Two U.S. Veterans For Peace Refused Bail In Ireland

By Ellen Davidson, Stop These Wars. -

Ireland - Two US veterans were arrested at Shannon Airport on 17 March for entering the airfield to inspect and investigate an OMNI Air International plane on contract to the U.S. military.  The [...]

Strong, Defiant Women Changed Ireland Forever – But Our Fight’s Not Done

By Sarah Monaghan,  -

As I wrote this we learned the President of Ireland has just signed the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 into law. We did it. We repealed the eighth amendment and [...]

Why I’m Going To Ireland To Try To Fix The United States

By Staff, -

Ireland is a nation legally bound to maintain neutrality but actively assisting in the crimes of U.S. wars. This coming 11/11 is Armistice Day 100, and while Trump has been dissuaded from holding [...]

If Ireland Can Get Out Of Fossil Fuels, Your Town Can Too

By Celia Bottger, -

On Thursday, July 12th, a small, rainy island in the North Atlantic proved it was on the right side of history. The Republic of Ireland passed a bill to divest its $370 million worth of [...]

Ireland’s Vote To Divest From Fossil Fuels Latest In A Global Campaign For Climate

By Phil McKenna, -

Ireland is on its way to becoming the first country to fully divest all public funds from fossil fuel companies after a key vote in its parliament on Thursday. It's a major milestone in an [...]

Government Approves Ban On The Cultivation Of GMOs In Ireland

By Staff, -

The Government approved the transposition of an EU Directive, which will enable Ireland to opt out of cultivation of GMO crops approved for cultivation elsewhere in the EU. This will happen on [...]

Ireland To Pass Bill Boycotting Israeli Goods

By Staff, -

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Irish parliament is expected to pass a landmark bill prohibiting the importation and sale of goods and services originating in illegal Israeli settlements on Wednesday. [...]

‘We’ve Made History’: Ireland Joins France, Germany And Bulgaria In Banning Fracking​

By Lorraine Chow, -

By Lorraine Chow for Eco Watch - McLoughlin also issued a statement that mentioned the impact of fracking in the U.S.: This law will mean communities in the West and North West of Ireland will be [...]

Thousands Shut Down Ireland’s Streets In Legal Abortion Protests

By Lydia O’Connor, -

By Lydia O’Connor for The Huffington Post - International Women’s Day marchers are optimistic, but change in a Roman Catholic country doesn’t come so easily. International Women’s Day Wednesday, [...]

Ireland Jails Three Top Bankers Over 2008 Meltdown

By Conor Humphries and Mark Heinrich, -

By Conor Humphries and Mark Heinrich for Reuters. Three senior Irish bankers were jailed on Friday for up to three-and-a-half years for conspiring to defraud investors in the most prominent [...]

From South Africa To Ireland, #BlackLivesMatter Finds Solidarity Worldwide

By Nika Knight, -

By Nika Knight for Common Dreams - As the U.S. reels from multiple shootings that made international headlines last week, the country's grassroots movement for racial justice and against police [...]

Northern Irish Women Ask To Be Prosecuted For Taking Abortion Pills

By Amelia Gentleman, -

By Amelia Gentleman for The Guardian - Three women have handed themselves into a police station in Derry, stating they have procured and taken illegal abortion pills and requesting that they be [...]

[Dublin] Squat City Has Been Liberated!

By The Free Org, -

By The Free Org for The Free - Spread the word friends. The warehouse will soon be full of words; the garden has begun regrowing community; music and paint about to burst across the city. At the [...]

Tens Of Thousands Protest In Ireland Against Water Charges

By RT, -

By RT - Tens of thousands of people took part in the anti-water charges protest in Ireland on Saturday, marching through the capital of Dublin to show their dissatisfaction with the government’s [...]

Ireland Showed We Can Get By Without Banks

By Patrcick Cockburn, -

By Patrick Cockburn for the Independent - Shuttered banks are a striking physical symbol of economic disaster, but even they are not proof that the final dénouement is at hand. I recall a [...]

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