The Same FBI

By John Kiriakou, Consortium News. -

Many Americans were shocked last year when the FBI released a statement saying that a group of 13 Michigan men had plotted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer from her vacation home.  The group, [...]

The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

Back in the good old days, when things were more innocent and simple, the psychopathic Central Intelligence Agency had to covertly infiltrate the news media to manipulate the information [...]

Guatemala’s Congress Burns Amid Mass Protest

By Telesur English. -

Guatemalans have taken to the streets for a national protest in rejection of President Alejandro Giammattei, and to demand that he veto the controversial general budget for 2021, approved by [...]

Infiltrating Antifa: The Feds And Their Long History Of Subversion

By T.J. Coles, Counterpunch. -

Antifa is a leaderless, direct action platform, making it unusually easy for police, intelligence groups, and rival organizations to infiltrate and frame for violence. For example, on the same [...]

The Police Have Been Spying On Black Reporters And Activists for Years

By Wendi C. Thomas, MLK Memphis. -

On Aug. 20, 2018, the first day of a federal police surveillance trial, I discovered that the Memphis Police Department was spying on me. The ACLU of Tennessee had sued the MPD, alleging that [...]

White Supremacist Infiltration Of US Police Forces

By Danielle Schulkin, Just Security. -

The term “systemic racism” does not mean that individuals who operate within the system are generally racists. Instead, it means the institutions we have in place produce racially disparate [...]

Nothing Is Certain But Death, Taxes, And Police Infiltration Of US Protests

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

Local outlet KHOU 11 News was told by the Houston police department that protests over George Floyd’s murder would be attended by both “uniformed officers and plain-clothed officers”. This [...]

Stopping The FBI From Spying On Social Movements

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a long history of monitoring, infiltrating and entrapping activists and social movements engaged in First Amendment activity. A new report by Rights [...]

Infiltration And Intense Law Enforcement At Standing Rock Camp

By Will Parrish, -

AS LAW ENFORCEMENT officers advanced in a U-shaped sweep line down North Dakota Highway 1806 last October, pushing back Dakota Access opponents from a camp in the pipeline’s path, two sheriff’s [...]

Groups Demand Answers About Police Tactics In Inauguration Protests

By Staff, -

By Rights and Dissent. DC National Lawyers Guild (DC NLG) and Defending Rights and Dissent, two groups who defend the right to protest, are demanding answers about the Metropolitan Police [...]

D.C. Police Infiltrated Inauguration Protest Group, Court Papers Show

By Perry Stein and Keith L. Alexander, -

By Perry Stein and Keith L. Alexander for The Washington Post - D.C. police this month searched the home of a local activist they say helped spearhead Inauguration Day protests that injured six [...]

Book Showcases FBI Efforts To Sabotage US Left

By Eleanor J. Bader, -

"Typically," Heavy Radicals notes, "a local FBI agent would provide information to a 'friendly' news source on the condition that the bureau's interest in these matters be kept in the strictest [...]

Martin Luther King Friend & Photographer Was FBI Informant

By Chris McGreal, -

Martin Luther King must have imagined that the man with the camera so often at his side was doing no more than recording history. But it has been revealed that Ernest Withers – who was on hand to [...]

FBI And Shattering Of Students For A Democratic Society

By Aaron Leonard, -

This past August, when protests in response to the police killing of Michael Brown did not abate after the first few days, instead attracting forces such as the New Black Panthers and the [...]

Learn The Lessons Of Cointelpro, Don’t Repeat The Mistakes

By Bill Weinberg, -

The very point of the FBI's COINTELPRO strategy of the 1960s was paranoia, divisive hatred, and ultimately cannibalization of radical opposition movements in the United States. And it was grimly [...]

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