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In Retaliation To US-UK Aggression, Yemen Targets USS D. D. Eisenhower

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Friday that they struck the American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in the Red Sea, in response to the US-British aggression and airstrikes on Yemen which had resulted in the martyrdom and injury of 58 Yemeni citizens. Brigadier General Sare’e explained that the airstrikes were distributed as follows: four airstrikes on the capital Sana’a, resulting in one injury; two airstrikes on Sana’a province; and one airstrike on the Haifan area in Taiz province. He added that the aggression targeted Hodeidah province with six airstrikes, including one on Al-Salif port, one on the radio building, two on the Ghalifka camp, and two on the homes of Ali Mohsen and Ali Abdullah Saleh.

How Yemen’s ‘Asabiyya’ Is Reshaping Geopolitics

Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance forces have made it very clear, right from the start, that they set up a blockade in the Bab el-Mandeb and the southern Red Sea only against Israeli-owned or destined shipping vessels. Their single objective was and remains to stop the Gaza genocide perpetrated by the Israeli biblical psychopathy. As a response to a morally-based call to end a human genocide, the United States, masters of the Global War Of Terror (italics mine), predictably re-designated Yemen’s Houthis as a “terrorist organization,” launched a serial bombardment of underground Ansarallah military installations (assuming US intel know where they are), and cobbled together a mini-coalition of the willing that includes its UK, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, and Bahraini vassals.

Iran Accuses Israel Of Using ‘Blind Terrorism’ To Cover Up Its Failures

Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian accused Israel of using “mindless terrorism” to cover up its losses in its war on Gaza. Abdollahian’s statement on Sunday, January 21, came after five members of its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) were killed in an Israeli air strike in Damascus a day before. Abdollahian claimed that, “although the Zionist enemy has destroyed Gaza on a large scale and martyred tens of thousands of people, it has not achieved any of its goals, so it is trying to make up for its defeat by resorting to blind terrorism,” Press TV reported. IRGC said in a statement on Saturday that at least five of its “military advisors” were killed when an Israeli air raid hit a building in Damascus’ Mezzeh neighborhood.

Is A Huge War Coming?

The brutal war that Israel is waging on Gaza is increasingly becoming a regional conflict. Since October, the United States and Israel have bombed not only Gaza, but also Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Now, the U.S. government is even threatening Iran with war. President Joe Biden sent the Iranian government a private message while the U.S. military was bombing Yemen on January 13. He said threateningly, “We’re confident, we’re well prepared”. While this is happening, South Africa has introduced a case in the International Court of Justice, the top United Nations judicial authority, which accuses Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

Yemen’s Armed Forces Resume Attacks Against Israel

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced that it had launched two direct attacks on Israeli ships in the Bab Al-Mandab Strait off Yemen’s coast on December 3. The spokesperson for the Forces, Brigadier-General Yahya Saree confirmed the operation on Sunday, stating that it was in response to the demands of the Yemeni people and the “free people of our Arab and Islamic nation, to stand fully with the choices of the Palestinian people and their steadfast resistance”. Saree added that Yemen’s naval forces had carried out a targeted attack on the Unity Explorer and Ship No.9 vessels, the first with a naval missile and the second with a naval drone.
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