Iowans Fight Back Against Factory Farms–So Can You

By Staff, -

“We are pro agriculture. We support responsible, respectful and regenerative livestock production that poses no harm to communities and the environment. And we call for a moratorium on new and [...]

As Trump Unfurls Infrastructure Plan, Iowa Bill Seeks To Criminalize Pipeline Protests

By Steve Horn, -

The Iowa Senate has advanced a bill which critics say could lead to the criminalization of pipeline protests, which are being cast as “terrorist activities.” Dakota Access pipeline owner Energy [...]

Iowa Fast-Food, Hospital Workers Protest Gov. Reynolds

Gov. Reynolds and Republican state lawmakers have waged a string of attacks on workers’ unions in recent years. Last February, then-Gov. Terry Branstad signed into law a bill endorsed by then-Lt. [...]

In Chicago And Iowa, Contrasting Tales Of Building A Clean Energy Economy

By Yana Kunichoff, -

By Yana Kunichoff for Midwest Energy News - As former industrial communities seek to rebuild their economies around clean energy, two cities in the Midwest provide examples with starkly different [...]

4 Arrested Protesting Drones At Iowa Air National Guard

By Charly Haley, -

By Charly Haley for The Des Moines Register - The Des Moines Fire Department had to cut the four protesters from their concrete barriers, said Brian O'Keefe, a spokesman for the department. [...]

Hundreds Suffer As City Shuts Down Church For Helping The Homeless

By Annabelle Bamforth, -

By Annabelle Bamforth for Activist Post - A church in Davenport, Iowa, facing zoning restrictions related to its outreach program to feed the homeless, is appealing its local council and [...]

Thousand Protest In Iowa Against Restrictions On Collective Bargaining

By Joey Aguirre, -

By Joey Aguirre for The Des Moines Register - More than a thousand people supporting teachers and other public employees gathered in front of the Iowa Capitol Sunday afternoon urging legislators [...]

Flint Water Crisis, Iowa Caucus Debacle, Obama Signs TPP

By Dennis Trainor, Jr., -

By Dennis Trainor, Jr. for Acronym TV - This week on Acronym TV - Congressional hearings on the Flint water crisis were convened on Wednesday but two of the people on the top of the list of [...]

Fight for $15 Movement Hits Iowa

By MacKenzie Elmer, -

By MacKenzie Elmer for The Des Moines Register - An international underpaid workers strike visited Iowa for the first time Thursday, the day of the final Republican debate before the Iowa [...]

Pipeline Ruckus: Turning Public Hearing To Taped Comment

By William Petroski, -

By William Petroski, for The Des Moines ReA ruckus developed Wednesday night when opponents of the proposed Bakken oil pipeline angrily accused Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials of [...]

Over 360 Farmer Lawsuits Against Syngenta

By David Pitt, -

Farmers and farm businesses in 20 states have now filed more than 360 lawsuits against agricultural chemicals-maker Syngenta, and hundreds more may be coming as a federal judge organizes the [...]

Activists Organize To Battle A Pipeline In Iowa

By Mara Kardas-Nelson, -

Farmers and environmental activists are trying to fight a proposed pipeline that would bring Bakken crude through Iowa. But with little information from the company or the government, they're [...]