Hong Kong Protesters Say Suspension Of Extradition Bill Not Enough

By Rachel Withers, Vox. -

Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam will “indefinitely suspend” a contentious extradition bill that would allow Hong Kong citizens to be extradited to mainland China following a series [...]

More Than One Million March In Hong Kong Against Extradition Law To China

By Phila Siu, Shirley Zhao, Alvin Lum, South China Morning Post -

In all, 1.03 million people took part in Sunday’s march, according to the organizer Civil Human Rights Front, double the turnout of the 2003 protest. Police put the figure at 240,000. They [...]

Snowden’s Hong Kong Lawyer Being Threatened By Authorities

By Raquel Carvalho, www.scmp.com -

By Raquel Carvalho for South China Morning Post - Barrister Robert Tibbo says he is facing complaints from Immigration Department accusing him of having conflicting interests and breaching [...]

Democracy Protests Continue In Hong Kong

By Sarah Karacs, www.independent.co.uk -

By Sarah Karacs for Independent - Storm clouds loomed over Hong Kong as tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets, giving way to a downpour as the day wore on that [...]

Thousands Join Hong Kong Vigil For Tiananmen Square Anniversary

By J.R. Wu and Katy Wong, www.reuters.com -

By J.R. Wu and Katy Wong for Reuters - Tens of thousands of people gathered in Hong Kong on Sunday for a candlelight vigil to mark the 28th anniversary of China's crackdown on pro-democracy [...]

Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Soldiers’ Win Seats In Local Elections

By Donny Kwok and Clare Baldwin, www.reuters.com -

By Donny Kwok and Clare Baldwin for Reuters - Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement got a boost on Monday with about eight candidates involved in crippling protests last year winning office at [...]

Occupy Hong Kong One Year Anniversary

By Jeffie Lam and Stuart Lau, www.scmp.com -

By Jeffie Lam and Stuart Lau in South China Morning Post - Occupy organisers and protesters vowed yesterday to involve the wider community in their fight for greater democracy, looking to coming [...]

Occupy Objects Recall Passion Of Hong Kong Protests

By Vivienne Chow, www.scmp.com -

By Vivienne Chow in SCMP - An exhibition of iconic objects collected from the sites of last year's Occupy protests will open on Saturday, two days before the first anniversary of the start of the [...]

Hong Kong Charges Occupy Central Leaders W/ Offenses

By Wen Yuqing and Xin Lin, www.facebook.com -

By Wen Yuqing and Xin Lin in Radio Free Asia - The face of last year's pro-democracy Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong, Joshua Wong, hit out on Thursday after being charged by police for his [...]

Activist Faces Charges Over Hong Kong ‘White Paper’ Protest

By Tony Cheung and Joyce Ng, www.scmp.com -

By Tony Cheung and Joyce Ng in SCMP - Student leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung and three other activists are set to be charged with obstructing police officers during a protest outside the central [...]

Taxi Driver Fined HK$3,000 For Refusing To Leave HK Occupy Site

By Chris Lau, www.scmp.com -

By Chris Lau in SCMP - An Occupy activist who previously told a court that he would not forgive himself if he moved was fined HK$3,000 in Eastern Court today for refusing to leave a road divider [...]

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolutionaries Slowly Back To The Streets

By Rishi Iyengar, www.time.com -

It has been 200 days since tens of thousands of Hong Kongers flooded the city’s streets demanding the right to freely elect their own leader, and 126 days since the police unceremoniously cleared [...]

Occupy By Stealth? Hong Kong Protest Camp Grows

By Joyce Ng and Clifford Lo, www.scmp.com -

Pro-democracy protesters are gathering at the site of Occupy Central's main camp to commemorate six months since the mass sit-ins began last year. A tent community has been slowly expanding on [...]

Chinese General: Hong Kong Protest Attempted Color Revolution

By Nectar Gan and Stuart Lau, www.scmp.com -

The Occupy protests were “an orchestrated Hong Kong version of a colour revolution” and Beijing’s response should serve as a warning to advocates for Taiwan’s independence, according to General [...]

Occupy Hong Kong, Take Two

By Ulson Gunnar, www.journal-neo.org -

Were Hong Kong’s street demonstrations a movie, the director’s chair would certainly be placed in Washington D.C. Several independent researchers have exposed the shockingly large number of [...]