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International Peoples’ Assembly (IPA)

This May Day, Workers Mobilized For Palestine

On May Day, workers around the world mobilized for the liberation of Palestine. “This May Day, workers of the world are called to declare their solidarity with Palestine, to denounce the Israeli Genocide, and to call for an end to all aggressions in the region and to all wars,” wrote the International People’s Assembly. “Beyond the call for a ceasefire we must say no to the transportation of arms and arms caches to Israel. Workers in all industries – especially workers in the transport sector – that can withhold their labor in order to halt the continued slaughter of the people of Palestine are emphatically called to do so!”

The Cuban People Will Join March 2 Global Day Of Action For Palestine

The people of Cuba will join millions across the world in taking to the streets on March 2 to demand that Israel immediately cease its genocidal war on Gaza and stop its planned March 10 invasion of Rafah. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel announced the call for mobilizations on X stating “Cuba joins the global mobilization this March 2 in support of Palestine. In all of the provinces and in Havana, we will be on the streets in solidarity with our brother people and to condemn the holocaust that Israel seeks to provoke in Rafah. Everyone for Gaza!”
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