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International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Occupy Against The Occupation: Protest At Germany’s Parliament

A small, makeshift village where you would not expect one: right outside the German parliament or Bundestag. In the last two weeks, what started as a protest camp has steadily grown, with kitchen tents, information stands, daily workshops, and at least thirty sleeping tents. In the background, the Israeli flag flies over the Bundestag, flanked by the German and European Union flags. The sound of fifty to a hundred people fills the air — chants, speeches, music, and casual conversation in a mixture of German, English, and Arabic.

A Tale Of Two Genocides: Namibia’s Stand Against Israeli Aggression

The distance between Gaza and Namibia is measured in the thousands of kilometers. But the historical distance is much closer. This is precisely why Namibia was one of the first countries to take a strong stance against the Israeli genocide in Gaza. Namibia was colonized by the Germans in 1884, while the British colonized Palestine in the 1920s, handing the territory to the Zionist colonizers in 1948. Though the ethnic and religious fabric of Palestine and Namibia differ, the historical experiences are similar. It is easy, however, to assume that the history that unifies many countries in the Global South is only that of Western exploitation and victimization.

Germany Buries The Evidence Of Complicity In Genocide

Last Thursday, Dr Ghassan Abu-Sittah, the British-Palestinian war surgeon, gave his first address as the newly-appointed rector of Glasgow University, chosen in recognition of his work at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. The following day he flew to Berlin, where he had been invited to address a major conference about Palestine. On arrival he was taken away by police, interrogated for several hours and eventually told he had to leave Germany and wouldn’t be allowed to return until at least the end of April. Any attempt to speak to the conference via Zoom could result in a fine or even a year’s prison sentence.

Nicaragua Takes Germany To The World Court For Facilitating Genocide

As Israel’s genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Gaza — which has killed more than 33,000 Gazans — enters its seventh month, Nicaragua sued Germany in the International Court of Justice (ICJ, or World Court) for facilitating genocide. Nicaragua charged that, “Germany has provided political, financial and military support to Israel fully aware at the time of authorization that the military equipment would be used in the commission of great breaches of international law,” adding, “The military equipment provided by Germany enabling Israel to perpetrate genocidal acts and other atrocities, included supplies to the front line and warehouses, and assurances of future supplies such as ammunition, technology and diverse components necessary for the Israeli military.”

German Police Shut Down Pro-Palestine Conference

On April 12, in another round of repression against Palestine solidarity organizers, German police shut down the Palestine Congress in Berlin, arresting several attendees and ordering delegates to leave immediately. German officials also prohibited scheduled speaker Ghassan Abu Sitta, Palestinian-British surgeon and the rector of Glasgow University, from even entering the country. The Congress aimed to raise awareness about Germany’s charges of complicity in Israeli genocide in the International Court of Justice, which have been raised by Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Closes Embassy In Berlin After Suing Germany Over Genocide

Nicaragua announced the closure of its diplomatic mission in Berlin on Wednesday, noting that the Central American state’s consular tasks and official businesses in Germany will now be handled by the embassy in Austria. Managua recently announced the accreditation of its ambassador in Vienna, Sabra Amari Murillo Centeno, as a concurrent representative in Germany. Earlier this week, hearings opened in the ICJ, with Nicaragua saying Germany is violating the 1948 Genocide Convention by providing Israel with military and financial aid, as well as suspending funding to the main UN humanitarian agency in Gaza, UNRWA.

US Officials Brazenly Deny Genocide

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was pressed by Senator Tom Cotton during a recent Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, on whether Israeli actions in Gaza constitute a genocide. “We don’t have any evidence of genocide being created,” Austin responded, who recently met with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (the same Israeli official who called Gazans “human animals” in October), as Gallant came knocking on the US’s door to ask for more weapons. The United States has sent tens of thousands of weapons to Israel since October, with Israel being the largest recipient of US military aid for decades.

