Love In A Dangerous Time

By Mike Ferner, Counterpunch. -

A profusion of anonymous axioms and memes floods social media these days but one remains my very favorite: “It’s like we’ve all been sent to our room to think about what we did.” My friends, if [...]

The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After US Invasion: More Than 2 Million

By Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J S Davies, Common Dreams -

March 19 marks 15 years since the U.S.-U.K invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the American people have no idea of the enormity of the calamity the invasion unleashed. The US military has refused to [...]

Friendship In Defiance Of War

By Kathy Kelly, -

By Kathy Kelly for Counterpunch. Before making their home in Damascus, Gabe Huck and Theresa Kubasak had regularly visited Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, where they developed lasting friendships [...]

Most Labour MPs Opposing Corbyn Are Stained With Blood

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

By Nafeez Ahmed for MEE - A new analysis by Middle East Eye finds that nearly 100 percent of the Labour MPs who have moved to oust Jeremy Corbyn voted against an investigation into the Iraq war. [...]

Four Lessons We Must Learn From Iraq War And Chilcot Report

By Joe Glenton, -

By Joe Glenton for International Business Times - All the evidence discouraged an attack on Iraq yet it looks like Tony Blair and his close allies lied to take Britain to war. It cost the lives [...]

Chilcott Report Oroves Iraq War Was A Mistake

By Staff, -

By Staff of ICN - Christian peace campaigners have welcomed the release of the Chilcot Report into the 2003 war on Iraq, which directly cause the deaths of many thousands of people and [...]

New Documentary: Necessary Reminder Of Gigantic Scandal

By Peter Bradshaw, -

By Peter Bradshaw for The Guardian. We Are Many is a new documentary which is on the list for an Academy Award. Several showings are coming up. This film does a necessary job. It’s a piece of [...]

A Moment That Changed Me – The Day I Discovered Protest

By Ellie Mae O'Hagan, -

By Ellie Mae O'Hagan in The Guardian - It was an email. It read: “No, but you could always organise something.” It arrived in my inbox on a Wednesday afternoon in October 2010. At the time I was [...]

Former US Attorney General Files Brief In Lawsuit Against Iraq War

By Michael Eisenscher, -

By Michael Eisenscher in US Labor Against War - An Iraqi single mother has assembled an international team of lawyers who are now asking the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit [...]