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Activists Demand Better Scrutiny Of Israeli Occupation’s Impact On Health

As the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated its 75th anniversary, the world also commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, which resulted in the forceful displacement of close to 800,00 Palestinians. The 76th World Health Assembly, held in Geneva from May 21-30, saw WHO members adopt a decision urging the Director-General to continue monitoring and reporting on the health conditions in Palestine. The decision received 76 votes in favor, 13 votes against, and 35 abstentions, which was similar to the voting patterns of previous years. Countries such as Zimbabwe, Cuba, Lebanon, Venezuela, and Sudan expressed concern about the health conditions in Palestine and stressed the importance of monitoring the health situation in the occupied territories.

Report: Private Security Firm G4S To Divest From Israel

Private security firm G4S is to divest completely from Israel, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement reported yesterday in an announcement billed as a "major win for human rights activism against corporate complicity." G4S' parent company, Allied Universal, is said to have sold all its remaining business in apartheid Israel following years of campaigns waged by the BDS movement for Palestinian rights. G4S suffered serious "reputational damage" and lost lucrative investment contracts because of pro-Palestine activism. Several other human rights campaigns have also targeted G4S over what campaigners have said is the security firm's "long, violent record of human rights abuses against prisoners, migrants, and other communities worldwide, including the UK, South Africa and the US."

The Cultural Looting Of Gaza

There needs to be a particularly high standard of cynicism and cruelty to rob destitute people. In many ways, this is what capitalism is all about. But to use the fact that people are near ruin to exploit them is as cold as it gets. People in Gaza are confined to living with few resources in what amounts to a prison. They are permitted levels of nutrition and medicine that are just enough to prevent total starvation and disease. This is only because Israel, which controls the piece of land known as the Gaza Strip, does not want disease to spread into its own borders. Israel exploits the suffering of Gazans in order to recruit collaborators and garner whatever intelligence they may be able to provide.

Belgian City Of Verviers Cuts Ties With Israel’s ‘Apartheid Regime’

The Belgian city of Verviers has become the latest city in Europe to cut its ties with the Israeli “apartheid regime” to “strengthen its support for the Palestinian people,” the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. In its meeting, Verviers Municipal Council discussed a motion introduced by members of the Socialist Party (PS), the Labor Party (PTB), and the Ecologist Confederation (ECOLO) that says that the City of Verviers wants to strengthen its support for the Palestinian people by cutting its ties with the Israeli apartheid regime. The draft proposal said that the municipal council of Verviers undertakes not to open relations with the state of Israel and its institutions as long as the apartheid system persists and the violation of international law by the Israeli authorities.

NY Bill Would Stop Charities From Funding Israeli Crimes

A new bill would prevent New York state-based registered charities from funding illegal Israeli settlement activities in the occupied West Bank. Introduced by state Assembly member Zohran Mamdani, the bill is the first of its kind in targeting US-based not-for-profit organizations involved in the violent dispossession and expulsion of Palestinians from their land. Mamdani told The Electronic Intifada that representatives of human rights groups, including Jewish Voice for Peace, the Adalah Justice Project, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, came to his office “and provided us with evidence of the fact that there were a number of New York registered charities sending at least $60 million a year to Israeli settler organizations.”

Palestinians Speak Out During Israeli Assault

On May 18, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza joined the “Palestine Flag March” to protest Israel’s “Flag March” happening the same day. On “Flag Day,” tens of thousands of ultraright-wing Israeli settlers, who illegally live on stolen land, attacked Palestinians and journalists, chanting “Death to Arabs” and “Your village will be burned.” “The Israeli Flag March means nothing, they walk in our streets, and the land denies their existence,” Gaza resident Amna al-Banna told Mondoweiss. “Raising the Israeli flag in Jerusalem will not make people ignore that it’s Palestinian land, and that Israel occupies it.”

These Israeli Youth Are Burning Their Draft Orders

On April 1, in the midst of one of the weekly mass demonstrations in Tel Aviv against the Israeli government’s judicial overhaul plans, a group of around 10 teenagers gathered to burn their military draft orders, after announcing that they would refuse to serve in the army in protest of the occupation and apartheid. This symbolic act gained a great deal of attention, perhaps buoyed by the recent wave of refusal threats by hundreds of reservist soldiers as part of the protest movement against the government. From conversations with several of these high school students and young people, it is clear that the protests against the judicial overhaul and the political awareness that it has brought about has accelerated the process of radicalization.

