My Trip To China Exposed The Shameful Lies Peddled By The American Empire

By Danny Haiphong, -

There is a broad consensus between the American ruling class and the so-called American Left about China. The consensus position is that China is a tyrannical, oppressive, and politically [...]

Battle Of The Ages To Stop Eurasian Integration

ByPepe Escobar, -

Coming decade could see the US take on Russia, China and Iran over the New Silk Road connection. The Raging Twenties started with a bang with the targeted assassination of Iran’s General Qasem [...]

Study Raises Prospect Of Space Conflict If U.S. And Russia Abandon Nuclear Arms Control Treaty

By Sandra Erwin, -

WASHINGTON — The military and intelligence community’s space agencies may have to cope with growing instability in outer space if the United States and Russia don’t renew the 2010 New Strategic [...]

Iran Suggests US Cyberattack Led To Weapons System Failure That Killed 176 People

By Staff, -

January 16, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - Iran is investigating how a cyberattack by the US may have been the reason why the Iranian weapon system operator confused the passenger aircraft [...]

Trump And The Peak Of Barbarism

By Atilio A. Boron, Atilio Boron’s blog, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

I just read a very interesting note by writer Peter Koenig about the renaissance and exasperation of barbarism in recent times, and I say exasperation because it has been a constant presence in [...]

Hybrid Wars: What Is New And What Is Not? An Update About Iran

By Harry Targ, -

Andrew Korybko, a Russian scholar/journalist, has written about a new concept, “hybrid wars,” with a long history in practice. The author refers to the Law of Hybrid War as “The grand objective [...]

According To Russian Experts: The US Bears “Partial Responsibility” For The “Human Error” Which Caused The Ukrainian Plane Crash

By Staff,  Corriere PT Translated by -

Relying on military experts, the report intimates that the incident bears a canny (point by point) resemblance to the destruction of a Russian IL-20 in Latakia, Syria in September 2018. Israeli [...]

The West Is Run By Barbarians

By Peter Koenig, -

Imagine, the so-called world leader invites you to a foreign country to help mediate between different factions, you accept, and when you arrive at the airport, he kills you. Then he smiles and [...]

Iran/USA: Assassination Aftermath–Is There A Win-Win Way Out?

By Diane Perlman, -

Following the outrageous US assassinations of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi General Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis on Iraqi territory, dynamics are in flux. While both promise and peril are in [...]

The Long Planned U.S. Assassinations In Iraq Will Increase Its Political Chaos

By Staff, -

The Trump administration has given various justification for its assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani and commander Abu Mahdi al Muhandis. It claimed that there was an 'imminent [...]

How The Murder Of Iranian Commander Connected To HK

By Andre Vltchek, -

Hong Kong rioters would like to believe that they are unique, and that the West has handpicked them — them alone — for what it identifies as the “noble fight for democracy”, and for “Western [...]

‘Killing His Own People’ – Previous Regime-Change Lies And Their Consequences

By Gavin O'Reilly, -

Prior to his assassination in a US Drone strike in Baghdad last Friday, Qasem Soleimani would perhaps not have been the most well-known of figures amongst Western onlookers, despite the crucial [...]

The Useless War Powers Act

By Harry Blain, -

By any measure, the War Powers Act has failed to constrain presidential warmaking. A simpler step would be to stop funding wars. Practically speaking, the Trump administration’s extrajudicial [...]

It’s Time To Rebuild The Anti-War Movement

By Tatiana Cozzarelli and Madeleine Freeman, -

The US’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani last week is a clear demonstration that the US has no intentions of ever pulling out of the Middle East. If we wish to avoid further conflict in the [...]

The Non-Aligned Movement As A Path To World Peace

By Heinrich Buecker, -

Confronted with the real possibility of a war in the Middle East and the increasing deterioration of the relations between a group of western states that feel aligned to the USA versus the [...]