Save Net Neutrality: Shut The FCC Down


By Popular Resistance. We just learned that the FCC will not vote on taking net neutrality away in October, which means it will likely be on the agenda in November or December. This is the time of year when folks in Washington, DC do their dirty work because they think everyone is full of turkey or busy consuming for the holidays. We can’t let them get away with this! We need to have a strong presence at the FCC on the day they vote to deter them from ending net neutrality. Maybe we can even shut the FCC down (if enough people are willing to defend the Internet). We are asking you to sign up on the form below if you are willing to come to DC to join us in an action at the FCC.

Ajit Pai’s ‘Crazy’ Plan To Lower Broadband Standards


By Jon Brodwin for Ars Technica. The FCC’s current policy, a holdover from former Chairman Tom Wheeler, is that all Americans should have access to home Internet service with speeds of at least 25Mbps downstream and 3Mbps upstream and access to mobile broadband. If that policy remained in place, having one or the other wouldn’t be enough to be considered “served” in the FCC’s annual analysis of whether broadband is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion. But with the FCC now chaired by Republican Ajit Pai, the commission suggested in its annual broadband inquiry last month that Americans might not need a fast home Internet connection.

#DescendOnDC To Protect The Internet


By Eleanor Goldfield for Protect Our Internet. As you know, the FCC is set on killing net neutrality. But Congress is key. They can stop the FCC and block the bigger threat: ISP-backed bills that would end net neutrality forever. So, Fight for the Future is organizing Internet users to meet with members of Congress—in DC, or locally—on September 26th & 27th. And they’re helping to cover travel costs! Here’s What To Do: Go to the action website and sign on & sign up. You can choose whether to come to DC or act locally (But we’re really pushing for people to make it to DC!) Get the scoop on the specific actions via Public Knowledge’s event page. 9/26: Rally & FCC Open Meeting Day – we want to really show up en force! 9/27: Hill Walk – Lobbying Day! (Training Included) Get ready for the days of action!

Sept 26-27: The Internet Descends On Washington. DC

Save The Internet with puppet 5-18-07 FCC net neutrality protest

By Fight For The Future for Battle for the Internet. The FCC is set on killing net neutrality. But Congress is key. They can stop the FCC and block the bigger threat: ISP-backed bills that would end net neutrality forever. We’re organizing Internet users to meet with members of Congress—in DC, or locally—and we’re helping to cover travel costs. Are you in? On September 26-27 Internet users from across the country will converge on Washington, DC to meet directly with their members of Congress, which is by far the most effective way to influence their positions and counter the power of telecom lobbyists and campaign contributions. First you can attend a training hosted by Public Knowledge who will share years of experience on how to be effective in these meetings. Participants will be paired with a guide to show you where to go on Capitol Hill to participate in meetings with key lawmakers. If you can’t make it to DC, join us by getting involved locally.

Newsletter – No #NAFTA2, Yes To Trade For People & Planet


By Daniel Cooper Bermudez. The Trump administration is renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico in secret, just as President Obama did with the TPP. Over the past two decades, NAFTA has resulted in workers losing their jobs and being replaced by machinery, ruined family farms throughout the continent, displaced communities and privatized social services, environmental disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and a widespread attack on labor rights and unions. This week, we explain our opposition to NAFTA2 and put forward a strategy to remake trade so it is no longer corporate-driven trade for the profits of a few, but people-driven trade to benefit all and protect the planet.

Tell Your Congressmember To Save The Internet

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By Protect Our Internet. Right now your members of Congress are in their Home Districts…And they need to hear YOUR voice demanding they Protect Our Internet! Here’s The Scoop: On September 7th, Congress will hold a hearing on Net Neutrality inviting both ISPS and tech companies to testify. Before these CEOs take the stand, we have to make sure the PEOPLE are heard. What You Can Do: Visit the Town Hall Project to find out whether there’s a town hall being held in your area. If so, check out some sign and messaging ideas below. If not, pay your member of Congress a visit! Check out messaging and signage below and knock on their office door. Here’s a quick one-page primer on how to make the most out of your meeting! Town Hall or Office Visit, check out this list of social media posts and spread the word about #TeamInternet & the fight to #SaveTheInternet

Facebook And Google Join Online Net Neutrality Protest


By John Zangas for DC Media Group. Google and Facebook confirmed they will join with other Internet companies to protest of FCC plans to roll back Net Neutrality protections. The largest ever Internet protest will take place on July 12 and involve a variety of actions to tell the public that FCC plans to end Internet freedoms will hurt everyone. The list of hundreds of internet companies protesting the FCC action, which includes Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and Vimeo, is expected to grow and will entail slowing services, blacking out normal website banners, or posting notices on web site banners telling the public what they can do to support Net Neutrality. A sample of a web banner internet companies plan to use on July 12. Image: Fight For The Future A sample of a web banner internet companies plan to use on July 12. Image: Fight For The Future This development is significant because of the extensive digital connectivity of Facebook and Google. Facebook reported last month that it had reached a milestone of 2 billion visits per month on its customer accounts. Google has over 3.5 billion hits on its servers every day.

National Day Of Action To Protect Our Internet!


By Protect Our Internet. Here’s the gist; riddle me this: How is a Train like the Internet? They’re both common carriers! You buy your ticket and decide where you want to go on the train. You buy your Internet service provider and decide where you want to go on the Internet. But that could end in August. Sign up here to take action to spread the word. Big Telecoms like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T don’t want to just provide Internet service, they want to control the content too – slowing down, diverting or even shutting down our access to the open internet we know and love. Imagine being on a train and all of a sudden, you can’t get off at your stop – or it takes you twice as long to get there, and costs twice as much. That’s why we’re asking all of you internet users out there to come together on July 12 to spread the word at your local train or metro stations about the importance of an open and accessible internet – just like an open and accessible public transportation system. These actions will coincide with an Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.

