are entering into their second week of a national strike that has shut down main highways throughout the country, [...]

300 US Southcom Troops Arrive In Honduras To Teach ‘Humanitarian Assistance’

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Another Southern Command brigade of U.S. Navy and Marine soldiers arrived in Honduras this week as part of what the U.S. Embassy in Honduras has called "a multi-national disaster response task [...]

“This Is A War Against The Honduran People”

By Zoe PC, Peoplesdispatch.org -

Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández announced on May 6 that the country had arrived at an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a 311 million dollar loan. He stated that [...]