Nine Years After US Supported Coup, End Injustice In Honduras

By Staff, Alliance For Global Justice -

June 28, 2018, marks 9 years since the US-backed coup d’etat in Honduras: 9 years of increasing violence and impunity, poverty and inequity for the Honduran people who made clear once again their [...]

US Policy In Honduras Set The Stage for Today’s Mass Migration

By Joseph Nevins, -

U.S. policy in Honduras, particularly during the Obama administration, is directly responsible for part of the immigration crisis now gripping the U.S., argues Joseph Nevins. Central American [...]

Hondurans Resume Protest Against ‘Fraudulent’ Election Results

By Staff, -

Former President Manuel Zelaya said: "Today we are protesting because a dictatorship has been installed." Hundreds of protesters hit the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Friday to reiterate [...]

Indigenous Communities Carry On Berta Cacéres’ Work By Defending Nature And Health Care In Honduras

By Jeff Abbott, -

On March 2, hundreds gathered in Honduras to commemorate the life and work of the renowned Honduran activist Berta Cáceres on the second anniversary of her assassination. Carrying torches, [...]

Berta Cáceres Murder: Ex-Honduran Military Intelligence Officer Arrested

By Nina Lakhani, -

Honduran authorities have arrested a former military intelligence officer for masterminding the murder of the indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, who was shot dead exactly two years ago today. David [...]

‘Caravan Of Insurrection’ Protests Election Fraud

By TeleSurTV. -

Honduras - Supporters of former Honduran presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla went back to the streets Friday as part of what they called "Caravan of insurrection", to continue their protests [...]

Accompaniment In Honduras

By Ken Jones, Common Dreams -

We came to Honduras at the urgent request of SHARE El Salvador, a humanitarian aid organization with a long history of solidarity work in Central America. Police and military repression in [...]

Honduran Congress Deepens Authoritarianism By Legalizing Political Corruption

By Heather Gies, -

As Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández was sworn in for a second term Saturday amid ongoing protests and cries of election fraud, the scandal-rocked president promised to tackle corruption. [...]

The Struggle Against Honduras’ Stolen Election

By Dennis J. Bernstein, -

Last year’s disputed elections in Honduras continue to present a struggle for grassroots activists in the country, who face harsh police and military crackdowns in response to protests, reports [...]

Act Now In Solidarity With Honduras

By Staff, -

Over 30 people have been murdered, many of whom were killed by the Military Police or other state security forces who fired live bullets at protesters, and hundreds of others have been injured or [...]

Honduran Anti-Fraud Protesters Clamor For Justice As State Killings Continue

By Sandra Cuffe, -

Virgilio Yareth Ávila loved to sing. The 16-year-old high school student also played drums at his church. That’s where he was headed on a Monday afternoon last month. Ávila left the simple family [...]

Hondurans Hold Mass Protests ‘Until The Corrupt Are Removed’

By Staff, -

"The people won’t stand for this dictatorship," said former Opposition Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla. Despite heavy rains, an estimated 80,000 Honduran opposition supporters [...]

Most Censored Stories Of 2017, Honduras V. Venezuela

By Lee Camp, -

Lee Camp covers what were some of the most censored stories this year, according to the media watchdog site “Project Censored.” He also discusses accused pedophile Roy Moore, who lost his bid for [...]

OAS Calls For New Honduras Election After Coup-President Declared Winner

By Sarah Kinosian, -

The Organization of American States has called for fresh elections in Honduras, hours after President Juan Orlando Hernández was declared the winner. Luis Almagro – the secretary general of the [...]

Honduras Election Court Sides With ‘Fraud’ Candidate

By Telesur -

Opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla has accused the government of committing a major fraud and "whitewashing" of a corrupt electoral process. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras or TSE [...]