Wealth that Concentrates Kills

By Sam Pizzigati, Inequality.org -

The weight of the wealth that sits at the top of America’s economic order isn’t just squeezing dollars out of the wallets of average Americans. That concentrated wealth is shearing years off of [...]

Research Shows Affluent Americans Barely Recognize US Income Gap

By Anthony DiMaggio, Truthout.org -

A new report from the Federal Reserve highlights the bleak economic prospects for young Americans, concluding that millennials are in much worse financial shape than earlier generations (at the [...]

Time For A Maximum Income: Jeff Bezos Has Enough

By Mark Engler, Dissentmagazine.org -

For Republican members of Congress and cable news pundits, a cap on the earnings of the super rich might sound like a dystopian nightmare. Yet, as author Sam Pizzigati argues in his new book, The [...]

10 Years After The Start Of The Great Recession, Black And Asian Households Have Yet To Recover Lost Income

By Valerie Wilson, Epi.org -

Today’s Census Bureau report on income, poverty, and health insurance coverage in 2017 shows that while all race and ethnic groups shared in the growth in median household incomes during the [...]

Black Americans’ Median Wealth Could Disappear In One Generation

By Adam Hudson, Truthout.org -

There is a large wealth gap between white families and nonwhite families — a gap that impacts the economic stability of entire communities. According to 2016 Federal Reserve data, median wealth [...]

Alongside Rising Top Incomes, The Level Of Living Of America’s Poorest Has Fallen

By Martin Ravallion, Dean Jolliffe, and Juan Margitic, Voxeu.org -

When the poorest gain, the lower bound, or ‘floor’, of the distribution of living standards rises. Using microdata spanning the last 30 years, this column argues that the floor in the US has been [...]

Housing Prices Rise At Twice The Speed Of Inflation And Pay

By Hari Kishan and Rahul Karunakar, Reuters.com -

After losing over a third of their value a decade ago, which led to the financial crisis and a deep recession, U.S. house prices have regained those losses - led by a robust labor market that has [...]

Why Equality Matters More Than Income

By Livia Gershon, Daily.jstor.org -

If a low-income mom gets a $10/hour raise, that’s good news for her family, even if her boss gets an extra $100, right? Maybe not. Looking at children’s wellbeing in rich countries like the U.S. [...]

The Boomerang To Republican Tax Cuts & Trumpism

By Peter Bohmer, www.counterpunch.org -

By Peter Bohmer for Counterpunch. The Universal Basic Income(UBI) is getting increasing attention in the United States, in particular from Silicon Valley, and also in many other countries in the [...]

Seattle Makes History – Passes ‘Tax The Rich’ Income Tax

By Andre Roberge, www.progressivearmy.com -

By Andre Roberge for Progressive Army - Even though this may seem like cut-and-dry common sense legislation, this ordinance still has an uphill battle ahead of itself. Former Washington State [...]

Basic Income Works

By Paul Niehaus and Michael Faye, www.bostonreview.net -

By Paul Niehaus and Michael Faye for Boston Review - Thankfully, we are less ignorant today. A number of organizations—including GiveDirectly, which we co-founded—have in fact been showering the [...]

90% Of American Households Lost About $17,000 In Wealth To Plutocrats In 2016

By Paul Buchheit, www.commondreams.org -

By Paul Buchheit for Common Dreams - America has always been great for the richest 1%, and it's rapidly becoming greater. Confirmation comes from recent work by Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez, and [...]

Fast-Food Workers Shut Down Hardee’s Corporate HQ Puzder ‘Unfit’

By Staff of Fight for $15, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Staff for Fight for $15. Hundreds of fast-food workers flooded the lobby of Hardee’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., this afternoon, demanding that Trump’s labor nominee Andy Puzder [...]

That 5.2% Jump In Household Income?

By Wolf Richter, www.wolfstreet.com -

By Wolf Richter for Wolf Street - We’ll be hearing and reading about this for a long time, in all kinds of iterations: “Americans last year reaped the largest economic gains in nearly a [...]

How Much Will the War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?

By Richard Eskow, www.ourfuture.org -

By Richard Eskow for Campaign for America's Future. The decline of unions has probably cost you, or someone close to you, thousands of dollars since last Labor Day. A new study by the Economic [...]

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