With US Prison Strike On Third Day, Reports Of Hunger Strikes And Work Stoppages Nationwide

By Julia Conley, Commondreams.org -

"Prisoners are boycotting commissaries, they are engaging in hunger strikes which can take days for the state to acknowledge, and they will be engaging in sit-ins and work strikes which are not [...]

Immigrant Mothers Are Staging Hunger Strikes To Demand Calls With Their Separated Children

By Debbie Nathan, Theintercept.com -

AS THE JULY 26 deadline approaches for the government to reunite some 3,000 immigrant parents and children separated under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” program, one immigrant [...]

Reflections On A Hunger Strike

By Bruce K. Gagnon, Space4peace.blogspot.com -

I began the hunger strike on February 12, a few days after the first Taxation Committee work session on LD 1781.  I was laying in bed talking with MB and told her I had come back from Augusta so [...]

Conditions Worsen For ICE Detainees Following Hunger Strike

By Robin Urevich, www.capitalandmain.com -

By Robin Urevich for Capital and Main - Conditions at Adelanto Detention Center, a privately operated prison currently used to detain undocumented immigrants, are said to be grim. Nine detainees, [...]

Archdiocese Defends Work With Immigrants In Response To Hunger Strike

By Camille Padilla Dalmau, www.voicesofny.org -

By Camille Padilla Dalmau for Voices of NY - After activist Félix Cepeda staged a hunger strike denouncing the Catholic Church for not opening its New York houses of worship as “sanctuaries” for [...]

100-Plus Immigrants Detained In Tacoma On Hunger Strike

By Kenny Ocker, www.thenewstribune.com -

By Kenny Ocker for The News Tribune - More than 100 immigrants detained at the Northwest Detention Center on Tacoma’s Tideflats started a hunger strike Monday to protest conditions at the [...]

Women In California’s Largest Immigrant Prison Hold Hunger Strike

By Victoria Law, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By Victoria Law for Waging Nonviolence - On June 14, 33 women who have been detained and incarcerated by ICE in California’s Adelanto Detention Facility launched a hunger strike. They were [...]

Yale Graduate Teachers Launch Hunger Strike Over Bid To Unionize

By Roqayah Chamseddine, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Roqayah Chamseddine for Mint Press News - Graduate teachers at Yale University decided to unionize on February 23, after a vote by secret ballot administered by the National Labor Relations [...]

Victory For Palestinian Prisoners As 80% Of Strike Demands Met

By Staff, www.telesurtv.net -

By Staff of Tele Sur - “We know that there is a long struggle to come, for liberation for the prisoners and liberation for Palestine,” stated a solidarity network. After more than 1,500 [...]

Israel Treats Prisoners Worse Than Apartheid

By Adri Nieuwh, www.electronicintifada.net -

By Adri Nieuwh of for Electronic Antifada - On 15 May, many South Africans fasted in solidarity with more than 1,300 Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike in Israeli prisons to [...]

Folsom Prisoners Declare Hunger Strike, Mainstream Media Silent

By Staff, www.liberationnews.org -

By Staff of PSL - Folsom State Prison, also known as Old Folsom, is the second oldest state prison in California, behind San Quentin, and is highly recognized as one of the first maximum security [...]

The Prisoners’ Revolt: The Real Reasons Behind The Palestinian Hunger Strike

By Ramzy Baroud, www.ramzybaroud.net -

By Ramzy Baroud for Politics for the People - Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison. The West Bank is a prison, too, segmented into various wards, known as areas A, B and C. In fact, all [...]

Why We Are On Hunger Strike In Israel’s Prisons

By Marwan Barghouti, www.nytimes.com -

By Marwan Barghouti for The New York Times - HADARIM PRISON, Israel — Having spent the last 15 years in an Israeli prison, I have been both a witness to and a victim of Israel’s illegal system of [...]

Immigrants Prison Hunger Strike Demand To See Deportation Officer

By Spencer Woodman, wwwtheverge.com -

By Spencer Woodman for The Verge - Beginning last April, and picking up in the weeks following the November election, dozens of detainees at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in [...]

Why Is Former Guantánamo Prisoner On Hunger Strike In Uruguay?

By Aisha Maniar, www.truth-out.org/ -

By Aisha Maniar for Truthout - Adapting to life after lengthy imprisonment and as a refugee in a strange land are challenges. Coupled with the trauma of years of torture and the stigma of [...]

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