Hurricane Eta: Nicaragua Prioritizes Saving And Improving Lives

By Nan McCurdy, The Alliance for Global Justice. -

How is it that there were only two lives lost during a level 4 Hurricane that affected Nicaragua beginning Nov. 2 on the Caribbean Coast? Nicaragua is constantly preparing and training people to [...]

Ten Days Of Climate Extremes

By Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News. -

Pick almost any slice of time in the recent past and you can find clues to how climate change is jacking up dangerous weather extremes. In the 10 days after the potential global heat record in [...]

Hurricane Florence’s Unusual Extremes Worsened By Climate Change, Scientists Say

By Bob Berwyn, -

Hurricane Florence lumbered toward the Carolinas on Thursday as a slow-moving giant, churning up a powerful storm surge that could reach 13 feet at high tide and devastate hundreds of miles of [...]

Hurricane Season 2018: Experts Warn Of Super Storms, Call For New Category 6

By Bob Berwyn, -

As the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season begins, scientists are worried that U.S. coastal communities could face more super storms with winds, storm surges and rainfall so intense that current [...]

Puerto Rico’s Carmen Yulín Cruz Shreds Trump Over New Hurricane Death Toll Study

By Hayley Miller, -

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, tore into President Donald Trump after a study released this week estimated Hurricane Maria’s death toll was at least 70 times higher than the government’s [...]

Puerto Rico’s Uncounted Dead: Study Says Hurricane Maria Toll Far Higher Than Official Count

By Aaron Maté, -

DONALD TRUMP: Every death is a horror. But if you look at a real catastrophe, like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at [...]

Six Months After Hurricane, Puerto Ricans Are Still Without Light

By EL Jennings-Maldonado, We Act Radio. -

Yabucoa is a municipality located in the southeastern part of Puerto Rico. On Wednesday September 20th, 2017 at 2 AM, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. Now, six months later, [...]

The Big Picture: 3 Toxic Crises Boiling Over In Florida

By Dipika Kadaba, -

By Dipika Kadaba for The Revelator - A difficult hurricane season unearths issues ranging from cancer hotspots to deadly bacteria. Ah, Florida — home to famous natural landscapes and amazing [...]

More Trouble Ahead: Puerto Rico’s Impending Medicaid Crisis

By Lara Merling and Jake Johnston, -

By Lara Merling and Jake Johnston for CEPR - Already in the midst of a fiscal crisis, Puerto Rico faces a long road to recovery from Hurricane Maria, a devastating storm it was ill-equipped to [...]

Vulture Capitalists Circle Above Puerto Rican Prey

By Bill Moyers, -

By Bill Moyers for Moyers and Company - As people in Puerto Rico are dying and President Trump lashes out at San Juan's mayor, Bill talks with social anthropologist Yarimar Bonilla about the [...]

Puerto Rico Needs More Hurricane Relief Now

By Mark Weisbrot, -

By Mark Weisbrot for Buzz Feed News - More than 40 percent of Puerto Rico is without clean water, and the vast majority has no electricity. Many hospitals and operating rooms are not functioning, [...]

Early Estimate For Hurricanes, Wildfires At $300 Billion

By Sabrina Shankman, -

By Sabrina Shankman for Inside Climate News. The devastation from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria—plus dozens of wildfires that raged across the West in early August—could result in the [...]

Stand With Puerto Rico — Not The Banks

By Wenonah Hauter, -

By Wenonah Hauter for Food and Water Watch - It’s been one week since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and nearly half of Puerto Ricans now lack access to safe drinking water and much of the [...]

PR Accuses Hedge Funds Of Trying To Profit Off Hurricanes

By David Dayen, -

By David Dayen for The Intercept - PUERTO RICO HAS rejected a bondholder group’s offer to issue the territory additional debt as a response to the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Officials with [...]

Hurricane Survivors Occupy Senator McConnell’s Office

By, -

By WASHINGTON - On Wednesday, a delegation of survivors of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma occupied Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill, demanding he acknowledge [...]

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