New York’s Eviction Moratorium Ends Today

By Emma Lee, Left Voice. -

New York’s pandemic eviction moratorium expires today; it began in March 2020 when then-governor Andrew Cuomo ordered a temporary ban on eviction proceedings in response to eviction protests and [...]

Mutual Aid Groups Try To Keep Unhoused Neighbors Alive In The Snow

By Hannah Krieg, The Stranger. -

While the City of Seattle swept her home at Ballard Commons, an unhoused woman cried out to the city workers, mutual aid groups, and other community members packing up the park. “Why don’t [...]

A Dream Of A Fossil Fuel-Free Neighborhood Meets Constraints

By Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News. -

Dar-Lon Chang moved to this Denver suburb to start a new life. In Houston, he’d spent 16 years as an engineer at ExxonMobil, the nation’s largest fossil fuel producer. In Colorado, he planned [...]

The Radical Legacy Of New York’s Winter Rent Strike

By Glyn Robbins, Tribune Magazine. -

From 26 December 1907 to 9 January 1908, 10,000 tenants, predominantly Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe living in New York City’s Lower East Side, took part in a historic rent strike. During [...]

Are Nonbank Mortgage Lenders Good For Minority Borrowers?

By Jessica Goodheart, Capital and Main. -

A loan officer at a mortgage company questions a Black loan applicant about household debts, but subsequently invites a less creditworthy white borrower to fill out an application with “no [...]

Berliners Win Vote To Expropriate Housing From Corporate Landlords

By People's Dispatch. -

On 26 September, Berliners voted to expropriate housing from corporate landlords. This referendum became possible after years of struggle to make housing in the city affordable and available to [...]

Most American Homeowners Are ‘House Poor’

By Jason Lalljee, Business Insider. -

In a recent survey, 40% of homeowners with mortgages said they work second, full-time jobs to afford housing expenses. A majority of the 1,002 people surveyed by Consumer Affairs feel like they [...]

How The US Government Segregated America

By H. Patricia Hynes, Portside. -

For many years, I worked in Boston public housing with teams of residents, community organizations, public housing staff and other professors on reducing and removing the many asthma triggers [...]

Court Ruling Threatens Eviction Of Landless Workers Movement Camp

By Progressive International. -

Valinhos, Brazil - The camp was created on April 14, 2018 and named after Rio de Janeiro socialist city councilwoman Marielle Franco who was murdered a month before. Since then, the residents [...]

A New Campaign Fights To Stop The Criminalization Of Poverty

By Eleanor J. Bader, The Progressive Magazine. -

Anew campaign, Housing Not Handcuffs, is attempting to stop the criminalization of homelessness and poverty in the United States. Led by the National Homelessness Law Center, the effort builds on [...]

Protests Demanding Affordable Housing Surge In The Netherlands

By People's Dispatch. -

On Sunday, November 28, housing rights groups and other progressive sections in the Dutch city of Groningen marched under the banner #Woonstrijd to protest the acute housing crisis in the city. [...]

Community Owned Real Estate

By Ebony Gustave, Grassroots Economic Organizing. -

In this episode, I speak with executive director Noni Session about how EB PREC is garnering support to shift real estate ownership from extractive developers into the hands of the BIPOC [...]

Howard University Students Denounce Deplorable Living Conditions

As the student occupation of Howard University’s Blackburn Center has entered its fifth week, protesters have garnered significant support for their demands that administration at the [...]

Kansas City Tenants Union: Organizing At The Speed Of Trust

By Solidarity. -

Our tenant union network currently supports three tenant unions in the city. So that’s Gabriel Towers Tenant Union, McGee-Shiffman, Tenant Union, and the KC Homeless Union with plans to support [...]

Howard University President Addresses Housing Issues

By Colleen Grablick And Deanna Hackney, DCist. -

Amid a nearly month-long student protest, Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick attempted to correct course during a semiannual state-of-the-university address, acknowledging some of [...]