Hurricane Florence Highlights The Cruel Reality Of Factory Farming

By Kenny Torrella, -

Broiler chickens (chickens raised for meat) are the top agricultural commodity in North Carolina. In 2015, 823 million broiler chickens were raised in the state. (Photo credit: North Carolina [...]

Climate Change Made Florence A Monster—But Media Failed To Tell That Story

By Jim Naureckas, -

That Hurricane Florence broke rainfall records for tropical storms in both North and South Carolina shouldn’t be surprising, as global climate change has increased extreme precipitation in all [...]

Thirty-One Dead As Hurricane Florence Continues To Ravage The Carolinas

By Matthew Taylor, -

Across the Carolinas, a scene of utter devastation continued to unfold on Monday, as tens of thousands of people have had their homes destroyed by floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence, now [...]

Why Hurricane Florence Could Become A Public Health Crisis

By Jessica A. Knoblauch, -

In the path of the storm are giant pits filled with coal ash, lagoons swirling with hog manure, Superfund sites and industrial facilities stocked with toxic chemicals. People in the southeastern [...]

Hurricane Florence’s Unusual Extremes Worsened By Climate Change, Scientists Say

By Bob Berwyn, -

Hurricane Florence lumbered toward the Carolinas on Thursday as a slow-moving giant, churning up a powerful storm surge that could reach 13 feet at high tide and devastate hundreds of miles of [...]