Indian Health Services Is Ill-Prepared For The Coronavirus Crisis

By Dr. Melissa Riley, -

Most Native Americans rely on Indian Health Services (IHS), an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), for their health-care needs. Since it was established in 1955, [...]

When Stereotyping Is A Screen For Genocide

By  Charmaine White Face, Popular Resistance. -

If you take out the words “tribal” and “Indian” all you have left are a group of patients fighting a federal government agency for the right to health care. That’s what stereotyping does. It [...]

Congress Is Starving The Indian Health Service

By Nick Martin, Splinter News. -

The Argus Leader published a massive series on Wednesday outlining the failures of the federally-funded Indian Health Service in South Dakota and the toll it’s taken on two tribes, the Rosebud [...]