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‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 248: Gantz Resigns From War Cabinet

At least 274 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli land, air, and sea raid on the center of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday, the Palestinian health ministry said in an updated statement on Monday. The attack resulted in the freeing of four Israeli captives and their returning to Tel Aviv. The four Israelis, captured by Palestinian fighters on October 7, are the only captives that Israel has been able to free by force in eight months of the ongoing war. Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, who was holding the captives when freed by the Israeli army on Saturday, said in a video statement on Sunday that during the operation, Israeli forces killed another three captives, one of whom was a U.S. citizen.

Former Israeli Captive In Gaza Says Biggest Fear Was Israeli Airstrikes

In an interview with Israel’s Haaretz, a former Israeli soldier who was held captive in the Gaza Strip said his biggest fear of being killed was from Israeli airstrikes, not Palestinian fighters. In the interview, 70-year-old Louis Har, an Israeli who was held captive in the Gaza Strip, recounted his “biggest fear was the IDF planes and the fear that they would bomb the building we were in. It is clear that this is war, and the IDF is working. I was a soldier myself. But the feeling that it could be our bombs, our planes—that is what will make us die—is very scary and very stressful.” The exclusive interview, published in Hebrew and not yet released on Haaretz’s English-language website, offers a glimpse into the reality of Israelis held as prisoners of war in Gaza. 

What Really Happened When Two Captives Were Retrieved?

The Israeli occupation forces claimed on Monday that during a joint operation with Shin Bet and the Israeli Police, they were able to retrieve two Israeli captives held in Rafah by the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza, while simultaneously massacring over 100 Palestinian civilians and injuring tens of others. Following the retrieval of the captives, Israeli media and journalists narrated a web of tales praising the heroic but complex success of the operation, while Israeli generals and officials celebrated the accomplishment. However, as leads to the narrative did not add up, two major questions were raised.

‘We Feared Our Government Would Kill Us And Blame Hamas’

A recently released Israeli captive held in Gaza revealed that she feared Israel would kill her and others through indiscriminate shelling and then blame Hamas, Ynet reported on 6 December. Menir Oz made the statement in a meeting between her and other recently released captives and their family members on the one hand, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet on the other. During the meeting, the released captives and family members expressed anger at Netanyahu for his war policy which put their lives in danger. “I was there and I know how hard it is in captivity," said Menir. "Every day in captivity was very difficult.

Palestinians Celebrate As Israel Releases Captive Women And Children

Crowds across the occupied West Bank cheered and waved Palestinian and Hamas flags, along with kaffiyeh scarves, as 39 Palestinian women and children held captive by Israel were released. The Palestinian captives were transported home in white buses — escorted by armored vehicles — from the Ofer military camp. Israel released the Palestinians under a truce agreement to pause the fighting in besieged Gaza after Hamas released 13 Israeli women and children and 10 Thai workers the resistance movement captured during its 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood raid on Israel.
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