Stop Immigrant Arrests, Close The Camps, Transform Immigration Policy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Public awareness of the brutal repression against immigrants seeking entry to the United States, the reasons for their migration, and terrorism against immigrants living in the US are reaching [...]

Migrants Denounce ‘Psychological Abuse’ in US Detention Centers

By Staff, Telesur -

U.S. authorities recently ​​​​​recognized extreme overcrowding and health risks at Border Patrol centers. Central Americans allege they were victims of "psychological abuse" by U.S. federal [...]

Federal Prosecutors To Retry Humanitarian Who Gave Water To Migrants

By Alex Devoid, Arizona Daily Star -

Federal prosecutors announced they will retry a border-aid worker accused of smuggling migrants three weeks after jurors couldn’t agree whether Scott Warren committed any crimes.  The jurors [...]

Immigrant Leaders Call For ‘Driving Without Fear’ Campaign On May 1st, 2019.

By Cata Santiago and Lucia Allain, Cosecha    -

Leaders of state and countywide campaigns across have come together to launch a national “Driving Without Fear” campaign and are calling for coordinated actions across the country this May 1st, [...]

Patricia Okoumou To Be Sentenced On March 19, 2019 For Statue Of Liberty Protest

By RiseUp Newsletter of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Popular Resistance -

At the height of the outrage against the U.S. government's separation of migrant children at the border, Patricia Okoumou climbed the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2018. She said, “When I climbed [...]

ICE Deports Two Hunger Strikers Detained In El Paso

By Sophia Qureshi, SAALT, Popular Resistance -

Two of the #ElPaso9 hunger strikers were deported on Thursday, February 28th from the El Paso, TX Processing Center (EPPC). The two deported were among the Sikh men seeking asylum who have been [...]

UN: US Force-Feeding Immigrants May Breach Torture Agreement

By Garance Burke, -

The United States could be violating the U.N. Convention Against Torture by force-feeding immigrant detainees on a hunger strike inside an El Paso detention facility, the United Nations human [...]

Denver Teachers: We Won’t Let H.R. Break Our Strike by Threatening Our Immigrant Colleagues

By Denver Teachers, In These Times -

It has come to our attention that the Denver Public Schools Human Resources department sent an email letter to school administrators that threatened to report teachers on visas to immigration [...]

A Dead Child On Christmas Eve

By John Kiriakou, Reader Supported News -

We’re talking about the safety and security of minors who are unable to fend for themselves. Republicans certainly can be opposed to undocumented migration and still not turn their backs on [...]

It’s Never ‘Just the Immigrants’

By Harry Blain, Foreign Policy In Focus -

The debasement of public discourse on immigration policy; the wink-and-nudge of encouragement offered to the most sinister fringes of the American far-right; or the aggravation of racial [...]

The Migration World Pact: Wishes And Realities

By Jon S. Rodriguez, Transform -

The Global Compact for Migration is a document that isn’t actually legally binding. Its objective is to promote models of agreements between different countries or regional organizations. [...]

International Migrant Day, Solidarity And Struggle

By School of Americas Watch. -

Today, December 18th, the world celebrates International Migrants Day, and SOA Watch wants to express, above all, our solidarity with and love for all people who are forced to flee their [...]

When Peaceful Protest Is Met With Geared Up Violence At The Border

By LJM, Popular Resistance -

On Monday, Dec 10th, 2018, the Poor People’s Campaign, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and multiple faith leaders from all walks of life assembled at the border in a peaceful protest [...]

Federal Courthouse Shut Down Against ICE

By Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, It's Going Down. -

On Friday, November 30, members of the Connecticut immigrant rights activist community successfully shut down the federal courthouse in Hartford in protest of the ongoing injustices suffered by [...]

Immigrants Make Journey For Justice

By Peniel Ibe, American Friends Service Committee. -

After six weeks of traveling across the United States, the TPS Journey 4 Justice bus arrived in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Sept. 25. The bus carried more than 50 immigrants with Temporary [...]