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International Law

United Kingdom Foreign Office Revolt Over Gaza

Amid Britain’s ongoing complicity and support for Israel’s “plausible genocide” in Gaza, an increasing number of staff in the Foreign Office, I’m told up to 300, have formally raised concerns with ministers, seeking a change of course. They are questioning ministers’ actions and policy in relation to Gaza and asking to see the legal advice they received that this is based on — advice that they have so far refused to publish, despite calls to do so from some in Parliament. But Foreign Secretary David Cameron has not responded to these concerns directly. Instead, he sent the Foreign Office’s political director, Christian Turner, to have a meeting with a small contingent of those raising concerns about U.K. policy and breaches of international humanitarian law in Gaza.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 234: Israel Bombs Displaced Palestinians

Israeli forces killed at least 40 Palestinians in multiple airstrikes that targeted a makeshift tent camp of displaced Palestinians in the northwestern part of Rafah. The bombed area is part of the Israeli-designated “humanitarian safe zone,” where the Israeli army ordered Palestinians to flee on May 6 as it began its ground invasion of the southern Gaza Strip city. The tent camp is adjacent to an UNRWA warehouse. Local media sources said that some eight Israeli missiles fell on the crowded camp after midnight, killing and wounding dozens of people and causing fires to spread across the camp. The Palestinian civil defense said its teams had to use all the remaining fire trucks in the Rafah governorate to put down the fires, while the Palestinian Red Crescent Society spokesperson, Nibal Farsakh, said that the PRCS teams rescued people with severe burns and wounds who “where trapped in the flames” for a long time before being rescued.

Hamas Denounces ICC Decision On Warrants Against Its Leaders

The Public Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court issued arrest and detention warrants against a number of leaders of the Zionist occupation.  The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) followed up on the arrest and detention warrants issued today by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court against only two war criminals of the Zionist entity. They are “Benjamin Netanyahu” and “Yoav Gallant,” who were proven to be involved in committing the crime of genocide, aggression and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people. The arrest and detention warrants against the aforementioned occupation leaders came seven months late.

Israel’s Extortion Leaflets And Namecheap: Corporate Accountability

On Friday Israel dropped another set of leaflets on Gaza. Israel’s use of leaflets for its psychological torture of the besieged Palestinian population is well known in these genocidal days. Ominous, gloating, taunting, and sadistic messaging is the lingua franca of these leaflets, which Israel claims is a humanitarian effort to evacuate the civilian population. Some of the most common leaflet content are calls to contact Israel’s secret service with information on Hamas or the Israeli hostages. The purpose of these particular leaflets is twofold: coercion of protected civilians to obtain information (which is a violation of the law of armed conflict); but most of all, to undermine the trust and cohesion of a community under siege and annihilation.

Now, International Criminal Court Must Investigate British Ministers Too

With the ICC’s chief prosecutor issuing an application for an arrest warrant against Israel’s prime minister for “war crimes and crimes against humanity,” attention must turn to those who have aided Israel. British ministers have for months been materially assisting Israel during its onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza. This support is being provided in three main ways. First, the U.K. is providing arms to Israel. Recently filed court documents reveal that, as of January this year, the U.K. government had 28 extant and 28 pending “high-risk” licences with Israel marked as “most likely to be used by the IDF in offensive operations in Gaza.”

White House: Israel Likely Violated International Law In Gaza

The White House on 10 May issued a highly anticipated report on Israel's conduct during its genocidal war in Gaza, saying it is “reasonable to assess” Tel Aviv used US-provided weapons in ways that are “inconsistent” with international law but stopping short of identifying violations that would put an end to the ongoing military aid. “It is reasonable to assess that defense articles covered under [national security memorandum] NSM-20 have been used by Israeli security forces since October 7 in instances inconsistent with its IHL [international humanitarian law] obligations or with established best practices for mitigating civilian harm,” the report, drafted by the State Department, says.