Protests At German Diplomatic Missions: Stop Arming Genocide

On the first day of ICJ proceedings, April 8, 2024, in Nicaragua v. Germany, pickets and letter deliveries took place in DC, NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and Seattle. Demonstrators echoed Nicaragua’s requests of the World Court to order Germany and the United States to stop supplying weapons to Israel. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the US supplies 69% of Israel’s arsenal; Germany supplies 30% of the weaponry. Benjamin Alvarez Gruber, US correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW), state-owned German state-television,  covered the story at the DC German embassy, where CODEPINK organizers Medea Benjamin, Julia Norman and Palestinian American Moataz Salim led the delegation.

Nicaragua To ICJ: End Germany’s Support Of Israeli ‘Genocide’ In Gaza

Germany is facing charges at the top United Nations court for allegedly “facilitating the commission of genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza in coordination with its military and political ally, Israel. Nicaragua presented its case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Monday, demanding judges impose emergency measures to stop Berlin from providing Israel with weapons and other assistance. In his opening statement, Carlos Jose Francisco Arguello Gomez, Nicaraguan Ambassador to The Netherlands and the lead of Nicaragua’s delegation said “serious breaches of international humanitarian law…including genocide, are taking place in Palestine” and are “being committed openly”.

International Coalition To Stop Genocide In Palestine Global Action

On March 17, the International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine (ICSGP) held its first Global Call to Action as a webinar moderated by Ajamu Baraka of The Black Alliance for Peace and featuring Azhar Sakoor, a lawyer and executive with the Palestine Solidarity Alliance Youth League in South Africa, Marcy Winograd with CODEPINK, Pavel Wargan, the Coordinator of the Secretariat at the Progressive International, Lamis Deek, a Palestinian born and internationally practicing attorney based in New York...

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 175: ICJ Orders Israel To Stop Famine In Gaza

The Palestinian health ministry announced in a statement on Thursday that 71 Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes across the Gaza Strip, while 112 others were wounded in the past day. In Gaza City, the Israeli army continued its raid on al-Shifa Hospital for the 12th day. Local sources reported that Israeli forces burned and demolished several buildings in the surroundings of al-Shifa. Medical sources said that Israeli forces continue to hold 160 Palestinians, including medical staff, in the Human Development building in the al-Shifa complex.

Ireland To Intervene In ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel

Ireland will intervene in South Africa's genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Foreign Minister Micheal Martin announced on 29 March. Martin said that while it was for the ICJ to determine whether Israel is committing genocide, he explained that Israel's actions in Gaza represent "the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale." In November, South Africa brought the case to the ICJ, accusing Israel of committing genocide. The proceedings are expected to last for years.

Israel Remains Intent On Genocide Despite World Court Orders

Israel is continuing its genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Gaza and hindering humanitarian relief efforts despite specific orders from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), or the World Court, to refrain from these very actions. On January 26, in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, the ICJ ordered the following provisional measures be taken: Israel shall prevent the commission of all genocidal acts, especially (a) killing Palestinians in Gaza; (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to Palestinians in Gaza; (c) deliberately inflicting on Palestinians in Gaza conditions of life calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part; and (d) imposing measures intended to prevent Palestinian births in Gaza...

Israel Cries Foul Of South Africa’s Urgent Request To ICJ

Israel has requested the International Court of Justice (ICJ) not to issue emergency orders for it to increase humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, describing South Africa’s request to do so as “morally repugnant”. In a legal filing to the Court made public on Monday, Israel accused South Africa of abusing both the Genocide Convention and the Court itself. “Much like South Africa’s Application that instituted the present proceedings, they are wholly unfounded in fact and law, morally repugnant, and represent an abuse both of the Genocide Convention and of the Court itself,” the filing said.

Failed ICJ Case Against Russia Backfires

As January became February, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered a pair of legal body blows to Ukraine and its Western backers. First, on January 31, it ruled on a case brought by Kiev against Russia in 2017, which accused Moscow of presiding over a campaign of “terrorism” in Donbas, including the July 2014 downing of MH17. It also charged that Russia racially discriminated against Ukrainian and Tatar residents of Crimea following its reunification with Moscow. The ICJ summarily rejected most charges. Then, on February 2, the Court made a preliminary judgment in a case where Kiev accused Moscow of exploiting false claims of an ongoing genocide of Russians and Russian speakers in Donbas to justify its invasion.
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