NATO Wants To Close Hungary Behind An Iron Curtain

By Ann Wright, Popular Resistance. -

NATO and the European Union have launched a coordinated political attack on Hungary to end our cooperation with China and Russia. They want Hungary to terminate the agreement with Russia on the [...]

Hungarian Government Facing Warm Political Winter

By Matyas Benyik and György Droppa, -

The wave of mass demonstrations started by the trade unions on 8th of December before the parliamentary voting. About ten thousand protesters gathered at the Hungarian Parliament building to [...]

‘All I Want For Christmas Is Democracy,’ Say Hungary Protesters

By Krisztina Than, -

Hundreds of police in riot gear shepherded what was one of the biggest demonstrations Viktor Orban has faced since he rose to power in 2010. BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Thousands of Hungarians thronged [...]

Tens Of Thousands In Hungary Protest Far-Right Leader Viktor Orbán

By Nick Robins-Early, -

Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through Hungary’s capital of Budapest on Saturday to protest Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, as critics warn the country could slide further [...]

Hungarian Prime Minister Ordered Attack On Refugees

By Benjamin Novak, -

By Benjamin Novak for the Budapest Beacon. BUDAPEST BEACON: “I accuse Viktor Orbán of orchestrating a premeditated attack on refugees. I accuse him of deliberately lying with the intent to [...]

1000s Rally In Hungary, Accuse Govt Of Drifting Away From EU

By Staff, -

Thousands of people have flooded on to the streets of Budapest to protest against the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Protesters accused him of drifting away from the EU and [...]

Hungary Internet Tax Cancelled After Mass Protests

By BBC, -

Hungary has decided to shelve a proposed tax on internet data traffic after mass protests against the plan. "This tax in its current form cannot be introduced," Prime Minister Viktor Orban [...]

Hungary: Protest Over Internet Tax, Warning To FCC

By Deirdre Fulton, -

The Federal Communication Commission should be concerned when they see the video below of protests in Hungary over an Internet tax. People are throwing computer parts at the headquarters of the [...]

Hungarians Protest Internet Tax

By Andrea Fiscutean, -

Hungary is planning to tax internet traffic from the beginning of 2015, according to a bill submitted to parliament on Tuesday. The draft bill stipulates that ISPs will pay 150 forints (€0.49) [...]