The 1% Rules, The 99% Lets Them!

By Ralph Nader, -

There has never been more access to food – domestic and imported – yet hunger is an ongoing problem everywhere. In the U.S. alone, 16.5 million children go to bed hungry and 20% of community [...]

Man Builds Pantry Outside His Home To Feed The Hungry

By Mayukh Saha, Activist Post. -

To all those people claiming humanity is in shambles and moral values are dead — you have no idea what you are talking about. Yes, humanity has certainly taken some hits to the chest, but it is [...]

Hunger For Disarmament Fast

By Staff, -

When the Kings Bay Plowshares decided to smash idols and beat swords into Plowshares at the Kings Bay Naval base in St. Marys, GA, we assumed there would be lots of people in that community and [...]

SNAP Threatened In House Farm Bill

By -

The farm bill is finally making its way through the legislative process. The House Agriculture Committee last month passed H.R.2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (the farm bill), on a [...]

Indigenous Peoples – Best Allies Or Worst Enemies?

By Baher Kamal, -

By Baher Kamal for IPS - In a world in which climate change brings new challenges and uncertainties, we cannot eliminate hunger without the participation of youth, said da Silva, noting that [...]

Public Pressure On White House Could Help Prevent Mass Starvation In Yemen

By Mark Weisbrot, -

By Mark Weisbrot for The Huffington Post - Shame on us,” wrote Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times last month. “The Saudis have managed to block coverage of the crimes against humanity they [...]

Protesters Blocked Road And Bridges Against Macri’s Hunger Policies

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Dawn News - Hundreds of blockades around the Latin American country, cutting bridges and routes to the big cities, including Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Chaco, Formosa, were carried on [...]

Why Protest The World Food Prize

By Thomas Mathews, -

By Thomas Mathews for Occupy the World Food Prize. The World Food Prize (WFP) is concerned about world hunger, yet they have not said a word about the destruction going on around Des Moines, the [...]

As Latin America Moves Left It Successfully Confronts Hunger

By Marianela Jarroud, -

By Marianela Jarroud in IPS News - The Latin American and Caribbean region is the first in the world to reach the two global targets for reducing hunger. Nevertheless, more than 34 million people [...]

France: Illegal For Supermarkets To Throw Away Food

By Dan MacGuill, -

FRANCE’S PARLIAMENT VOTED unanimously tonight to ban food waste in big supermarkets – outlawing the destruction of unsold food. Under the new law, supermarkets will have to prevent food waste [...]

Trillions In New Wealth, Millions Of Children In Poverty

By Paul Buchheit, -

America's wealth grew by 60 percent in the past six years, by over $30 trillion. In approximately the same time, the number of homeless children has also grown by 60 percent. Financier and [...]

Report: When Women Flourish…We Can End Hunger

By Staff, -

The 2015 Hunger Report, When Women Flourish…We Can End Hunger, released today by Bread for the World Institute, identifies the empowerment of women and girls as essential in ending hunger, [...]

United Nations Calls For An End To Industrialized Farming

By Maryam Henein, -

In 2013, the United Nations announced that the world's agricultural needs can be met with localized organic farms. That's right, we do not need giant monocultures that pour, spray and coat our [...]

The Other Spotlights On Fighting Hunger

By Rekha Basu, -

The World Food Prize is being awarded this week at a glitzy event that draws international dignitaries to Iowa and showcases Norman Borlaug, the Iowa native who founded the Green Revolution. Also [...]

MA Begins Commercial Food Waste Ban

By Center for Eco Tech, -

A great starting point for businesses and institutions trying to divert waste from landfills and save money is to reduce the total volume of food waste they generate. Some methods to [...]

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