Does Canada’s Unilateral Sanctions Regime Violate International Law?

By Yves Engler, Canadian Dimension. -

Is Canada breaking international law when it applies to unilateral coercive economic measures, commonly referred to as sanctions? Most countries and international law experts believe sanctions [...]

New Global Alliance Defends UN Charter

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

A new alliance  called the “Groups of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations” has formed in a clear act of resistance to the unilateral and aggressive policies of the United [...]

Venezuela Sues The US At The WTO

Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza on Friday informed that his country sued the U.S. before the World Trade Organization (WTO) for imposing unilateral coercive measures contrary [...]

US Joins ‘Rules-Based World’ on Afghanistan

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. -

On March 18, the world was treated to the of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken sternly lecturing senior Chinese officials about the need for China to respect a “rules-based order.” The [...]

Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

This latest Biden airstrike is being spun as “defensive” and “retaliatory” despite its targeting a nation the US invaded (Syria) in response to alleged attacks on US forces in another nation the [...]

Biden’s First Strike

By Adil Ahmad Haque, Just Security. -

The United States carried out airstrikes in Syria early Friday morning, killing several people and destroying several buildings. The Pentagon says that the airstrikes were a response to a rocket [...]

US Sanctions On Venezuela Have Failed To Achieve Anything But Death And Misery

By Daniel Kovalik, Venezuelanalysis. -

In its regime-change effort in Venezuela, the US has imposed devastating sanctions that have caused tens of thousands of deaths among the most vulnerable – without ever coming close to toppling [...]

UN Expert Details Crushing Human Toll Of US Sanctions On Venezuela

By Anya Parampil, Red Lines. -

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Alena Douhan, UN special rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, about her recent trip to [...]

Renewed Appeal To Stop The War On Yemen

By Rene Wadlow, Popular Resistance. -

Today, the choice between an end to the armed conflict with negotiations for a renewal of a Yemeni State on the basis of the con-federal system proposed and continued fighting in the hope that [...]

How The Nuclear Ban Treaty Impacts The United States

By Alicia Sanders-Zakre and Seth Shelden, Rise Up Times. -

On January 20, Joseph Biden [became] the U.S. President. Two days later, on January 22nd, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) [has] become binding international law. The Biden [...]

Joe Biden, End Illegal US Sanctions Now

By Progressive International. -

As President, Joseph Biden must take urgent action to restore the right of all countries to have sovereign relations with the world, untrammelled by US interference through their sanctions [...]

Iran Adds Trump, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Several Ex-Officials To Sanctions Lists

By Lilia Dergacheva, Sputnik News. -

Iran has imposed sanctions on incumbent US President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Secretary of Defence Christopher Miller, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, ex-Secretary [...]

UN Expert: End US Sanctions On Syria

By Aaron Maté, The Grayzone. -

An independent United Nations expert is calling on the US to lift its crippling sanctions on Syria. Under the Caesar Act, US sanctions explicitly target Syria’s reconstruction in the aftermath [...]

How A Lawbreaking International Coalition Failed To Overthrow Venezuela’s Government

By Vijay Prashad and Carlos Ron/Globetrotter, Popular Resistance. -

On January 5, 2021, the newly elected National Assembly took its seats in Venezuela’s capital. That day the Lima Group released a statement most of its members signed saying that they did not [...]