70th Anniversary Of Apartheid Israel: History Of Violent Invasion. Chronology Of Palestinian Genocide

By Gideon Polya, Globalresearch.ca -

In 1880 there were about 500,000 Arab Palestinians and about 25,000 Jews (half of the latter being immigrants) living in Palestine. Genocidally racist  Zionists have been responsible  for a [...]

Signs Of End Of The Civilization And Signs Of Its Rejuvenation

By Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, Popular-resistance.blogspot.com -

There are many signs of end of the civilization and signs of its rejuvenation.  These difficult times do test people's souls and minds and while we find those who fail the test (Netanyahu, Trump, [...]

Killing Gaza

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Israel’s blockade of Gaza—where trapped Palestinians for the past seven weeks have held nonviolent protests along the border fence with Israel, resulting in scores of dead and [...]

Gaza Protests: 58 Palestinians Killed and More Than 2,700 Injured

By Staff, Aljazeera.com -

At least 52 Palestinians were killed on Monday in Gaza and more than 2400 others wounded as the Israeli army fired live ammunition, tear gas and firebombs at protesters assembled along several [...]

Will The US Fight Another War-Quagmire For Israel In Iran?

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trump’s new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are [...]

Israeli Protesters Rally Against US Embassy Move To Jerusalem

By Staff, Timesofisrael.com -

At least a hundred Israelis marched through downtown Jerusalem Saturday night to protest what they described as politically volatile moves next week that would increase tensions with [...]

How Durham, NC Became The First U.S. City To Ban Police Exchanges With Israel

By Zaina Alsous and Sammy Hanf, Mondoweiss.net -

Durham, North Carolina became the first city in the country to ban local police exchanges with Israel on April 16, when the city council unanimously passed a resolution opposing any international [...]

Israel Wants Its Own War In Syria

By Miko Peled, Ahtribune.com -

Hard as it may be to believe, at the moment of writing these words I am at the airport about to embark on a trip which will culminate in Mashhad, Iran. At the same time, Israeli army spokesperson [...]

‘We Have The Right To Live’: Why Palestinians In Gaza Will Keep Protesting

By Hind Khoudary, Middleeasteye.net -

The land beyond Israel’s fence is the dream of every Palestinian in Gaza, who all have the right to live and travel without restrictions. "What are you guys doing here on a normal day?" I asked a [...]

‘The Plot to Attack Iran:’ A Tool to Combat Washington’s Middle East Wars

By Stansfield Smith, Counterpunch -

The Plot to Attack Iran gives a readable and well- referenced look at Western — especially US — abuse of Iran. The author and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik presents a concise overview of US [...]

Two Officials Of Center For Constitutional Rights Are Detained By Israel, Then Deported

By Staff, Mondoweiss.net -

Vincent Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), and Katherine Franke, chair of CCR’s board and Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at [...]

WA Court Dismisses Seven-Year Lawsuit Over Boycott Of Israeli Goods

By Staff, Ccrjustice.org -

March 9, 2018, Olympia, WA – Today, a Washington State court ended a seven-year litigation battle against former volunteer board members of the Olympia Food Co-op over their decision to boycott [...]

Israeli Hypocrisy Has Nukes, Ignores Law But Calls For Attacks On Nuke-less Iran

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams.org -

"How can this hypocrisy continue, with Israel having hundreds of nuclear weapons, no inspections and no adherence to any nuclear treaty calling out Iran on nuclear weapons?" As Israeli Prime [...]

Jerusalem Can Never Be Taken Off The Table

By Wasan Abu-Baker, Popular Resistance. -

In a recent interview with Helena Cobban hosted by the Institute for Palestine Studies, Dr. Rashid Khalidi, the founder of the Journal of Palestine Studies, states that the recent declaration by [...]

Why Is Israel Desperate To Escalate Syrian Conflict?

By Nauman Sadiq, Popular Resistance. -

Over the years, Israel has not only provided medical aid and material support to the militant groups battling the Syrian government – particularly to various factions of the Free Syria Army (FSA) [...]