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European Recognition Of Palestine Signals Major Shift In Discourse

If one were to argue that a top Spanish government official would someday declare that “from the river to the sea, Palestine would be free,” the suggestion would have seemed ludicrous. But this is precisely how Yolanda Diaz, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, concluded a statement on May 23, a few days before Spain officially recognized Palestine as a state. The Spanish, Norwegian, and Irish recognition of Palestine is the most important. Western Europe is finally catching up with the rest of the world regarding the significance of a solid international position in support of the Palestinian people and rejection of Israel’s genocidal practices in occupied Palestine.

Ireland, Spain And Norway To Formally Recognize Palestinian Statehood

Ireland, Spain and Norway will formally recognize a Palestinian state on May 28, a milestone diplomatic decision that hopes to bring resolution to the conflict in Gaza. “We must be on the right side of history,” Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said amongst the announcements with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Harris, speaking at a news conference in Dublin, said he hopes the decision would “offer hope and encouragement to the people of Palestine at one of their darkest hours.” Sánchez addressed the Spanish Parliament, stating: We hope that our recognition and our reasons contribute to other western countries following this path, because the more we are, the more strength we will have to impose a ceasefire, to achieve the release of the hostages held by Hamas, to relaunch the political process that can lead to a peace agreement.

The Student Movement That Forced Ireland’s Trinity College To Divest

Right after Dublin native Ben turned 16, he spent his summer vacations working at event companies that organized concerts and comedy shows. Little did he know that three years later, that experience would help him organize — with nearly a hundred of his peers — a major protest of Trinity College Dublin’s ties with Israel. After five nights in tents on the grassy patch in front of the highly-visited Book of Kells Museum, Trinity acceded to the protesters’ demands and went down in history as one of the first universities to agree to divest from Israeli companies. “I always wanted to partake in effecting change, and this was an opportunity,” the philosophy and politics student said five days after the encampment ended.

Protesters Block Road To Shannon Airport In Ireland

People flying from Shannon Airport on Sunday afternoon were forced to leave their vehicles and walk the remaining distance to the terminal after protesters blocked the only access route. Gardaí and Airport Police used their vehicles to take passengers and airport staff from the location of the protest on the N19 to the airport building almost 2km away. Organisers described the demonstration as a “major national mobilisation” against the U.S. military’s use of Shannon Airport. Protesters mounted the action to call for an immediate end to U.S. troops and planes passing through the airport.

A Radical Vision For The Housing Crisis In The West Of Ireland

Transit-oriented development is a land use planning approach that concentrates high-density, mixed-use development – housing, groceries, retail, employment, childcare – within walking distance from rapid transit services. Centering development around transit hubs helps create vibrant, active, affordable and accessible neighbourhoods where both businesses and people – residents, workers and tourists alike – can thrive. Polysee chose a 32-hectare parcel of land by Oranmore station, just outside Galway City, to model what this could look like.

Ireland To Intervene In ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel

Ireland will intervene in South Africa's genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Foreign Minister Micheal Martin announced on 29 March. Martin said that while it was for the ICJ to determine whether Israel is committing genocide, he explained that Israel's actions in Gaza represent "the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale." In November, South Africa brought the case to the ICJ, accusing Israel of committing genocide. The proceedings are expected to last for years.

When Starvation Is A Weapon, The Harvest Is Shame

In a work entitled “Irish Famine 4,” Palestinian-American journalist and artist Sam Husseini combined grass and paint to commemorate a bitter time in Irish history when starving people died with their mouths stained green because, according to historian Christine Kinealy, their last meal was grass. Shamefully, British occupiers profited from exporting out of Ireland food crops so desperately needed. Over a seven year period, beginning in 1845, one million Irish people died from starvation and related diseases. It was a conscious mass killing.

