Anti-IMF Protests Take Place On Argentina’s Independence Day

By Staff, -

Thousands of Argentine demonstrators filled the streets of Buenos Aires telling President Mauricio Marci and the IMF: "INDEPENDENCE CAN'T BE NEGOTIATED." Thousands of Argentines took to the [...]

Remembering Guantánamo On Independence Day

By Andy Worthington, -

By Andy Worthington for Witness Against Torture - Today, as a British citizen, I’m acutely aware that, 241 years ago, the United States of America issued a Declaration of Independence from the [...]

Philadelphia’s Forgotten Spirit Of 1776

By Sam Pizzigati, -

By Sam Pizzigati for Campaign for America's Future - Later this summer, just a few weeks after this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, Democrats will be gathering in Philadelphia to make some [...]

The Founding Myth Of The United States Of America

By Benjamin Naimark-Rowse, -

By Benjamin Naimark-Rowse for Political Violence @ A Glance. John Adams wrote that, “A history of military operations…is not a history of the American Revolution.” American Revolutionaries led [...]