Doctrines Of Impunity: John Bolton And The ICC

By Binoy Kampmark, -

The Trump administration’s national security advisor John Bolton has never been a fan of international law, a concept he has found, at best, rubbery.  Any institution supposedly guided by its [...]

Ending Impunity With Truth: Oaxaca Uncovers Massive State Abuse

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Under the banner of “Now we know!” the Truth Commission report seeks to uncover “historic truth” and calls for an end to impunity in Oaxaca. The Mexican state committed [...]

Guatemalan Congress Votes To Allow Investigation Of President

By Associated Press, -

By Associated Press in The Guardian - Guatemalan civilians who support the ousting of President Otto Pérez Molina have formed a wall of bodies to let lawmakers into Congress, protecting them from [...]

No Indictment In Madison Police Killing Of Tony Robinson

By Zoe Sullivan and Oliver Laughland, -

The white officer who shot dead biracial 19 year-old Tony Robinson in Madison,Wisconsin will not face criminal charges it was announced on Tuesday, more than 10 weeks since the teenager’s [...]

Civil Resistance & The Geopolitics Of Impunity

By Baltasar Garzón, -

The first of these cases is probably the most unsavoury, and we have more than enough examples worldwide, especially in Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Perú, El Salvador, etc.). Here, the [...]

Flowers Are Better Than Bullets

By Laurel Krause, -

Even today, 45 years later, a culture of impunity persists. We read the news and see law enforcement killing young African Americans across the country. Those of us who witnessed Kent State have [...]

5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Baltimore

By Michael Arria, -

Freddie Gray's family says 80% of his spine was severed and his voice box was crushed. It's believed that Gray was the victim of a "nickel ride," a purposely rough ride designed to dole out [...]