The Campaign To Exterminate Muslims

By Chris Hedges, -

The Israeli army’s wanton slaughter of unarmed Palestinians trapped behind the security barriers in Gaza evokes little outrage and condemnation within the United States because we have been [...]

Trump Should Heed French Economist Piketty And Levy Islam-Inspired Tax

By Tahir Nasser, -

By Tahir Nasser for RNS - Piketty “proves” that the more one’s income derives from wealth than from wages, the richer one becomes, faster. Specifically, he showed that the yearly rate of return [...]

Islamophobia Industry Spent $206M Building Hatred In US

By Kit O'Connell, -

By Kit O'Connell for Mint Press News - AUSTIN, Texas — Islamophobia is more profitable than ever in America, but a new report from a leading Muslim civil rights organization offers a new strategy [...]

Stop Exploiting LGBTQ Issues To Demonize Islam

By Glenn Greenwald, -

By Glenn Greenwald for The Intercept - IN THE LATE 1990s, Eric Rudolph — raised Catholic and affiliated for a time with a Christian Identity sect — bombed abortion clinics and a gay bar, [...]

4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?

By Kit O'Connell, -

By Kit O'Connell for Mint Press News - AUSTIN, Texas — It may never be possible to know the true death toll of the modern Western wars on the Middle East, but that figure could be 4 million or [...]

Muslims Stand Against Extremism On New Year’s Eve

By Jaweed Kaleem, -

By Jaweed Kaleem for The Huffington Post - On Thursday afternoon, Salaam Bhatti was near New York’s Times Square, as thousands of Americans who had come from across the world prepared for the [...]

Islamic Declaration On Global Climate Change

By Various, -

By Various in The Shalom Center - Islamic leaders from 20 countries today launched a bold Climate Change Declaration to engage the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims on the issue of our time. The [...]

Norway’s Muslims Form Protective Human Ring For Oslo’s Synagogue

By Balasz Koranyi, -

More than 1000 Muslims formed a human shield around Oslo's synagogue on Saturday, offering symbolic protection for the city's Jewish community and condemning an attack on a synagogue in [...]

I Am Ahmed

By Jack Balkwill, -

"France will have more than 10,000 soldiers mobilized on home soil by Tuesday after 17 were killed in attacks carried out by Islamist militants in Paris last week, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le [...]

Jews Standing Against Muslim Prejudice

By Philip Weiss, -

We are so pleased to share with you our new, very short video–Jews Recommit to Standing Against Islamophobia. While we have all been rightly concerned about the recent Islamophobic ads on NYC [...]

British Jihadists To Be Forced To Attend Deradicalisation Programmes

By Tom Whitehead, -

British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria will be forced to attend “deradicalisation” programmes to reverse their warped brainwashing, David Cameron announced. Dangerous fanatics made [...]

Iraqis Protest Religious Persecution By Islamic State

By Mariam Elba, -

Iraqis are taking to the streets and to social media to protest the persecution of Christians by the Islamic State — the fringe extremist group formerly known as ISIS. Since the group seized [...]