Irish Seanad Calls For Sanctions On Apartheid Israel

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign this evening welcomed the unanimous passing of a motion in the Seanad calling for robust actions by the Irish government to hold Apartheid Israel accountable for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people. The motion, moved by the Civic Engagement Group Senators Frances Black, Lynne Ruane, Alice Mary Higgins and Eileen Flynn, is comprehensive and calls on the Irish government to, among other things: impose sanctions on Israel; enact the Occupied Territories Bill and the Illegal Israeli Settlements Divestment Bill; to actively ensure no US weapons are being sent to Israel through Irish airspace; and to push for an international arms embargo on Israel

Canada, Australia, New Zealand Urge Israel Against ‘Catastrophic’ Assault

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand issued a joint statement on 15 February expressing serious concern over Israel’s planned assault on Gaza’s southern city of Rafah. "We are gravely concerned by indications that Israel is planning a ground offensive into Rafah. A military operation into Rafah would be catastrophic," the joint statement read. “We urge the Israeli government not to go down this path. There is simply nowhere else for civilians to go,” it added. The statement comes one day after Germany and France showed their concern over the planned attack. “One point three million people are waiting there in a very small space. They don’t really have anywhere else to go right now

Irish Women Basketball Players Protest Israel’s Genocide In Gaza

Defying heavy pressure and the threat of sanctions and expulsion, the members of the Irish basketball team, playing in Riga, Latvia at the Women’s EuroBasket qualifier match, refused to shake the hands of the opposing team, Israel. Five members of the Irish team decided not to play in the match at all. The move was in response to allegations of antisemitism from the Israeli team against the Irish team and Basketball Ireland, which had raised objections to playing against Israel amid its ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. Ahead of the match on February 8, progressive organizations in Ireland including Irish Sport for Palestine, People Before Profit, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), had urged Basketball Ireland to boycott the match with Israel organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Ireland: Students Protest Housing Crisis Ahead Of New Academic Year

Student-youth groups in Ireland have condemned the housing crisis in the country as they are about to return to their colleges and universities this September for the new academic year. On Wednesday, August 16, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), along with housing support groups including Threshold, launched a ‘Scam Watch’ campaign against the exploitation of students by landlords and rent sharks. The USI also demanded legislation to control rents and provide affordable housing for students. Political parties like Sinn Fein accuse the coalition government under Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and the Greens of totally failing the student renters and abandoning them in the grip of the housing crisis.

Anti-War Groups In Ireland Disrupt Security Conference

Irish anti-war groups disrupted discussions over militarization and membership of military alliances at the government’s first national security consultation meeting that began at the University College Cork (UCC). On June 22, activists from the Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) disrupted the Consultative Forum on International Security Policy meeting with anti-war slogans and raised a red banner that read “NATO Wars! Millions Dead.” Deputy head of government and foreign and defense minister Micheál Martin from the Fianna Fail of the ruling liberal-conservative coalition, was set to address the gathering, only to be interrupted by anti-war protesters on Thursday.

How To Beat The ‘Fracking Frenzy’

The reality of the climate crisis makes it clear that we must leave the “oil in the soil” and the “gas under the grass,” as the Oilwatch International slogan goes. The fossil fuel industry knew this before anyone else. Yet the industry continues to seek new extractive frontiers on all continents in what has been labeled a “fracking frenzy” by campaigners. In Australia, unconventional fossil gas exploration has been on the rise over the last two decades. Coal seam gas wells have been in production since 2013, while community resistance has so far prevented the threat of shale gas fracking.

The Roar Of A US Warplane Over A Civilian Irish Airport

Shannon Airport, County Clare, Ireland - “This is not a regular airport,” Margaretta D’Arcy said to me as we heard a C-130T Hercules prepare to take off from Shannon Airport in Ireland after 3 p.m. on September 11, 2022. That enormous U.S. Navy aircraft (registration number 16-4762) had flown in from Sigonella, a US Naval Air Station in Italy. A few minutes earlier, a US Navy C-40A (registration number 16-6696) left Shannon for the US military base at Stuttgart, Germany, after flying in from Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia. Shannon is not a regular airport, D’Arcy said, because while it is merely a civilian airport, it allows frequent US military planes to fly in and out of it, with Gate 42 of the airport functioning as its “forward operating base.”

Dublin Demonstration: Ireland Stay Out Of NATO

On Saturday the sixth of August, members of Ireland’s Russian community held a protest in Dublin against the current trajectory that the 26 County State appears to be taking in regards to joining NATO. Supported by Irish Republican groups, Republican Sinn Féin and the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the demonstration took place on O’Connell Street, Dublin’s main thoroughfare, facing the General Post Office – the historic site where the Irish Republic was declared in arms on Easter Monday 1916. Indeed, just as Irish men and women fought against British imperialism in 1916, the US and UK-supported Imperialism that precipitated the Russian intervention in Ukraine was highlighted at the protest, with many placards raising awareness of the eight-year long war waged by the Western-backed Kiev government on the breakaway Donetsk and Luhansk Republics.
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