Net Neutrality Advocates Deliver 3.5 Million Petitions To Mitch McConnell For Net Neutrality Vote

By Staff, Popular Resistance -

June 11th marks one year since the FCC's repeal of all net neutrality protections went into effect. In the year since the repeal, there have been extremely troubling incidents of telecom [...]

90 Organizations Urge Congress To Restore Net Neutrality

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

We the undersigned 90 organizations urge House members to pass the Save the Internet Act restoring the strong protections for net neutrality and broadband access guaranteed by the 2015 Open [...]

Protests Across Europe Highlight Rifts Over Copyright Bill

By Deutsche Welle. -

European Union - Tens of thousands of people across Europe staged protests on Saturday against the European Union's planned copyright reform bill. In Germany alone, 40 rallies took place, [...]

The Democrats Who Sold Us Out On Net Neutrality

By Evan Greer, Fight for the Future -

Nearly every single Democrat in Congress has signed on to the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to reverse the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. But with the deadline just days away, there [...]

The EU’s Looming Internet Catastrophe

By Cory Doctorow, Activist Post. -

In exactly one week, the European Parliament will hold a crucial debate and vote on a proposal so terrible, it can only be called an extinction-level event for the Internet as we know it. At [...]

Victory! California Passes Net Neutrality Bill

By Katharine Trendacosta, Electronic Frontier Foundation -

California’s net neutrality bill, S.B. 822 has received a majority of votes in the Senate and is heading to the governor’s desk. In this fight, ISPs with millions of dollars to spend lost to the [...]

Thousands Of Small Businesses Join Day Of Action For Net Neutrality

By Staff, Popular Resistance -

Thousands of small businesses owners from across the country are coming together to demand lawmakers overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal. Join with them as part of the Small Business Day of [...]

National Call-In Day: Congress CANNOT Afford To Be Against Net Neutrality

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Lawmakers are back home for August recess. Now’s the time for them to listen to their constituents—NOT the Big Cable lobby in DC—and support the CRA to restore #NetNeutrality, which has massive [...]

The Internet Is Keeping Score: Momentum For Net Neutrality Is Building

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Telecom companies gave Congress $102 million to destroy #NetNeutrality. Today the web is coming together to plaster that number across the Internet by driving traffic to the [...]

Campaign For Net Neutrality Escalates

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Call your representative on Thursday and ask them to support the petition to force a vote to restore net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has repealed net neutrality, [...]

The Path To Victory On Net Neutrality

By Ernesto Falcon, EFF. -

The United States Senate has voted to overturn the FCC and restore net neutrality protections, the fate of that measure currently rests in the House of Representatives. While many will think that [...]

Victory: Net Neutrality Repeal Blocked In The Senate

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

This tremendous victory occurred after massive grassroots pressure on members of the US Senate, including weeks of sustained grassroots pressure in the form of 16 million emails, over a million [...]

85 Companies Urge Congress to Pass Net Neutrality Measure

By New America's Open Technology Institute, Popular Resistance -

Today, 85 companies urged Congress to pass a measure (S.J.Res. 52) that uses the Congressional Review Act to retain the net neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission repealed [...]

Net Neutrality Showdown Is Now

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

As you can see on our website there is a Red Alert to save Net Neutrality on the Internet.  Why are we going red? The Senate will likely vote next week on a measure to reject the FCC’s net [...]

Preparing For The Coming Transformation

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

There will be a backlash. It will look to the Democrats like a backlash against Trump's extremism but it will be broader, it will be a backlash against the extremism of the corporate duopoly. [...]