Build Back Better Legislation

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

For more than a week the country has been caught up in the ongoing melodrama of the “Build Back Better” (BBB) legislation, the Democrat Party’s “social investment” bill now languishing in the [...]

IEN On Bipartisan Infrastructure Package And Build Back Better Act

By Indigenous Environmental Network. -

Let us be frank. As communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis and fossil fuel extraction, our situation is dire. While we experience unparalleled disaster in the form of floods, fires, [...]

Reconciling The Reconciliation Bill: A Preview

By Jack Rasmus, Counterpunch. -

This past week maneuvers within the Democratic party intensified over the content and magnitude of the two pending fiscal stimulus bills–the Infrastructure Bill (with $550B of net new spending) [...]

Climate Justice Must Be A Top Priority For Labor

By Peter Knowlton and John Braxton, Labor Notes. -

Today’s existential crisis for humanity is the immediate need to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. All of us have to. Everywhere. For workers and for our communities there is no more [...]

Students March For Pathway To Citizenship At ‘Welcome Back Congress’

By Ryan White, Diamondback News. -

A steady chorus of drums and symbols filled Benjamin Banneker Park in Washington, D.C., as the sun peaked in the overcast sky above. A sea of protesters joined the beat and began [...]