Graduate Workers: ‘Reopening Endangers Students, Highlights Racial Inequalities’

By Northwestern University Graduate Workers, Daily Northwestern. -

It is less than a month before Fall Quarter begins, and despite daily warnings against doing so, Northwestern insists on proceeding with the harmful and dangerous plan of reopening campus. The [...]

‘Just The Beginning’: Illinois Gov. Pardons Over 11,000 On Eve Of Recreational Cannabis Legalization

By Jessica Corbett, -

"This is just the first wave of Illinoisans who will see a new world of opportunities emerge as they shed the burden of their nonviolent cannabis-related convictions and records." On Tuesday, [...]

New York Took On The Real Estate Industry And Won. Illinois Could Be Next.

By Max Budovitch, -

On June 14, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law new housing legislation that guarantees the “strongest tenant protections in history,” extending rent regulation from New York City and [...]

Victory In Illinois: Coal Plant Found Guilty Of Polluting Groundwater With Coal Ash

By Ruth Milka, -

“Today is a huge victory for Waukegan residents who have fought for years to see corporations like NRG Energy held accountable for the toxic waste that has been illegally dumped on our Lake [...]

What Makes Illinois’ Marijuana Legalization Bill So Progressive

By Ramenda Cyrus, -

On May 31, the Illinois House of Representatives passed what is perhaps the most progressive recreational marijuana usage bill in the United States, by a margin of 66-47. The bill passed in the [...]

Illinois Workers Celebrate As ‘Life-Changing’ $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Signed Into Law

By Jessica Corbett, -

"Fifteen dollars an hour will be life-changing for me. I can barely afford the basic needs for my two sons on my minimum-wage salary. Simple things like whether to buy school supplies for my [...]

Federal Judge To IDOC: Get Your Unconstitutional Shit Together

By The Uptown People's Law Center, -

A federal court has ordered the State of Illinois to address its "failure to . . . meet the constitutional requirements with respect to the mental health needs of" its approximately 12,000 [...]

Illinois Prisons Sued For Unconstitutional Ban On LGBTQ Literature

By Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, -

The Uptown People’s Law Center and the MacArthur Justice Center filed a lawsuit on October 17 that alleges Illinois prisons are censoring correspondence and publications that have been mailed to [...]

1 In 4 Voters Live In States With Automatic Voter Registration

By Staff, -

By Staff of Brennan Center for Justice - Chicago, IL – Today, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill to bring automatic voter registration to the state, which could help sign up more than 1 [...]

Victory For Domestic Workers In Illinois

By Terrance Heath, -

By Terrance Heath for Campaign for America's Future - The law, which is the result of a five-year campaign by the Illinois Domestic Workers’ Coalition, guarantees nannies, housecleaners, homecare [...]

Waukegan Paid $26.1 MillionTo About 50 People Wrongly Arrested

By Dan Hinkel, -

By Dan Hinkel for the Chicago Tribune - A Tribune investigation into the Waukegan Police Department has found a troubling history of investigative failure and abuse allegations. No city police [...]

Bruce Rauner Is Using A Manufactured Crisis To Bust Unions

By Jennifer Ritter and Jacob Swenson-Lengyel, -

By Jennifer Ritter and Jacob Swenson-Lengyel for In These Times - If you like Scott Walker, you’ll love Bruce Rauner. In February, Rauner issued an executive order blocking public employee unions [...]

Illinois Spent 2.4 Million Incarcerating People In One Chicago Block

By Alex Nitkin, -

By Alex Nitkin in DNAInfo - In just five years, the State of Illinois dedicated more than $2.4 million to the 4800 block of West Adams Street in Austin. But don't look for new developments or [...]

Official Probe Calls On Illinois To Reconsider Salaita Firing

By Ali Abunimah, -

An official investigative committee at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is calling for the decision to fire Steven Salaita to be reconsidered. The report by the Committee on [...]

In Secret Process Illinois Approves New Rules For Fracking

By Kerry Lester, -

Illinois lawmakers signed off Thursday on long-awaited rules regulating high-volume oil and gas drilling, clearing the way for companies to get "fracking" permits and unleash what they hope will [...]

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