Wealthy Americans Targeted By US In Panama Tax-Fraud Probe

By David Voreacos And Neil Weinberg, Boston Globe. -

The Internal Revenue Service can now get information about electronic fund transfers and courier deliveries between the firm, Panama Offshore Legal Services, and its US clients, the Justice [...]

How The Toothless IRS Lets The Rich Off Easily

By David Cay Johnston, DC Report. -

The amount of additional taxes that the richest Americans owed after the IRS audited their tax returns fell more than 99% in Donald Trump’s first full year in office, data tables released this [...]

The Secret IRS Files

By Jesse Eisinger, Jeff Ernsthausen and Paul Kiel, ProPublica. -

In 2007, Jeff Bezos, then a multibillionaire and now the world’s richest man, did not pay a penny in federal income taxes. He achieved the feat again in 2011. In 2018, Tesla founder Elon Musk, [...]

Low Income/Simple Living As War Tax Resistance

By National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. -

There are many methods of war tax resistance. Each accomplishes a different set of goals and involves a different level of personal risk. This pamphlet explores ways to eliminate [...]

IRS Goes After Pastors For Peace For Sending Aid To Cuba

By Nora Gámez Torres, www.incubatoday.com/ -

By Nora Gámez Torres for In Cuba Today - For years, the U.S.-based Pastors for Peace defied the embargo on Cuba with “caravans” of humanitarian aid hauled across the U.S.-Mexico border that were [...]

Tell IRS Stop Threatening Pastors For Peace

By Staff, www.ifconews.org -

By Staff of IFCO News - After 7 years of harassment and intimidation at the hands of the Internal Revenue Service, the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) has been [...]

IRS Still Unrestrained On Asset Seizures Despite Deal

By Fergus Hodgson, www.taxrevolution.us -

By Fergus Hodgson for Tax Revolution Institute - Since 2014, the Internal Revenue Service has ceased confiscating the property of innocent individuals. Or have they? No one wants to throw cold [...]

Congress’s Move To Delay IRS Muzzle Rule Another Year Is Not All Good News

By Adam DeAngeli, www.taxrevolution.us -

By Adam DeAngeli for Tax Revolution Center - The draft of the House of Representatives’ financial-services appropriations bill contains language very similar to what was passed last year to [...]

National Lawyers Guild Calls For IRS Investigation Of ‘Racist’ Jewish National Fund

By Joe Catron, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Joe Catron for Mint Press News - WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, March 30, the National Lawyers Guild filed a regulatory challenge asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the tax-exempt [...]

Not Just The NSA — IRS Is Reading Your Emails Too

By Thor Benson, www.truthdig.com -

By Thor Benson in TurthDig - According to Rottman, who is a legislative counsel and policy adviser at the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office, “this bill would make that modest but essential [...]

IRS Whistleblowers: Corporations Allowed To Not Pay Billions In Taxes

By Nafeez Ahmed, www.truth-out.org -

A 10-year veteran Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attorney has demanded a congressional audit of the IRS to investigate the agency's alleged role in allowing US corporations to illegally avoid [...]

IRS Delays New Rules For Dark Money Groups

By Theodoric Meyer, www.propublica.org -

After intense criticism from both ends of the political spectrum, the Internal Revenue Service has delayed indefinitely proposed rules that would have imposed new limits on social welfare [...]