Kushner Companies Violated Multiple Laws

By Alec MacGillis, ProPublica. -

It’s been six years since Dionne Mont first saw her apartment at Fontana Village, a rental housing complex just east of Baltimore. She was aghast that day to find the front door coming off its [...]

Powerful Government Policy Segregated Us

By Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute. -

I am the author of a book, The Color of Law, that disproves the myth of de facto segregation. In truth, we are residentially segregated, not naturally or from private bigotry, but primarily by [...]

Berlin: Protests Against End Of ‘Rent Cap’ And Real Estate Swindlers

By Gregor Link, WSWS. -

The repeal of the Berlin “rent cap” by the Supreme Court means massive rent increases, arrears payments and poverty for hundreds of thousands of people. The ruling, which exacerbates homelessness [...]

Addressing America’s Homelessness And Squalor

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

Washington, Ward 1 - “I wanna know where the $2.5 million is – that’s my reaction.” Muhsin Boe Luther Umar — or as we call him, Uncle Boe — throws his hands up and shakes his head. In his role as [...]

A Crisis Of ‘Forced Mass Displacement’ Of Black Pittsburghers

By Tom Davidson, TribLive.com. -

Pennsylvania - Why did 7,000 Black Pittsburgh residents leave the city between 2014 and 2018? The answer depends on who’s talking. Community activist Randall Taylor, a former Pittsburgh [...]

Philadelphia May Have Just Revolutionized Evictions

By Editorial Board, The Philadelphia Inquirer. -

Philadelphia is on the verge of upending evictions as we know them. Last Wednesday, the Municipal Court of Philadelphia, which houses landlord-tenant court, released a new order following the [...]

Infrastructure Plan Doesn’t Come Close To Tackling The Housing Crisis

By Lindsay Owens and Sammi Albinder, Business Insider. -

The spending plans that the Biden administration released this week laid out substantial investments into our nation's housing system, including $213 billion for building and retrofitting [...]

Seattle Votes To Guarantee Lawyers For Renters Facing Eviction

By David Kroman, Crosscut. -

The Seattle City Council unanimously voted Monday to guarantee free legal counsel to poor tenants facing eviction, a system similar to the right to representation already enshrined in the [...]

Victoria’s ‘Big Idea’ Pays Off In Housing For People In Need

By Lindsay Kines, Times Colonist. -

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and councillors Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday were met with a heavy dose of skepticism back in 2015 when they proposed that the Capital Regional District borrow $50 [...]

Demolition Of Palestinian Houses Continues

By Prasanth R., People's Dispatch. -

The report published on March 16 revealed that the monthly average of demolition of Palestinian houses by the occupying Israeli authorities has increased by 65% in 2021 as compared to 2020. In [...]

The Housing Crisis: One Year After Lockdown

By David Rovics, Counterpunch. -

All the folks moving to Portland from California or New York and talking about how great the real estate prices are here may not know it (note: I was once one of them), but this city is the most [...]

The Southern Tenant Union Playbook

By Sam Russek, Scalawag Magazine. -

Despite an eviction moratorium that was intended to keep people housed during the pandemic, landlords filed more than 95,000 evictions in just eight major cities across the South last year.  With [...]

Housing Justice Group Puts Power Back In Tenants’ Hands

By Bryce Covert, The Appeal. -

Brandy Granados’s road to activism began in November 2018 when the heater in her Kansas City, Missouri, apartment exploded. She went without heat for two months during a winter that included [...]

KC Tenants’ Month Of Activism Broke The System

By Emily Cox, The Pitch. -

Daniel Halferty was behind on rent. “When I made a partial payment in October, [my landlord] texted me, berating me.” Halferty had been hunting for a job since April, but with a history of [...]

Tenant Organizers Protest The Re-opening Of Housing Court

By Ken Lopez, The Indypendent. -

New York City - Eviction proceedings resumed Monday at the NYC Housing Courts. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have been unable to cover rent due to the pandemic and the economic crisis it has [...]