Water Protectors Shut Down Pipeline Construction In Wisconsin

By Staff of Makwa Iniative, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Staff from Makwa Initaitive. Water Protectors from the Makwa Initiative halted the last piece of construction for the Wisconsin section of Enbridge’s proposed Line 3 pipeline project. Two [...]

Standing Rock Police Violence Lawsuit Moves Toward Trial

By Water Protector Legal Collective, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Water Protector Legal Collective. Dundon v. Kirchmeier is a federal civil rights class action lawsuit challenging police violence on the night of November 20-21, 2016, at Backwater Bridge near [...]

The Struggle Is Never For Nothing

By Leonard Peltier, www.counterpunch.org -

By Leonard Peltier for Counter Punch - Well, here we are, another year, another memorial. After 42-years this does not get any easier. It seems as if you get lost for words. At times I feel as if [...]

Keystone XL: Environmental & Native Groups Sue to Halt Pipeline

By Phil McKenna, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Phil McKenna for Inside Climate News. Several environmental and Native American advocacy groups have filed two separate lawsuits against the State Department over its approval of the Keystone [...]

The Vision And Legacy Of Berta Cáceres

By Beverly Bell for Other Worlds. One year ago today, Berta Cáceres was murdered by the national and local Honduran government and a multinational dam company, with at least the tacit support of [...]

Federal Judge Denies Request To Block DAPL Pipeline Construction

By Staff of Associated Press. A U.S. federal judge on Monday denied a request by Native American tribes seeking to halt construction of the final link in the Dakota Access Pipeline, the [...]

Urgent Call to Action: Save Oak Flat

By George L. Pauk, www.PopularResistance.org -

By George L. Pauk for Popular Resistance. The Apache Stronghold will again run, march, and pray to save the sacred land known as “Oak Flat” on February 16, 17, 18, 19. It is the third anniversary [...]

Vets Return To Standing Rock To Form Human Shield Against Police

By Sam Levin, www.theguardian.com -

By Sam Levin for The Guardian. US veterans are returning to Standing Rock and pledging to shield indigenous activists from attacks by a militarized police force, another sign that the fight [...]

#NoDAPL Begins Week Of Actions

By Staff of #NoDAPL Solidarity Team, www.PopularResuistance.org -

By Staff for #NoDAPL Solidarity Team. As you know, The Department of the Army has granted the final easement permit that is needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline! Drilling has begun! We [...]

Extreme Enforcement Abuse At Standing Rock & Where It’s Going

By Dahr Jamail for Truthout. What are your concerns with the Trump administration as to how much worse this could become, particularly after his recent executive order? Trump has been an [...]

Movement Gears Up To Stop Trump’s DAPL Pipeline

By Lauren McCauley, www.commondreams.org -

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams. President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed executive orders advancing the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) and Dakota Access (DAPL) pipelines, prompting a [...]

Lockdown At Trans-Pecos Pipeline Site In West Texas

By Candice Bernd, www.truth-out.org -

By Candice Bernd for Truth Out - An Indigenous Water Protector and an Alpine, Texas, resident were arrested Saturday morning after locking themselves to pipe-laying equipment at an Energy [...]

Christmas And Resistance To Slavery In The Americas

By Yesenia Barragan, www.aaihs.org -

By Yesenia Barragan for African American Intellectual History Society. It was a humid Christmas day in 1820 when twenty-five-year-old Santiago Martínez presented himself before the army [...]

Standing Strong As A Rock

By Beverly Bell, www.popularresistance.org -

By Beverly Bell of Other Worlds. Standing Rock, ND - The power of mobilized, united people was proven once again on December 4, when the Army Corps of Engineers denied a permit necessary for the [...]