Chiefs From 133 First Nations Join Fight Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline And Oilsands Expansion

By Carl Meyer, -

The organization representing First Nations in Ontario has joined a nationwide treaty alliance calling for a ban on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and other fossil fuel projects. The [...]

Native Leaders Bring Attention To Impact Of Fossil Fuel Industry On Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls

Lower Brule, SD — Yesterday, May 4th, Indigenous leaders and allies began convening at the Rosebud Sioux Nation, just miles from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route, to call attention to the [...]

Brazil: ‘Free Land Camp’ Demand Indigenous Land Demarcation

By Staff, -

The Free Land Camp is located in front of the Indigenous Peoples Memorial in Brazil's capital city of Brasilia. Indigenous representatives from more than 100 ethnicities are spending their second [...]

Supreme Court: Will US Abide By Treaties With Indigenous?

By Monte Mills, -

On April 18, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Washington v. United States, which pits the state of Washington against the United States and 21 Indian tribes. The main [...]

Event Marks Milestone For Fort Laramie Treaty Of 1868

By Richie Richards, -

The 150th anniversary of the signing of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 is on April 29, 2018. The tribes of the Oceti Sakowin and surrounding areas are coming together to remember this important [...]

Latin American Indigenous People Fight New Plunder Of Their Resources

By Fabiana Frayssinet, -

(IPS) – Indigenous communities in Latin America, who have suffered the plunder of their natural resources since colonial times, are reliving that phenomenon again as mega infrastructure are [...]

Indigenous Communities Carry On Berta Cacéres’ Work By Defending Nature And Health Care In Honduras

By Jeff Abbott, -

On March 2, hundreds gathered in Honduras to commemorate the life and work of the renowned Honduran activist Berta Cáceres on the second anniversary of her assassination. Carrying torches, [...]

North Carolina Tribes Fear Impact Of Atlantic Coast Pipeline Construction

By Elizabeth Outz, -

American Indian tribes in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are making an eleventh-hour plea to stop construction until regulators can ensure ancient artifacts and their ancestral lands [...]

Activists Lock Down To Protect Buffalo From Trap

By Buffalo Field Campaign, Popular Resistance. -

Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, MT - This morning, a press release issued on Facebook by an emerging group, Wild Buffalo Defense, revealed that two members of Wild Buffalo Defense locked [...]

Ecuador Endangered

By John Seed, Popular Resistance -

In the last year, the Ecuadorian government has quietly granted mining concessions to over 1.7 million hectares (4.25 million acres) of forest reserves and indigenous territories. These  were [...]

Resurrection City Participant Considers Current Poor People’s Campaign

By George Pauk, Popular Resistance -

My deeply moving experience was to see the Washington Mall filled with African-American and other activists living in poverty conditions. They were on the ground in front of the statue of Abraham [...]

Water Warriors, Puyallup Tribe & Tacoma Residents Seek To Pass Resolution Opposing Fracked Gas Plant

By Matt Remle, -

Currently, Puget Sound Energy, the company building the plant, has been building a massive fracked gas storage facility at the Port of Tacoma without obtaining all of its permits for construction [...]

Tribal Treaty Rights Dispute Looms On Supreme Court’s Docket

By Staff, -

The U.S. Supreme Court could soon be delivering another jolt to Indian Country, as another treaty rights case is looming on the horizon. Clayvin Herrera, a citizen of the Crow Tribe, was [...]

7 Acts Of Native Resistance They Don’t Teach In School

By Halee Kirkwood, -

The history of people indigenous to the North American continent is often glossed over in education. We are badgered with the legend of Native benevolence to the pilgrims who landed on the East [...]

Duke University Gets Corporate Mining Gift To Help Exploit Indigenous People Of Peru

By Gary G. Kohls, -

3 Jan 2017 – Below are two articles that nicely illustrate the cunning methods that ALL multinational mining, exploration, drilling, energy extractive or oil transporting corporations use to try [...]