Fearful Netanyahu Scrambles To Prevent ICC Arrest Warrant

The US is involved in a diplomatic effort to prevent the International Criminal Court (ICC) from issuing an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Hebrew media reports. Haaretz analyst Amos Harel said on 28 April that Washington is “already” engaged in efforts to block the ICC warrant against Netanyahu. The prime minister is reportedly in a state of extreme anxiety over the matter. Israeli journalist Ben Caspit wrote that Netanyahu is “under unusual stress” over the possibility of an arrest warrant being issued against him by the UN tribunal at the Hague, adding that he is leading a “nonstop push over the telephone” to prevent it.

US Veterans To President Biden: Arming Israel Violates The Law

In a letter today to President Biden and top members of his administration, Veterans For Peace cited existing federal law that gives the President “…no discretion whatsoever to allow any military assistance of any form to be delivered to Israel,” based on that country’s “serial violations of the Symington-Glenn Amendments, codified at 22 U.S.C. § 2799aa.” The letter states, “The President may not waive the cutoff of the above aid and exports under the Glenn Amendment where there has been a nuclear weapons detonation, or the offending state has received a nuclear explosive device.

Why Iran’s Retaliatory Attack Against Israel Was Not A ‘Failure’

Shortly after Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel concluded seemingly without incident, the full-throated proclamations of Israel’s defensive feats followed. Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that Iran’s retaliation had “failed” after 99% of the launched missiles and drones were intercepted by Israeli air defense systems. U.S. President Biden hailed Israel’s “remarkable capacity” to defend against such “unprecedented attacks,” sending a message to Iran that it “cannot effectively threaten the security of Israel.”

The Premises Of The Diplomatic Mission Shall Be Inviolable

We live in dishonest times, where certainties have crumbled, and malevolence stalks the landscape. There is Gaza, of course. Gaza above all else is on our minds. Over 33,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel since 7 October, with more than 7,000 people missing (5,000 of them children). The Israeli government has brutally disregarded the global public opinion mounted against them. Billions of people are outraged by the stark fact of their violence and yet we are unable to force a ceasefire from an army that has decided to raze an entire people.

Rights Expert Finds ‘Reasonable Grounds’ Genocide Is Being Committed

Francesca Albanese was speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where she presented her latest report, entitled ‘Anatomy of a Genocide’, during an interactive dialogue with Member States. “Following nearly six months of unrelenting Israeli assault on occupied Gaza, it is my solemn duty to report on the worst of what humanity is capable of, and to present my findings,” she said. “There are reasonable grounds to believe that the threshold indicating the commission of the crime of genocide…has been met.”

To Save Israel, US Destroys International System It Built

In a conversation in 2020, Princeton Professor Emeritus Richard Falk told me that historically, colonized nations that have won the battle for legitimacy have always won their freedom. Palestine is unlikely to be the exception. The Gaza war, however, is confronting the world with an unprecedented challenge, specifically to governments’ relationship with international law and their obligations to international institutions, such as the United Nations, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the International Criminal Court (ICC) and others.

The Charter International System Is In Deep Crisis

In 1945, humanity came together to create the Charter international system based on the United Nations. It expressed the hope that after the most catastrophic war the world had yet seen, a comprehensive set of normative principles and institutional practices would prevent another conflict of that magnitude from ever occurring again. By coming together on a set of shared principles, the hope was that a better system of international relations would emerge. The result was the UN and its foundational Charter, reinforced subsequently by numerous declarations, protocols and conventions.

Hundreds Of Lawmakers Worldwide Demand Cutting Arms Sales To Israel

Over 200 MPs from 12 states signed a letter urging their governments to impose a ban on weapons sales to Israel. In the letter, organized by Progressive International and signed on 1 March, the MPs say they refuse to be complicit in “Israel’s grave violation of international law” in Gaza. The organizers believe that certain governments supplying arms to the Israeli military could be held legally accountable, given the scale of death and destruction in the Gaza Strip. Those who signed the letter are all MPs of states that supply Israel with military aid. Nine are current or former party leaders.

Popular Enforcement Of International Law From Vietnam To Gaza

In a decision issued January 31, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California found that there is a credible case that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and that the US is supporting its actions.[1] It called on the Biden administration to “examine the results of their unflagging support of the military siege against the Palestinians in Gaza.” While it said it had no authority to order the US to stop, it called on ordinary individuals to “confront the current siege in Gaza.” This Commentary is offered as a starting point for thinking about the implications of this decision for all of us.
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