China To Sanction US Senators, NED And NGO Chiefs Over Hong Kong

By Catherine Wong, South China Morning Post. -

China on Monday announced sanctions on a group of 11 Americans, including lawmakers and top executives of American NGOs, in retaliation for US sanctions on a group of Hong Kong and mainland [...]

Honestly, People In The US Couldn’t Care Less About Hong Kong

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

I just spent two weeks in the United States, investigating, analyzing the situation there. I worked in Washington D.C., Minneapolis, where Mr. George Floyd was murdered by deranged cops, in [...]

The Real Reason For ‘Grave Concern’ Over The Hong Kong Security Law

By Ken Moak, Asia Times. -

Before and since China passed the national-security law (NSL) for Hong Kong, many in the West have expressed concern if not outrage, accusing Beijing of taking away the Special Administrative [...]

UK And Hong Kong: Mutually Reinforced Ignorance

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

Three years ago, I visited Old Supreme Court Building in Hong Kong, also known as The Court of Final Appeal, together with my friend, an Afghan-British lawyer, who was on a personal mission of [...]

US Exposed For Funding Last Year’s Hong Kong Protests

By Alex Lo, South China Morning Post. -

Imagine how the American government would react if multiple Chinese state agencies such as Xinhua were exposed secretly helping protest groups across the United States to evade surveillance and [...]

Do Not Belittle US Protesters By Calling Their Uprising A Color Revolution

By Andre Vltchek, Greanville Post. -

Those who are promoting the term Color Revolution are actually confusing the situation. During the last years and decades, the West has been using many different tactics on how to overthrow [...]

How We Sold Soviet Union And Czechoslovakia For Plastic Shopping Bags

By Andre Vltchek, China Daily Hong Kong. -

For months, this has been a story that I want to share with young readers in Hong Kong. Now it seems to be the really appropriate time when the ideological battle between the West and China is [...]

A Tale Of Two Protests

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

The rebellions in Hong Kong and Minneapolis have received vastly different responses from the U.S. ruling class. In Minneapolis, masses of people took to the streets on May 26th to express their [...]

Hong Kong’s ‘Pro Democracy’ Movement Allies With Far Right US Politicians

By Ajit Singh, The Grayzone. -

A leading Hong Kong “pro-democracy” figure, Jimmy Lai, has denounced nationwide protests in the United States against police brutality and systemic racism, which were sparked by the police [...]

Some Countries Have Brought New Cases Down To Nearly Zero

By Jason Beaubien, NPR. -

Perhaps the greatest success story is New Zealand, which has stopped local transmission and has a plan to completely eliminate the virus from its territory. "The lesson is that it can be [...]

Beijing Sees Trump’s Hand And Won’t Fold

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times. -

Stranger things have happened. Everyone was expecting US President Donald Trump to go nuclear by de facto sanctioning China to death over Hong Kong. In an environment where Twitter and the [...]

Fear-mongering Over National Security Law Unfounded

By the Global Times. -

"If it makes any fuss on Hong Kong's unique linked exchange rate regime which ensures its monetary base is backed with US dollars, how big would the US lose when global investors lose faith in [...]

Is Hong Kong US Or Chinese Territory?

By Yonden Lhatoo, SCMP. -

Blatant interference by the US is prompting Beijing’s new legislation to protect national security. Now, the very people who brought all this upon us are having conniptions over what it means [...]

Police Suspect Hospital Bomb Linked To Hong Kong Protests, As Telegram Message Warns Of ‘More To Come’ And Demands Border Closure Amid Wuhan Virus Crisis

By Tony Cheung and Christy Leung, -

Hong Kong police are investigating whether a bomb explosion at a public hospital on Monday is linked to anti-government protest violence, according to sources, suspecting the home-made device may [...]

How The Murder Of Iranian Commander Connected To HK

By Andre Vltchek, -

Hong Kong rioters would like to believe that they are unique, and that the West has handpicked them — them alone — for what it identifies as the “noble fight for democracy”, and for “Western [...]