Housing Prices Rise At Twice The Speed Of Inflation And Pay

By Hari Kishan and Rahul Karunakar, Reuters.com -

After losing over a third of their value a decade ago, which led to the financial crisis and a deep recession, U.S. house prices have regained those losses - led by a robust labor market that has [...]

After Centuries Of Housing Racism, A Southern City Gets Innovative

By Adam Lynch, Yesmagazine.org -

Denise Fitzgerald’s property abuts the string of quiet, empty lots that line Ewing Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Recently she was leaf-blowing detritus shed by the enormous sycamore tree [...]

Tax Luxury Housing to Fund Social Housing

By Chuck Collins, Inequality.org -

I’ve traveled in a lot of major US cities in the last year outside of my hometown of Boston, Mass. Most of them are experiencing gentrification as wealthy newcomers drive up the cost of housing [...]

2,461 Evictions …Every Day

By Homes for All, Portside.org -

A new national database of court filed evictions filed since 2000 released this week by The Eviction Lab documented an estimated 2.3 million people who were evicted last year. The database - [...]

A Plan To Solve The Housing Crisis Through Social Housing

By Peter Gowan and Ryan Cooper, Peoplespolicyproject.org -

Many American cities face a severe shortage of affordable housing — and not just for the poor, but well up into the upper-middle class. A recent report from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing [...]

South Africa’s Shack Dwellers See Politics Very Differently Than Average Westerner

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet.org -

Walking into the settlement at Kennedy Road in Durban, what one is confronted with is the familiarity of the place. I’ve been here before. Not to this settlement, but to others like it. To bastis [...]

Orgs Call On FEMA To Address Critical Housing Needs Of Disaster-Impacted Families

By Staff, Nlihc.org -

Washington DC – More than 250 national, state, and local organizations called on FEMA to implement proven disaster-recovery housing solutions like the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) [...]

Adults With Roommates At Highest Level In Decades

By Daniel Steingold, Studyfinds.org -

SEATTLE — Having a roommate as an adult may be fairly common in the first years out of college, but more older, single Americans are opting against living alone. In fact, one-third of adults now [...]

Affordable Housing Movement Rises From Foreclosure Crisis

By Michael Arria, www.inthesetimes.com -

By Michael Arria from In These Times. Over the last few years, housing activism has boomed—a trend that transcends the issue of rent control through its focus on halting gentrification and [...]

Organizing Tenants In The Rentier Society

By Michael Byrne, roarmag.org -

By Michael Byrne for ROAR Magazine - These organizations are developing new ways of responding to the growing conflict between tenants and landlords and between housing as a right and housing as [...]

Tiny Homes Banned In U.S. As Govt Criminalizes Sustainable Living

By Staff, daily-curiosity.info -

By Staff of Daily Curiosity - As the corporatocracy tightens its grip on the masses – finding ever more ways to funnel wealth to the top – humanity responds in a number of ways, including the [...]

Newsletter – From Neoliberal Injustice To Economic Democracy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, www.popularresistance.org -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. This week, we will focus on positive work that people are doing to change current systems in ways that reduce the wealth divide, meet basic needs, build peace [...]

National Low Income Housing Coalition On Tax Proposal

By Diane Yentel, www.popularresistance.org -

By Diane Yentel for Natinal Low Income Housing Coalition. WASHINGTON, D.C.- The tax reform legislation proposed by House Republican leaders takes a historic step in directly revising the [...]

Huge Mobile Home Park Co-op Deal Puts Residents In Charge

By Suzanne Potter, publicnewsservice.org -

By Suzanne Potter for Public News Service - HALIFAX, Mass. – In a deal that is the largest of its kind, this week a group of 700 Halifax residents bought the mobile-home park where they live for [...]

Where Evictions Hurt The Most

By Sarah Holder, citylab.com -

By Sarah Holder for City Lab - Measuring the scale of America’s eviction problem has been a challenge—the data just isn’t available. While the U.S. Census bureau promised to start more diligently [...]