Suicide Rate Surging Among Afghanistan Iraq War Veterans

By Whitney Webb, Mintpress News. -

Washington - New data released Wednesday by the Department of Veterans Affairs has shown that the suicide rate among young military veterans continues to climb, despite a decline in the overall [...]

Mass Social Unrest Leaves Iraq’s Oil Capital In Flames

By Bill Van Auken, -

Iraq’s southern city of Basra, the country’s oil capital and center of its Shia majority, has seen mass protests that have left many of the buildings housing offices of the government, the main [...]

We Stand In Solidarity With The Resilient People Of Iraq

By Staff, -

Major, nationwide protests are currently raging throughout Iraq. Beginning in Basra among young oil workers demanding jobs for locals, the movement has spread to other major cities in Iraq. As [...]

The US, Electricity And Iran: What’s Behind The Iraq Protests?

By Imran Khan, -

Baghdad, Iraq - Is the United States behind the protests in southern Iraq? Well, the answer to that question is both yes and no. Yes, because the US led the invasion and occupation of Iraq in [...]

Massive Protests In Iraq

By Staff, -

A week ago, demonstrators gathered in Basra at the entrances to three Iraqi oilfields: the West Qurna field run by Lukoil, the Rumaila field run by BP and the West Qurna field run by ExxonMobil. [...]

Trump Continues Drone Attacks, Facilitates Civilian Deaths

By Staff, Drone Warfare. -

The NGO CAGE, which campaigns against discriminatory state policies and advocates observance of due process and the rule of law, reminds readers that in October 2017, US President Donald Trump [...]

Iraq Elections: A Step Toward Rebuilding Popular Power

By David Bacon, -

The U.S. media quickly dismissed the results of Iraq’s national elections on May 12. Journalists were puzzled by what the followers of Muqtada al-Sadr and the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) might [...]

US Coalition Killed Nearly 12 Times More Civilians In Mosul Than Did ISIS

By Whitney Webb, -

WASHINGTON – Just a few months after the U.S. declared ISIS in Iraq “defeated,” a new study has concluded that the U.S.-led battle to remove Daesh (ISIS) from Mosul, once Iraq’s second-largest [...]

Years Of Civil Society Protest Bring Change To Iraq

By Staff, -

Forming a government, following the recent parliamentary elections in Iraq, will take time, but there is now hope for significant change and reform. The strong showing of the Saeroun Lil-Islah [...]

Executive Who Oversaw Iraq ‘Black Ops’ Hired To Produce Anti-Qatar Propaganda

By Jessica Purkiss and Abigail Fielding-Smith, -

The former CEO of propaganda producer, Bell Pottinger USA, was given over $500,000 to produce a six-part film linking Qatar with global terrorism. Aveteran of Pentagon propaganda operations was [...]

Who Calls Anyone “Civilized”?

By Cathy Breen, -

I myself tried to write something for the 15 year “commemoration” of the US war against Iraq, but wasn’t able to complete it.  It was too much for me. A couple of months ago I was invited to go [...]

What’s To Celebrate? Iraq, 15 Years Later

By Cindy Sheehan, -

H.W.  he was left in power in Iraq and during the regime of the Commander in Grief  Bill Clinton, the people of Iraq were devastated with crippling sanctions and active bombing. Moreover, [...]

Iraq, 15 Years On: A Toxic US Legacy

By Belen Fernandez, -

Fallout from the US assault continues to deform and kill Iraqis long after the conflict has seemingly ended. Fifteen years ago this month, the United States spearheaded a fantastically bloody war [...]

Man Who Sold America Iraq War Just Warned Iran Is Next

By Carey Wedler, -

Fifteen years after the calamitous U.S. invasion of Iraq, an architect of the propaganda used to drum up support for the war is warning that it’s happening again — this time with Iran. Lawrence [...]

America’s Renegade Warfare Killing Civilians, Violating Law

By Nicolas J S Davies, -

By Nicolas J S Davies for Consortium News. Despite the U.N. Charter and international efforts to prevent war, people in countries afflicted by war today still face the kind of total war that [...]