Idle No More Year In Review 2013-14

By Idle No More, -

By Idle No More - 2014 was a busy year for Idle No More, in Canada, across Turtle Island, and globally, as the movement entered a new phase, consolidating and deepening its organizing for [...]

Research: How A Movement Mobilized Masses

By First Nations Drum, -

By First Nations Drum - In 2012, the Idle No More movement (“the movement” or INM) sparked hundreds of teach-ins, rallies, and protests across Canada. What initially began as a grassroots [...]

Five Movements Igniting Change For The Earth

By Jocelyn Mercado, -

Today, in 2015, we live in a time of rapid transformation. Some say we are on the verge of a great shift in human consciousness. Growing numbers of people are looking at the way they live, the [...]

Idle No More Helped Aboriginal Canadians Break Cycle Of Despair

By Ken Coates, -

The Idle No More movement first grabbed headlines more than two years ago, when thousands of First Nations people and their supporters took to the streets in protest over conditions for [...]

A Love Louder Than Rage: The Beautiful Revolution

By Jacob Devaney, -

I remember in the early days of the Idle No More Movement being awe-struck by seeing natives take to the streets and public places with drums, singing and dancing. It was beautiful, cultural, [...]

Idle No More: Where Is The Movement 2 Years Later?

By Niigaan Sinclair, -

It’s two years later. Where is Idle No More now? Or, the question I get often: What was the point of the Idle No More movement? Did Canada change at all? While the round dances in malls and [...]

Broadening And Sharpening The Climate Justice Movement

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

The climate crisis is a crisis of democracy requiring a coordinated global grassroots mobilization to stop harmful policies and practices and build alternative systems that are effective and [...]

Emails: Police Worried About Second Idle No More Movement

By Benjamin Shingler, -

Federal officials closely tracked the fallout of an RCMP raid on a First Nations protest against shale-gas exploration in New Brunswick, at one point raising concerns it could spawn another [...]

How Idle No More Changed Canada

By Barb Nahwegahbow, -

In the winter of 2012-2013, round dances erupted in malls, universities, airports, major intersections in cities and First Nations communities. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of Indigenous [...]

Idle No More Closes Trans-Canada Highway

By The Canadian Press, -

An aboriginal protest closed the Trans-Canada Highway near Espanola, in northern Ontario, for about three hours today. Ontario Provincial Police say the demonstration at the junction of [...]

Idle No More Founders Named To Top 100 Global Thinkers List

By CTV Saskatoon, -

The founders of Idle No More joined a prestigious list this month as Foreign Policy magazine named the women to its top 100 global thinkers list. The list includes Pope Francis, 16-year-old [...]

Mi’kmaq Women Shut Down Maritimes Energy Association Briefing

By Eliza Knockwood, -

Several Mi’kmaq women shut down a Maritimes Energy Association briefing held at the Westin Nova Scotian this morning around 8am, supported by a rally of over a hundred protesters. The NS Energy [...]

Canada Spy Agency Prepared For Idle No More Escalation

By Justin Ling, -

Secret documents from Canada’s spy agency show that the Canadian government was getting ready in case last year’s Idle No More protests “escalated.” A heavily-redacted 11-page report — with one [...]

The Blossoming of Idle No More

By Socialist Worker -

When you talk about oppression, it’s not a competition, of course. But you can see where all these interconnecting factors come together, with transgender aboriginal youth as the intersection [...]

Canadian Government Sees Indigenous Rights as ‘Significant Threat’

By Martin Lukacs, -

The Canadian government is increasingly worried that the growing clout of aboriginal peoples’ rights could obstruct its aggressive resource development plans, documents reveal. Since 2008, the [...]

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