Who Calls Anyone “Civilized”?

By Cathy Breen, Vcnv.org -

I myself tried to write something for the 15 year “commemoration” of the US war against Iraq, but wasn’t able to complete it.  It was too much for me. A couple of months ago I was invited to go [...]

What’s To Celebrate? Iraq, 15 Years Later

By Cindy Sheehan, Cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.com -

H.W.  he was left in power in Iraq and during the regime of the Commander in Grief  Bill Clinton, the people of Iraq were devastated with crippling sanctions and active bombing. Moreover, [...]

Iraq, 15 Years On: A Toxic US Legacy

By Belen Fernandez, Middleeasteye.net -

Fallout from the US assault continues to deform and kill Iraqis long after the conflict has seemingly ended. Fifteen years ago this month, the United States spearheaded a fantastically bloody war [...]

Man Who Sold America Iraq War Just Warned Iran Is Next

By Carey Wedler, Activistpost.com -

Fifteen years after the calamitous U.S. invasion of Iraq, an architect of the propaganda used to drum up support for the war is warning that it’s happening again — this time with Iran. Lawrence [...]

America’s Renegade Warfare Killing Civilians, Violating Law

By Nicolas J S Davies, www.consortiumnews.com -

By Nicolas J S Davies for Consortium News. Despite the U.N. Charter and international efforts to prevent war, people in countries afflicted by war today still face the kind of total war that [...]

Britain Drops 3,400 Bombs In Syria & Iraq

By Jamie Merrill, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Jamie Merrill for Mint Press News - Royal Air Force drones and jets have dropped more than 3,400 bombs and missiles on Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria, an investigation by Middle East [...]

Covering Up The Massacre Of Mosul

By Nicolas J S Davies, www.consortiumnews.com -

By Nicolas J S Davies for Consortium News - Iraqi Kurdish military intelligence reports have estimated that the nine-month-long U.S.-Iraqi siege and bombardment of Mosul to oust Islamic State [...]

Rivers of Blood Action: We All Must Come Together to Stop War

By Joy First, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Joy First for National Center for Nonviolent Resistance. The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR) keeps its focus on the US wars of aggression. NCNR has been acting in [...]

Judge Halts Deportation Of More Than 1,000 Iraqi Nationals From US

By Amanda Holpuch, www.theguardian.com -

By Amanda Holpuch for The Guardian - More than 1,400 Iraqi nationals in the US have been protected from deportation for the next two weeks, because of an order issued late on Monday by a federal [...]

Three Nations With Most Refugees Were Targets Of US Intervention

By Whitney Webb, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Whitney Webb for Mintpress News. CHILE– A United Nations report has shed light on the world’s burgeoning crisis of displaced peoples, finding that a record 65.6 million were forced to vacate [...]

Afghanistan: From Soviet Occupation To American ‘Liberation’

By Nauman Sadiq, www.popularresistance.org -

By Nauman Sadiq. The borders between Iraq and Syria are poorly guarded and highly porous. The Obama Administration’s policy of nurturing militants against the Assad regime in Syria for the first [...]

US-Backed Iraqi Forces Carry Out “Annihilation Tactics” In Mosul

By James Cogan, www.wsws.org -

By James Cogan for WSWS - Mattis implied these “tactics” included the extra-judicial execution of wounded or captured people suspected of being ISIS militants—a flagrant war crime under [...]

Will Trump Agree To the Pentagon’s Permanent War

By Gareth Porter, www.middleeasteye.net -

By Gareth Porter for Middle East Eye. The two top national security officials in the Trump administration – Secretary of Defence James Mattis and national security adviser HR McMaster - are [...]

Media Spin Downplays US Responsibility for Mosul Massacre

By Ben Norton, www.fair.org -

By Ben Norton for FAIR. If you read the headlines of major corporate media outlets, you’d think hundreds of Iraqi civilians coincidentally died in the same location that just so happened to be [...]

Trump Drives US Deeper Into Middle East War Quagmire

By Medea Benjamin, www.theguardian.com -

By Medea Benjamin for the Guardian. Donald Trump loudly criticized President Obama’s air campaign against Islamic State as “too gentle” and called for a reassessment of battlefield rules designed [...]