Free Speech Is More Complicated Than You Think

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

The truth is – words are dangerous. Words are the catalysts of all action – good or evil. To start with a cliché but solid example: words inspired millions of Germans to direct their ire [...]

Questions, Questions Where Are The Answers?

By Ralph Nader, -

In an oft-reported exchange between Gertrude Stein, an American widely known for her wisdom and glittering 1920s Parisian literary salon, and one of her earnest admirers, the admirer asked her – [...]

Open Access Plan To Make Scientific Work Free To Read

By Holly Else, -

Research funders from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and eight other European nations have unveiled a radical open-access initiative that could change the face of science publishing [...]

The ‘Fake News’ Story Is Fake News

By Phillip Weiss, Mondoweiss. -

Almost every day on public radio or public television, I hear reports about how fake news is undermining our democracy. These high-minded reporters and anchors seem truly to believe that a [...]

The Information Explosion

By John Scales Avery, Popular Resistance. -

We need to reform our educational systems, particularly the teaching of history. As it is taught today, history is a chronicle of power struggles and war, told from a biased national standpoint. [...]

The War Against Alternative Information

By Rick Sterling, -

By Rick Sterling for Consortium News - The U.S. government is creating a new $160 million bureaucracy to shut down information that doesn’t conform to U.S. propaganda narratives, building on the [...]

The War Against Alternative Information

By Rick Sterling, -

By Rick Sterling for Consortium News - The new law mandates the U.S. Secretary of State to collaborate with the Secretary of Defense, Director of National Intelligence and other federal agencies [...]

Monsanto Pays “Independent” GMO Researcher For Study

By Cassius Methyl, -

By Cassius Methyl in The Anti-Media - In January of 2015, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Oakland organization U.S. Right to Know requested email records between academics, [...]

NYPD Editing Wikipedia Entries On Their Police Brutality

By Kelly Weill, -

Computers operating on the New York Police Department’s computer network at its 1 Police Plaza headquarters have been used to alter Wikipedia pages containing details of alleged police brutality, [...]