Consortium News Sends Libel Notices To Canadian Signals Intelligence Agency And Major Television Network

By Joe Lauria, -

Consortium News has sent libel notices to the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Canada’s version of the U.S. National Security Agency, and to a major Canadian television network, [...]

Spooks Turned Spox: US Media Now Filled With Former Intelligence Agents

By Tyler Durden, -

After years in the shadows overseeing espionage, kill programs, warrantless wiretapping, entrapment, psyops and other covert operations, national security establishment retirees are are turning [...]

Red ‘Whistleblowing’ Herrings

By Ray McGovern. -

On CNLive yesterday evening (link below), Ray discussed the new “Ukraine-gate” whistleblower, who is reported to be a CIA officer who spent some time on detail to the White House. Ray begins with [...]

M.C. McGrath, Hiding In The Open

By Staff, -

M.C. McGrath is a hacker and an activist based in Berlin, Germany and is the creator of Transparency Toolkit. This Toolkit provides a set of tools to collect data from various open data sources [...]

​​​​​​​Freedom Rider: Pompeo’s Truth About Lies

By Margaret Kimberley, -

It is rare for an enemy to give a gift the way Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did in a recent public speech. Pompeo said what anyone who has ever paid attention already knew. The intelligence [...]

U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn Climate Change Is A Worldwide Threat

By Neela Banerjee, -

The nation's intelligence community warned in its annual assessment of worldwide threats that climate change and other kinds of environmental degradation pose risks to global stability because [...]

New Documents Reveal Covert UK Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In US Politics

By Mark Ames and Max Blumenthal, -

Grayzone Project — A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare [...]

Chile: 36 Former Pinochet Intel Agents Sentenced

By Staff, -

The Court of Appeals of Santiago de Chile sentenced 36 former agents of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) for their participation in the forced disappearance of hundreds of opposition [...]

VIPS To Trump: Intel On Iran Could Be CATASTROPHIC

By Staff, -

As the George W. Bush administration revved up to attack Iraq 15 years ago, we could see no compelling reason for war.  We decided, though, to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt on the [...]

The Intelligence Community Is Neither

By David Swanson, -

At the big “Treason Summit” “Russopocalypse” “Catastrovent” on Monday, journalist Sam Husseini tried to ask a question about banning nuclear weapons, and was physically hauled out of the room by [...]

Universities Team With Pentagon & US Intelligence: Controlling Dissent Under Cover Of Fighting Hate

By Bob Witanek, -

The Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience is actually a US intelligence program sponsored by a $2M grant from the Defense Intelligence Agency.  This program offers an intelligence [...]

Sam Adams Associates: Sy Hersh First Mainstream Journalist Awarded

By Annie Machon, By, -

By Annie Machon for RT. Since 2002 the unique Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence has been given annually in either the US or Europe. This year the awards took place in Washington DC, [...]

‘How Can You Work … For A President That Undermines Your Work?’

By Mattathias Schwartz, -

By Mattathias Schwartz for Pro Publica - Last week, Dan Coats, the former senator from Indiana and current head of the U.S. intelligence community, was interviewed by NBC’s Lester Holt in front [...]

Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

By Staff, -

By Staff of Consortium News - Key among the findings of the independent forensic investigations is the conclusion that the DNC data was copied onto a storage device at a speed that far exceeds an [...]

Former CIA Intelligence Analyst Says Whistleblowers Are Vital To A Transparent Democracy

By Mark Karlin, -

By Mark Karlin for Truthout - Melvin A. Goodman: I spent 24 years at the CIA as a Soviet analyst in the directorate of intelligence. I was not drawn to the agency by idealism, but by a [...]

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