Actions You Can Take To Protect Net Neutrality This Week

Net Neutrality protest at Pai home May 14, 2017

By Staff. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is threatening to undermine the free and open internet as we know it. In May, the FCC voted to begin a rulemaking that would undo the Open Internet Order, which ensures that Internet Service Providers (ISP) treat all online traffic equally. To raise awareness, involve more constituencies and continue to promote net neutrality, we plan to focus each week on one theme or aspect of net neutrality and amplify that message online. Strong net neutrality protections are in place to prevent broadband providers from blocking, throttling, or prioritizing internet content. Net neutrality rules protect the free flow of ideas that are creating new industries, educating our youth, promoting free speech, and supporting the communications that we rely on every day. President Donald Trump and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s want to hand control of the internet to a few big broadband companies that will serve as broadband gatekeepers. Without the Open Internet Order, ISPs could discriminate against certain websites, distort competition, stifle innovation, and undermine user choice and free expression.

Netflix Backs Out Of Fight For Net Neutrality


By Matt Lopez for The Videoink. At Recode’s Code Conference this week, Netlix CEO Reed Hastings all but threw in the towel against the fight for net neutrality. Netflix, which has extended its reach across 190 countries, has been a vocal proponent of net neutrality rules in the past, but Hastings believes it’s not their fight anymore. “We’re big enough to get the deals we want,” he said at the conference. Why is net neutrality so important? Well, it makes sure internet providers enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. One concern for the loss of net neutrality is the idea that smaller players wouldn’t be able to compete against larger companies that can afford to pay for priority access. An issue that would have been a bigger concern for “the Netflix of 10 years ago,” Hastings said.

Newsletter United To Save The Internet


By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. The former Verizon lawyer, Ajit Pai, who now chairs the Federal Communications Commission has taken the first official steps to destroy the free and open Internet by proposing the end of Title II net neutrality rules on May 18. This would be a giveaway to Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and other large Internet Service Providers that would allow them to control access to content on the Internet and charge users more fees. Chairman Pai, a former lawyer for Verizon, is an example of the revolving door between government and industry that serves big business interests, and not the people. Pai has demonstrated during his first few months as chairman that he will say anything, including obvious lies, to serve the telecom industry. We must act quickly to save the Internet from going the road of cable TV

Tell The FCC To Protect Net Neutrality


By Popular Resistance. On May 18, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai formally introduced a proposal to end net neutrality. He plans to rush the process through this summer while people are on vacation and less likely to notice. This is a critical time to take action. We won the fight for net neutrality in 2015 in part because millions of people submitted comments to the FCC in favor of reclassifying the Internet as a common carrier under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. This means that neither the government nor the Internet Service Providers, such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, can control where people go on the Internet. Title II treats the Internet like a utility – for example, electric companies can only provide electricity to your home, they can’t tell you what you can and cannot plug in.

Protesters Take Net Neutrality Issue To FCC Chair's Home

Net Neutrality protest at Pai home May 14, 2017

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Ajit Pai, the Chair of the FCC, is on a mission — he is going to destroy the Internet by reclassifying it so it is no longer a common carrier where we all have equal access and repeal net neutral rules so Comcast, Verizon and A&T can act based on content and allow Internet discrimination. Net neutrality activists began a vigil at the FCC chairman’s home in Arlington on Sunday, May 14 and will continue on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the public meeting at the FCC on Thursday. Twenty people stood outside of his home holding signs urging “Save The Internet,” “We Want Democracy Not Net Monopolies,” Ajit Pai Stop the Lies” “Protect the Internet” and “Equal Access for All.” The protest was supported by every neighbor who spoke to them, one even offered the use of their bathroom if net neutrality advocates needed it.

Net Neutrality Activists Take on New FCC Chairman

Margaret Flowers puts door hanger featuring Ajit Pai on his neighbors door, by Anne Meador May 7, 2017

By John Zangas and Anne Meador for DC Media Group. Trump’s FCC Chair Ajit Pai is proposing to repeal the Title II classification of the Internet as a common carrier and remove net neutrality rules. Personal visits to Pai’s 5,300-square-foot house in Arlington, Va.–valued at $1,550,000–began this weekend. Prior to a May 18 meeting of FCC commissioners, a handful of Net Neutrality activists hit the streets of Chairman Pai’s upscale neighborhood in what they called an agitation, or “Ajit-ation.” They distributed two hundred flyers to neighbors with a large photo of the FCC chairman with the caption, “Have you seen this man? He is trying to destroy Net Neutrality by giving cable companies the power to control content on the internet.” The “Ajit-ation” includes a series of protests on the street in front of Chairman Pai’s house planned for next week.

Never Give Up Net Neutrality!


By Popular Resistance. Washington, DC – April 20 was the third public meeting at the Federal Communications Commission under the leadership of the new chair, Ajit Pai, a former lawyer for Verizon. Pai has been a long-time opponent of rules to protect net neutrality. He voted against reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier under Title II in 2015 and he met recently with telecom representatives to discuss how to undermine net neutrality by relaxing enforcement of the rules. Net neutrality means that the Internet should be treated as a utility so that all people have equal access to content without discrimination based on ability to pay. The coalition that won net neutrality in 2015, which includes Popular Resistance, reconvened rapidly after Pai was chosen as chair and put together a strategy to protect net neutrality.