Doctor Fights To Let Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control

By Tracey A. Wilkinson, Truthout. -

Indiana - People love the pill. As a pediatrician and a researcher who studies access to contraception, I speak to patients from all walks of life, and, even if they choose not to use the birth [...]

Demonstrations In Bloomington During 300-Mile ‘Walk For Licenses’

By Phyllis Cha, Indiana Daily Student. -

Undocumented immigrants, immigrants and allies of the community passed through Bloomington Thursday on day six of their seven-day, 300-mile “Walk for Licenses” through Indiana, according to a [...]

3 Police Officers Indicted For Using Excessive Force And Attempted Cover-Up

By Andrew Emett, -

Accused of severely beating arrestees and attempting to cover up the repeated use of excessive force, three Indiana police officers were recently indicted on 12 counts. One of the officers is the [...]

Pipeline Spills More Than 8,000 Gallons of Jet Fuel Into Indiana River

By Olivia Rosane,  -

A pipeline spilled more than 8,000 gallons of jet fuel into an Indiana river, The Associated Press reported Sunday. The affected river was St. Marys River in Decatur, which is a town of 9,500 [...]

More Than 200 Protest Deportations At Gary Airport Under Eye Of Armed SWAT Officers

By Meredith Colias-Pete, -

For Richard Aguirre, protesting the deportations of people who have entered the country without permission from the Gary/Chicago International Airport was a natural extension of his work that [...]

Indiana Governor Passes Anti-Solar Bill: Death Blow To The Industry?

By Danielle Ola, -

By Danielle Ola for PV Tech - The financial benefit currently available to solar users will be sharply curtailed over the next few years, after Indiana governor Eric Holcomb signed SEA 309 into [...]

Indiana Teachers Sit-In Demanding Young Recuse Himself From DeVos Vote

By Paulina Firoz, -

By Paulina Firoz for The Hill - A group of teachers in Indiana held a sit-in at the office of a senator they say should recuse himself from the vote to confirm President Trump’s pick for [...]

Indiana: A Snapshot of Inequality

By Sheila Kennedy, -

By Sheila Kennedy for Inequality - Let me start with a few facts that should “afflict the comfortable” and motivate citizens of good will to “comfort the afflicted.” According to the latest [...]

An Indiana City Is Poised To Become The Next Flint

By Alex Zielinski, -

By Alex Zielinski for Think Progress - Akeeshea Daniels first suspected something was off when her two toddlers came down with scarlet fever. It was 2004, and she just moved her family into a [...]

Cop Block Founder Arrested On Chalking Warrant From Indiana

By Carlos Miller, -

By Carlos Miller for PINAC - When Cop Blockers Adam “Ademo Freeman” Mueller and Brian Sumner kicked off their Mobile Accountability of Cops tour last month, they knew there would be a strong [...]

Backlash To Anti-Gay Laws Not A Movement, But The Result Of One

By Kate Aronoff, -

There was a showdown this week in Indiana and it had nothing to do with the Final Four — well, almost. Last Friday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law Senate Bill 101, also known as the [...]

Building A Fusion Politics-Based Movement

By Harry Targ, -

All of a sudden Indiana has been thrust onto the national stage. Governor Mike Pence in a closed meeting signed the newly minted Restoration of Freedom of Religion Act (RFRA) passed by the state [...]

Indiana Religious Freedom Law Rewrite A Victory Over Discrimination

By Zack Ford, -

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) and state Republican leaders have been playing damage control this week, claiming that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is not a law that enables anti-LGBT [...]

Indiana Activists Protest Anti-Gay Law

By Associated Press, -

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Indiana Statehouse on Saturday, to rally against a new law that opponents say could sanction discrimination against gay people. Republican governor Mike [...]

Privatization Fails, Will We Learn Government Can Do Better

By Dan Carpenter, -

The money from the Indianapolis water-sewer utility sale is gone, and rates are going up, as the city told us would happen, sale or no sale. The money from the Indianapolis parking meter sale [...]