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Minneapolis: ‘Umbrella Man’ Was A White Supremacist

A masked man who was seen in a viral video smashing the windows of a south Minneapolis auto parts store during the George Floyd protests, earning him the moniker "Umbrella Man," is suspected of ties with a white supremacist group and sought to incite racial tension, police said. A Minneapolis police arson investigator said the act of vandalism at the AutoZone on E. Lake Street helped spark a chain reaction that led to days of looting and rioting. The store was among dozens of buildings across the city that burned to the ground in the days that followed.

Agents Provocateurs Are Still A Real Threat To Our Movements

As ridiculous as that might sound, there is some sketchy business going on at some of these protests. Mysterious, all-black-clad white window smashers with umbrellas in Minneapolis. Mysterious, all-black-clad white women tagging businesses with Black Lives Matter and being run off by an actual black woman protestor for their trouble in another city. Mysterious pallets of bricks, allegedly showing up on city streets. Is it Antifa? Is it white supremacists? Is it the police? Whoever is behind these curious actions, the issue of agent provocateurs is real and is an ever-present challenge for organizations, movements, and protests. So how do we spot these agents in our midst? The white supremacists in the Hawaiian shirts and assault rifles are pretty easy to spot. Well, what about the undercover infiltrators? Here are some things to look for.

Police Infiltrate Anti-Fascist Group: “A$$hole At Protest Was A Cop”

By Michael Roberts for Westword - This week, attorney David Lane expects to file a motion to dismiss charges against members of the Colorado Springs Socialists, a student protest group, over a March demonstration in Colorado Springs on the grounds of "outrageous conduct" by local law enforcement. The reason? Lane argues that undercover officers were improperly embedded among the nonviolent protesters, whose largest offense at the rally appears to have been jaywalking. Continue to read Lane's explanation of the case, which was first reported by the Colorado Springs Independent. "This is a bunch of Colorado College students who call themselves a socialist organization, which doesn't carry with it the connotations it used to, given that Bernie Sanders also carries with him the socialist moniker," Lane says. "They were having a protest about injustice, and when the march moved from point A to point B, the cops told them to get out of the streets. They didn't move out of the streets immediately, and they ended up assembling at a municipal building plaza — and when they were ordered to disperse, they said, 'No.'" How did the cops react to this response? Lane knows, since their exchanges were captured on body camera footage his firm has obtained.

Police Agent-Provocateurs Exposed At Anti-Austerity Protest

By Carl Bronski for WSWS - Further information has come to light concerning the Montreal Police Department’s use of agent-provocateurs disguised as “Black Bloc” protestors at a December 18 demonstration against police violence and the anti-austerity policies of the Quebec Liberal government. Initially the police refused to admit that they had infiltrated the protest. But now they are strongly defending the actions of an undercover cop who drew his revolver and threatened protesters who had “outed” him as a police agent provocateur.
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