Honduras’ Left-Wing Breakthrough

By Francisco Dominguez, Tribune Magazine. -

What appeared impossible has been achieved: the people of Honduras have broken the perpetuation, through electoral fraud and thuggish violence, of a brutal, illegal, illegitimate, and criminal [...]

Next Steps In Recovering Democracy In Honduras After Historic Left Victory

By Peoples Dispatch. -

Following Xiomara Castro’s victory in the Honduran elections, Bertha Zúniga Cáceres, Coordinator, COPINH, spoke to Peoples Dispatch about what this means for people’s movements in the country. [...]

Hondurans Break The US-Imposed Narco Siege Of Their Government

By Patricio Zamorano, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, visited Honduras the week before the presidential elections. His stated purpose was to “encourage the peaceful, [...]

Castro’s Victory Spells End Of US-Backed ‘Narco-Politics, Neoliberalism’

By Morgan Artyukhina , Sputnik News. -

Castro’s victory is just the latest in a year of leftist victories in Latin America, including Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Pedro Castillo in Peru, and Luis Arce in Bolivia, all of which represent [...]

Xiomara Castro Leading By Wide Margin In Honduras Elections

By Telesur English. -

Leading over Nasry Asfura, current mayor of the capital city Tegucigulpa and PAN candidate, as well as Yani Rosenthal, candidate for the Liberal Party, Castro is on track to become the first [...]

Elections In Honduras: Ending Twelve Years Of Neoliberalism

By Giorgio Trucchi, Public Reading Rooms. -

On November 28, more than 5 million Hondurans will be asked to elect the President of the Republic, 128 deputies to the National Congress, 20 to the Central American Parliament, 298 mayors and [...]

Violence And Intimidation Leave Bloody Imprint On Honduran Elections

By Zoe Alexandra, People's Dispatch. -

On Sunday, November 28, 5.5 million Hondurans will participate in the general elections to elect the president, 128 deputies to the National Congress, 298 mayors, and 20 deputies to the Central [...]

12 Years After Coup, Honduran Resistance Fights For Fair Election

By Lucy Pagoada-quesada, Struggle La Lucha. -

Twelve years have passed since the fateful 2009 coup in Honduras by the oligarchy, private companies and the leaders of the Catholic and evangelical churches. How can you forget Cardinal Oscar [...]

Honduran Campesino Leader Explains The ZEDEs

By Kawsachun News. -

A wide range of sectors in Honduras are continuing to mobilize against the Economic Development and Employment Zones (ZEDEs) with the general election now one month away. Campesino, indigenous [...]

Afro-Indigenous People In Honduras Are Being Forcibly Displaced

By Miriam Miranda, Black Agenda Report. -

On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I want to tell you about my people, the Garifuna. We’re an Afro-Indigenous people, descended from Arawaks and Africans. Our ancestral territory spans the [...]

US Intervention And Capitalism Have Created A Monster In Honduras

By W. T. Whitney, Counter Punch. -

Chilean author and human rights advocate Ariel Dorfman recently memorialized Orlando Letelier, President Allende’s foreign minister. Agents of dictator Augusto Pinochet murdered Letelier in [...]

Activists Go On Trial For Protesting Power Grab In Honduras

By Institute for Public Accuracy. -

Currently in Honduras, medical anthropologist Adrienne Pine is closely involved with the Espinal and Álvarez trial. Pine said today: “This Monday and Tuesday, former political prisoners Edwin [...]

United States Struggles To Pick A Side In Upcoming Honduran Elections

By John Perry, Popular Resistance. -

Of the countries in Central America’s “northern triangle,” Honduras is the one that sends the most migrants to the United States. Already this year over 32,000 Honduran migrants have been [...]

The Trial For Berta Caceres’s Murder Will Test Biden’s Central America Policy

By Laura Carlsen, Foreign Policy In Focus. -

On her recent trip to Guatemala and Mexico, Vice President Kamala Harris drove home two points: that potential immigrants to the U.S. should “stay home,” and that the Biden administration will [...]

The US Stake In Nicaragua And Honduras’s 2021 Elections

By John Perry, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

The issues that concern the US in Central America are rooted in more than a century of intervention in its politics. The forms of intervention have changed, of course, but always based on the [...]