This Guy Thinks CEOs Should Control The Internet

Rep. Greg Waldern.Original photo by Flickr user House GOP.

By Candace Clement for Free Press. Think the CEOs of the largest phone, cable and internet companies should call all the shots when it comes to Net Neutrality? Rep. Greg Walden (R–Oregon) does. Also the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Walden is inviting those execs to testify at a September hearing on “ground rules for the internet.” That’s like inviting a fox to guard the henhouse. And to make matters worse, Walden didn’t invite anyone else: It’s a CEO-only hearing. The idea that Net Neutrality is something that just needs to be sorted out between the executives of multibillion-dollar companies is insulting. The millions and millions who have weighed in on this debate care about the open internet because it enables people to organize in their communities, fight for racial justice, start their own businesses and speak for themselves.