Palestine Action Blockade Leicester’s Israeli Weapons Factory

On the 24th day of Palestine Action’s siege against Leicester’s Israeli Elbit factory — UAV Tactical Systems, another blockade has successfully locked down the company’s only entrance gates in the early hours of this morning. An immovable vehicle and two Palestine Actionists have locked-on in the road outside the perimeter fence, evading their paramilitary-style security workforce, the site’s surveillance cameras, and inhibiting the company’s ability to open by blocking staff entry. In Leicester, and in Elbit’s 7 other remaining sites in Britain, weaponry is being manufactured and exported to Israel.

Flag March: The Annual Israeli Display Of Jewish Supremacy

The annual display of Jewish Supremacy in Palestine, known as the Flag March, is not limited to the Old City of Jerusalem. It is part of a campaign of intimidation in cities around the country that have a significant Palestinian population. This year this racist, violent display of supremacy took place in Jerusalem, Yafa ad El-Lyd. What could be more innocuous than a seed? A Torah seed is a seed through which the Torah grows and spreads. Building bridges, connecting people to their ancient traditions, aiding those who are in need and generally developing communities steeped in the values of charity and goodwill. This is the veil behind which the Settler community is planting itself in what are known as “mixed cities.”

Palestine Action Target Firms Linked To Leicester’s Israeli Weapons Factory

On the 21st day of the siege against Elbit’s Leicester factory, UAV Tactical Systems (U-TacS), Palestine Action targeted two companies linked to the Israeli weapons company. Activists targeted the Precision FM headquarters in Leicester, by breaking windows and spray painting a clear message to the firm: cut ties with Elbit. Others drenched the Aldridge office of Edwards accountants with red paint, symbolising the spilt blood of Palestinians. Precision Facilities Management provide maintenance and sterilisation services for U-TacS, boasting a good review on their website and appearing to use the company as unnamed case study for the services they provide.

Israel Has Yet To Answer For Shireen Abu Akleh’s Assassination

Veteran Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu-Akleh was covering an Israeli raid on Jenin Refugee Camp in her official capacity as a reporter for Al Jazeera on May 11, 2022, when an unnamed Israeli sniper fired a bullet into the thin space between the back of her helmet and her flak jacket, killing her. At the time, Abu-Akleh was fleeing Israeli gunfire directed towards her and other observing journalists, including Al Jazeera producer Ali Al-Samudi, who was wounded moments before Abu-Akleh’s death. One year later, Israeli military forces have issued an apology for killing Shireen Abu Akleh. This follows countless reports from journalist eyewitnesses, analyses by multiple international outlets, condemnation from world governments, and a joint investigation which determined Israeli forces deliberately targeted Abu Akleh.

A Dark History: Nakba’s Tragedy Continues Unabated After 75 Years

Even with all the protests and mentions of Nakba Day on social media, commemorating this horrific, sad event is nowhere near where it ought to be. Arguably one of the darkest and most awful chapters in the long history of Palestine, the Nakba needs to be fully commemorated in every capital in the world. The politicization of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the consequent installment of an apartheid regime to govern it is such that few countries dare even to mention these crimes against humanity. The full scope of the Nakba, a combination of several crimes against humanity, is yet to be understood.

Netanyahu’s Mistake: A Fragmented Israel Faces Palestinian Unity

All Israeli wars on the Palestinians throughout the years have been promoted and justified by Tel Aviv in the name of ‘security’ and ‘fighting terrorism.’ Israel’s biggest challenge throughout many of these wars was hardly the Palestinian Resistance, however steadfast and resilient. The challenge has always been Tel Aviv’s ability to kill many Palestinians, including civilians, without tarnishing its image internationally as an oasis of democracy and civilization. Israel has been losing the public relations battle rapidly so, and now, it is losing a different kind of battle as well.

Nakba Anniversary: Global Protests Show Solidarity With Palestine

To mark the 75th anniversary of Nakba (The Disaster), global protests took place this past weekend. The actions commemorate the day, when on May 15, 1948, the new Zionist state of Israel began its brutal removal of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people from their rightful lands. This genocide continues today with beatings, murders and jailings of Palestinians — with U.S. backing in the billions of dollars. An estimated 4 million Palestinians have been relegated to refugee status. At least 78% of their lands have been confiscated by a racist occupation, reminiscent of apartheid South Africa and the wholesale theft of the Indigenous Americas.

Occupation Of Israeli State Owned Weapons Factory Enters Second Day​​​​​​​

The occupation of the Israeli-state owned arms factory in Newcastle has continued into the second day as activists have maintained their positions on the factory roof overnight. While one was arrested early this morning, the other activist remains in place, holding control of the site and keeping it shut down for the second day running after first scaling the factory early Monday morning [1]. Activists have taken the site apart, with extensive damage caused to the windows, equipment, and property both inside and outside of the factory walls ensuring that the Israeli government will not be able to operate its weapons manufacturing from Newcastle for some time.
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