Stopping The FBI From Spying On Social Movements

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a long history of monitoring, infiltrating and entrapping activists and social movements engaged in First Amendment activity. A new report by Rights [...]

Infiltration And Intense Law Enforcement At Standing Rock Camp

By Will Parrish, -

AS LAW ENFORCEMENT officers advanced in a U-shaped sweep line down North Dakota Highway 1806 last October, pushing back Dakota Access opponents from a camp in the pipeline’s path, two sheriff’s [...]

Groups Demand Answers About Police Tactics In Inauguration Protests

By Staff, -

By Rights and Dissent. DC National Lawyers Guild (DC NLG) and Defending Rights and Dissent, two groups who defend the right to protest, are demanding answers about the Metropolitan Police [...]

D.C. Police Infiltrated Inauguration Protest Group, Court Papers Show

By Perry Stein and Keith L. Alexander, -

By Perry Stein and Keith L. Alexander for The Washington Post - D.C. police this month searched the home of a local activist they say helped spearhead Inauguration Day protests that injured six [...]

Book Showcases FBI Efforts To Sabotage US Left

By Eleanor J. Bader, -

"Typically," Heavy Radicals notes, "a local FBI agent would provide information to a 'friendly' news source on the condition that the bureau's interest in these matters be kept in the strictest [...]

Martin Luther King Friend & Photographer Was FBI Informant

By Chris McGreal, -

Martin Luther King must have imagined that the man with the camera so often at his side was doing no more than recording history. But it has been revealed that Ernest Withers – who was on hand to [...]

FBI And Shattering Of Students For A Democratic Society

By Aaron Leonard, -

This past August, when protests in response to the police killing of Michael Brown did not abate after the first few days, instead attracting forces such as the New Black Panthers and the [...]

Learn The Lessons Of Cointelpro, Don’t Repeat The Mistakes

By Bill Weinberg, -

The very point of the FBI's COINTELPRO strategy of the 1960s was paranoia, divisive hatred, and ultimately cannibalization of radical opposition movements in the United States. And it was grimly [...]

Undercover Agents Infiltrated Tar Sands To Break Up Planned Protest

By Adam Federman, -

According to documents obtained by Earth Island Journal, investigators from the Bryan County Sherriff’s Department had been spying on a Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance training camp that took [...]

Activists In DC Identify Long-Term Police Protest Infiltrator

By Mike Elk, -

Lacy MacAuley, an activist and media manager for the Institute for Policy Studies, has suspected for the past several years that a protester named “Missy” was an undercover cop. “Missy” seemed to [...]

Evidence Mounts Agent Provocateurs Used by Brazilian Police

By Sarah Lazare, -

Police sent infiltrators and agent provocateurs into crowds of protesters in Rio de Janeiro Monday—the first day of the Pope's visit to Brazil— as extensive video footage and witness testimony [...]

Anti-War Activists Targeted as ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Anti-war activists who were infiltrated and spied on by the military for years have now been placed on the domestic terrorist list, they announced Monday. The shocking revelation comes as the [...]

Police Spies Out of Lives

By Staff, -

Each of these courageous women is attempting to rebuild her life after what has been described as “the gravest possible interferences” with her private life. Their stories are shared here not to [...]