Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With Same Risk

By Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Lauren Kirchner and Surya Mattu, www.propublica.org -

By Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Lauren Kirchner and Surya Mattu for ProPublica - For decades, auto insurers have been observed to charge higher average premiums to drivers living in predominantly [...]

For Profit Insurers Fueling Opioid Epidemic

By Katie Thomas and Charles Ornstein, www.propublica.org -

By Katie Thomas for The New York Times and Charles Ornstein for ProPublica - At a time when the United States is in the grip of an opioid epidemic, many insurers are limiting access to pain [...]

Insurance Industry Pays Senators To Not Support Improved Medicare For All

By Andrew Perez, www.maplight.org -

By Andrew Perez for MapLight - Democratic senators who haven’t signed on to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal have received twice as much cash from the insurance industry as the [...]

Senate Debates Billions For Insurers While Public Demands Medicare For All

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, www.healthoverprofit.org -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for Health Over Profit for Everyone - Senators are back from their long summer recess, and they started off with health care back at the top of the agenda. The [...]

Insurance Issue Pushing More Expensive Drugs, Not Generics

By Charles Ornstein and Katie Thomas, www.propublica.org -

By Charles Ornstein for ProPublica and Katie Thomas for The New York Times - It’s standard advice for consumers: If you are prescribed a medicine, always ask if there is a cheaper generic. Nathan [...]

Will A Mega-Billionaire Rescue America From GOP’s Insurance Mayhem?

By Staff, www.blog.nader.org -

By Staff of Nader Page - Before recommending a practical way to reverse the devastating impact of Congressional Republicans’ attempts to strip tens of millions of Americans of health insurance [...]

Massive Insurance Giants Call For End To Fossil Fuel Subsidies

By Karl Mathiesen, www.climatechangenews.com -

By Karl Mathiesen for Climate Home News - The G20 has already committed to phase out “inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption” over the “medium term”. In May, the G7 [...]

Fossil Fuel Investments Growing Riskier for Insurers

By Zahra Hirji, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Zahra Hirji for Inside Climate News - The 40 largest insurance companies in the United States have $237 billion invested in electric and gas utilities, $221 billion tied to oil and gas [...]

Obamacare? Wall St. Suddenly Scrambles To Buy Doctors

By Wolf Ritcher, www.wolfstreet.com -

By Wolf Ritcher in Wolf Street - For PE firms, the fracking boom was nirvana. An eternal-growth industry. A big part of the money they poured into the scrappy oil & gas companies is now going up [...]

One Man Show Takes On Healthcare System

By The Real News, www.therealnews.com -

So, as I was saying, display was really inspired by your own personal experiences. Can you speak to that little bit? Yeah, yeah. I was after graduating from Juilliard, I was traveling around [...]

U.S. Insurer Class Action May Signal Wave Of Climate-Change Suits

By Mica Rosenberg, www.af.reuters.com -

(Reuters) - A major insurance company is accusing dozens of localities in Illinois of failing to prepare for severe rains and flooding in lawsuits that are the first in what could be a wave of [...]