‘Life Calm In Caracas, People Prepared For More Struggle’

By John Catalinotto, Workers World. -

Our delegation made a short video today to talk about the situation of the people we have seen here in which everyone said that life in Caracas is going on. People were eating ice cream in the [...]

The Racial Wealth Divide Is Vast, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

In a new report, "Dreams Deferred: How Enriching the 1% Widens the Racial Wealth Divide," researchers at the Institute for Policy Studies outline how the racial wealth gap has widened over the [...]

Low-Income Medical Marijuana Patient Evicted For Doctor Recommended Therapy

By Kevin Mahmalji, NORML. -

Up until a few years ago low-income housing that received federal subsidies were required to maintain a “drug-free” environment. This meant that if anyone living in subsidized housing was caught [...]

Green New Deal & Housing: 10 Million Homes In Ten Years

By Daniel Aldana Cohen, Jacobinmag.com -

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ran in her primary against incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley, she had the Green New Deal on her website. But her big talking points were housing costs, gentrification, [...]

In Baltimore, Money Still Follows The Segregation Map

By Chase Hoffberger, Baltimorebrew.com -

New study shows the differences in economic activity—and access to opportunity—between neighborhoods new analysis of investment patterns in Baltimore shows the degree to which decades-old housing [...]

Financing The Future Of Cooperative Low-Income Housing

By Zoe Sullivan, Nextcity.org -

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, New York City went through a devastating financial crisis. Buildings in neighborhoods across the city were essentially abandoned by their landlords. In some [...]

Housing Board Uses Armed Police To Remove Defenders Of African Cemetery

By Dr. Marsha Coleman Adebayo and Dr. Laurel Hoa, Popular Resistance. -

Bethesda, MD — The Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) called in armed police to remove peaceful protesters from its monthly board meeting on Wednesday. This was the first [...]

Caguas, Puerto Rico: Squatter City

By Erin Sheridan, Indypendent.org -

Against a backdrop of gentrification, austerity and hurricane wreckage, these activists aren’t just rebuilding their city, they’re reimagining it. The main thoroughfare in Caguas, Puerto Rico, a [...]

Venezuelan Gov’t Delivers 2.3 M Houses Despite Economic War

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro delivered Thursday 2.3 million houses to working-class Venezuelans as part of the government's Great Housing Mission Venezuela. From the Cuartel de la Montaña [...]

“Pretty Much a Failure”: HUD Inspections Pass Dangerous Apartments Filled With Rats, Roaches And Toxic Mold

By Molly Parker, Propublica.org -

In the winter of 2017, a toddler was rushed to the emergency room after swallowing rodent poison inside her family’s unit at the federally subsidized Clay Arsenal Renaissance Apartments in [...]

Homelessness Crisis Is Deepening In The United States

By Laura Tyson , Lenny Mendonca, Project Syndicate -

Despite strong GDP growth and an extraordinarily low unemployment rate, more than a half-million people in the United States are homeless on any given night. And with housing prices rising while [...]

The Housing Revolution We Need

By Thomas J. Sugrue, Dissentmagazine.org -

Are we on the brink of a revolution in housing policy? In the three-quarters of a century since Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised Americans “the right to a decent home,” the housing market has [...]

City Forced To Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture And Pay Back Victims The Millions It Stole From Them

By Rachel Blevins, Activistpost.com -

Philadelphia, PA – The city that has gained a reputation for the egregious civil asset forfeiture practices committed by its police department, will now be forced to dismantle the program [...]

How Unions Can Solve The Housing Crisis

By Erik Forman, Inthesetimes.com -

DR. JAMES PETER WARBASSE OPINED in the journal Co-operation, “Once the people of New York City lived in their own houses, but those days have gone. ... The houses are owned by landlords who [...]

Court Affirms Right Of Homeless Persons To Not Be Punished For Sleeping In Public

By National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. -

Boise, Idaho – The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that homeless persons cannot be punished for sleeping outside in the absence of adequate alternatives in Martin v. Boise (formerly Bell v. [...]