Actions Demand NY Close Groups Backing Settler Genocide In Palestine

By Liberation News. -

In the morning they picketed the Long Island home of Justin “Yaacov” Fauci, who moved from New York to invade and steal Palestinian lands including the Al-Kurd family home. He became notorious in [...]

‘Block The Boat’ Hits New Jersey

By Michael Arria, Mondoweiss. -

Last weekend activists activists held an action at a port in Elizabeth, New Jersey, attempting to block an Israeli-operated cargo ship from unloading. The Haifa-based shipping company ZIM has [...]

How Ben & Jerry’s Exposed Israel’s Anti-BDS Strategy

By Ramzy Baroud, Mondoweiss. -

For years, the Israeli government has viewed the boycott movement as a real, tangible threat. Some Israeli officials went as far as perceiving the ‘delegitimization’ resulting from the boycott [...]

Palestine Welcomes Decision To Investigate Israeli Violations

By Telesur English. -

On Thursday, Palestine welcomed a decision by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNCHR) to form an independent international commission to investigate Israeli violations of Palestinian [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Why The Israeli Spy Export Pegasus Is A Danger To Freedom

By Robert Scheer, -

In recent days, Pegasus, the name of Israeli spyware implicated in everything from the murder of journalists to the surveillance of world leaders, has been splashed across headlines around the [...]

Ben And Jerry’s Vows To Stop Sales In Israeli West Bank Settlements

By , Mondoweiss. -

On Monday Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would stop selling ice cream in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. The move comes after years of pressure from activists in the [...]

Feminists Are Resisting Colonization By Fighting Sexual Violence

By Nadine Naber, Truthout. -

As Israeli settler-colonialism finds its perfect ally in U.S. settler-colonialism, U.S.-based advocates of Israel have been reifying this pattern for decades by consistently bullying Palestinian [...]

Elbit Tamworth Shut Down For The Third Time

By Palestine Action. -

Action follows brutalisation of Palestinians by Israeli forces over the weekend, with almost 400 injured as live ammunition was used against Palestinians protesting illegal land confiscation in [...]

Activists Occupy Property Manager Of Israel’s Drone Engine Factory

By Palestine Action. -

Vine Property Management, trading under the Fisher German banner, has been occupied and shut down by Palestine Action in the morning of the 5th July, as Palestine Action call for an end to the [...]

Shutting Down The British Arms Trade To Israel

By Alan Macleod and Mnar Muhawesh Adley, Mintpress News. -

Palestine Action Has Made Headlines For Its Forceful Commitment To Shutting Down The Arms Trade Between Israel And The U.K., Trying To Do With Direct Action What Anti-War Organizations Have Long [...]

How Gaza Dethroned The King Of Israel

By Ramzy Baroud, Toward Freedom. -

How did Benjamin Netanyahu manage to serve as Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister? With a total of 15 years in office, Netanyahu surpassed the 12-year leadership of Israel’s founding father, [...]

British Activist Climbs 200m Crane In Solidarity With Palestinians

By Rayhan Uddin, Middle East Eye. -

A 69-year-old activist has scaled and spent the night atop a 200 metre high crane near the United States embassy in London, in solidarity with Palestinians. Nick Georges, who is a grandfather, [...]

The Real Danger Of Israel’s New Government

By Phyllis Bennis, Counterpunch. -

The new Israeli government takes office already largely paralyzed. With eight diverse parties, they agree only on two things. One, they want to get rid of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [...]

US And Israel Vote ‘No’ As 184 Nations Condemn American Blockade Of Cuba

By Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams. -

Peace and human rights advocates joined the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday in their annual condemnation of the United States' disastrous economic embargo against Cuba. For the 29th [...]

680 Global Leaders Urge Biden To End ‘Israeli Oppression’

By -

More than 680 global leaders, from politicians and Nobel laureates to leading academics and peace advocates, have called on US President Joe Biden to honour his commitments towards protecting the [...]