The Economy Of Sharing Is Alive during Nicaragua’s Independence Celebration

By Jorge Capelán, Alliance for Global Justice. -

This week is very important in Central America, especially in Nicaragua. On September 15, the region celebrates the signing of its declaration of Independence from Spain in 1821. On September 14, [...]

Anti-IMF Protests Take Place On Argentina’s Independence Day

By Staff, -

Thousands of Argentine demonstrators filled the streets of Buenos Aires telling President Mauricio Marci and the IMF: "INDEPENDENCE CAN'T BE NEGOTIATED." Thousands of Argentines took to the [...]

Remembering Guantánamo On Independence Day

By Andy Worthington, -

By Andy Worthington for Witness Against Torture - Today, as a British citizen, I’m acutely aware that, 241 years ago, the United States of America issued a Declaration of Independence from the [...]

Philadelphia’s Forgotten Spirit Of 1776

By Sam Pizzigati, -

By Sam Pizzigati for Campaign for America's Future - Later this summer, just a few weeks after this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, Democrats will be gathering in Philadelphia to make some [...]

The Founding Myth Of The United States Of America

By Benjamin Naimark-Rowse, -

By Benjamin Naimark-Rowse for Political Violence @ A Glance. John Adams wrote that, “A history of military operations…is not a history of the American Revolution.” American Revolutionaries led [...]