Remnants Of War

By Kathy Kelly, -

Intense fighting and hideous attacks battered Afghans throughout their country last week as negotiators in Qatar weighed the benefits and costs of  a peace agreement that might stop the [...]

Trump Murdered The Iran Deal—And Europe Isn’t Too Happy About It

By Vijay Prashad, -

Europe did not want Trump and the United States to walk out of the Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). JCPOA was the deal negotiated with great effort by Iran and the P5+1 [...]

Venezuela Guaido Security Arrested For Selling Stolen Venezuelan Army Weapons

Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez reports that two security guards of the self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido have been captured for trying to sell weapons stolen from [...]

Iran Faces US Aggression And European Hypocrisy, But This Time It’s Ready

By Seyed Mohammad Marandi, -

There is no reason to expect that a declining and desperate empire will conduct itself in a civilised manner. Iran is prepared for the worst. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani chairing a cabinet [...]

Venezuela: US Trying To Destroy Political Dialogue In Barbados

By Staff, -

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza Wednesday denounced that the U.S. President Donald Trump administration is seeking to "destroy" the negotiations being carried out by President Nicolas [...]

What Is the Biggest Lie About The Syrian War? Western War Propaganda, Regime Change, Terrorism

By Mark Taliano and Cindy Sheehan, -

In this episode of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, Cindy and Mark discuss criminal Western war propaganda, how it fabricates tacit “consent” from ostensibly “anti-war” protestors, and how it enables the [...]

Hong Kong: New Epicenter Of The Empire’s Smear Campaign Against China?

By Thomas Hon Wing Polin, -

As the Western Empire ramps up its full-spectrum war on the Chinese, its latest target is Hong Kong, China’s premier special administrative region (SAR). Even the latest wave of media assaults [...]

For The Reasons That Follow, That Country Is Currently Not Likely To Be The United States

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute. -

The largest delegation from outside Russia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in early June came from China. The Chinese team was led by the country’s President, Xi Jinping. In [...]

A World Without Dollars? Are We Approaching The End Of America’s Financial Order?

By Staff, -

In the last decade or so, the reputation of the U.S. dollar has been widely discredited because it is viewed by many governments around the world as a risky asset since the U.S. economy holds [...]

Russia-China-India Creating An ‘Indivisible Security Architecture’ For Eurasia

By Pepe Escobar, -

The most important trilateral at the G20 in Osaka was confined to a shoddy environment unworthy of Japan’s unrivaled aesthetic minimalism. Japan excels in perfect planning and execution. So it’s [...]

Unilateral Sanctions And International Law

By Alfred de Zayas, Human Rights Corner -

The world order established by the UN Charter takes precedence over other international and regional treaties and imposes positive and negative obligations on member states, including the United [...]

How Russia’s President Putin Explains The End Of The ‘Liberal’ Order

By Staff, -

It is only the last part of the very long interview, where Putin indeed speaks of the 'obsolesce' of the 'liberal idea', that seems to be of interest to the media. Most of the interview is in [...]

Russia-India-China Will Be The Big G20 Hit

By Pepe Escobar, -

June 28, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  It all started with the Vladimir Putin–Xi Jinping summit in Moscow on June 5. Far from a mere bilateral, this meeting upgraded the Eurasian [...]

US Sanctions On Venezuela Illegal Under UN, OAS And US Law

By Staff, -

The application of unilateral economic sanctions is an explicit violation of international law protected under the United Nation’s (U.N.) and Organization of American States’s (OAS) charters, [...]

Unilateral Coercive Measures As Weapons Of Modern Warfare – The Venezuelan Case

By Jesse Chacón Escamillo, -

With the advent of the new world order after the Second World War, sophisticated warfare mechanisms are used against countries, their effects are not manifested in the destruction of [...]