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People’s Conference For Palestine Closes With A Pledge To Mobilize

After three days of idea exchange and relationship building, the People’s Conference for Palestine ended with a bold call to mobilize: surround the White House on June 8 in protest of Israel’s ongoing offensive against Rafah.  “Biden said he had a red line, remember the red line? He said, if Netanyahu dares go into Rafah, that’s a red line, we the United States, will stop sending weapons to Israel,” said Brian Becker, executive director of the ANSWER Coalition, said during the plenary session entitled “How Do Movements Achieve Transformation?”  “Israel went ahead and invaded Rafah, and what did Biden do? He continued to send the bombs and the missiles to carry out the massacre in Rafah and throughout Gaza."

Top EU Official Accused At ICC Of ‘Complicity’ In Gaza Genocide

The Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) has submitted a request to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, for complicity in Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip. A communication submitted by GIPRI on 22 May details “through facts and evidence, that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the current president of the European Commission … is complicit in a number of violations of international humanitarian law, amounting to crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC, committed by the Israeli armed forces against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), including the Gaza Strip.”

ICC Arrest Warrants Requested For Israeli Officials And Hamas

We are joined by Ajamu Baraka, a Black Agenda Report contributing editor, Chair of the Black Alliance for Peace Coordinating Committee, and a former Green Party vice presidential candidate. We will discuss the International Criminal Court, the ICC, and the announcement that Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan is applying for arrest warrants of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant who, “bear criminal responsibility for a number of international crimes committed since October 8, including starvation as a weapon of war, murder, intentionally attacking civilians, extermination, persecution, and other crimes against humanity." But the ICC is also applying for warrants for Hamas Politburo leader Ismail Hania, Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar and the chief of its military wing, Mohammed Dief, saying they are responsible for crimes including extermination, murder, hostage taking, torture and rape.

Wanted By International Criminal Court, Netanyahu To Address Congress

Mike Johnson, Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said on 23 May that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon address a joint meeting of the Congress. “Tonight, I’m happy to announce ... we will soon be hosting Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Capitol for a joint session of Congress,” Johnson said during a speech at an Israeli embassy event. Johnson said during the speech that Netanyahu’s upcoming address will be “a strong show of support for the Israeli government in their time of greatest need.” The announcement comes as officials from the administration of US President Joe Biden have made increasingly critical comments on Israel’s ongoing war in Gaza.

Our Operations In The Red Sea Are Consistent With The World’s Demands

The spokesperson of Yemen’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, recently announced Phase 4 of their military escalation against Israel and threatened to hit targets that “the Zionist enemy” has not yet thought to be possible. In conjunction with this, airstrikes have been repeatedly launched by the UK and U.S. fighter jets against sites across northern Yemen. Yemen’s Ansar Allah has been propelled into the international spotlight since imposing a blockade in the Red Sea against Israel in an act of solidarity with Gaza during the ongoing war. Yet, we rarely hear directly from the group, known in the West as the “Houthi Rebels”, for its response to various allegations leveled at it and why it continues to fight on behalf of Palestinians.

Jury Finds Palestine Action Activists Not Guilty Over Elbit Occupation

Two activists from Palestine Action were unanimously acquitted of criminal damage against arms manufacturer Elbit by a jury in Leicester Crown Court after a deliberation of just one hour and 40 minutes. For six days from 19 May 2021, four people from Palestine Action occupied the roof of UAV Tactical Systems, an Elbit drone factory in Leicester. The action was taken urgently in response to the ongoing bombardment of Gaza at the time. Whilst on the roof, the activists spray painted messages including “Shut Elbit Down” and “Free Palestine”, damaged a skylight to reveal a military drone inside and sprayed the building in blood red paint.

Four Consecutive Protests Confront Buildup To DNC In Chicago

Chicago, IL – “This is only a pinch of what we're going to do in August,” Merawi Gerima said to 150 people who rallied outside the 18th District police station on the Near Northside of Chicago, May 19. Gerima is one of the co-chairs of the Campaign to Free Incarcerated Survivors of Torture (CFIST), a campaign of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR). The main target of CFIST is the governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, who has the power to grant clemency to every one of the hundreds of people who are still incarcerated despite their convictions being the proven result of torture by police.

Israel Responds To ICJ Ruling To Halt Rafah Assault By Massacring Dozens

Israel escalated its attacks on civilians in Gaza on 24 May in response to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling ordering Israel to cease its military operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Friday's ruling by the ICJ came as part of an ongoing case to determine if Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. The ruling is a provisional measure to halt Israeli military action in response to its ongoing attack on Rafah, which has killed hundreds of Palestinians and displaced hundreds of thousands who had already been displaced by Israeli bombing in Gaza's north. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied the allegations in the case brought by South Africa that Israel was carrying out genocide in Gaza as "false, outrageous and morally repugnant."

Police Make First Arrest For Assault On Pro-Palestine Protesters At UCLA

University of California, Los Angeles police on Thursday made their first arrest in the case of a violent mob attack on protestors at a peaceful pro-Palestine encampment at the university on April 30 and May 1. The police charged Edan On, an 18-year-old high school senior, with felony assault for attacking at least one person with a wooden pole. He was remanded to a Los Angeles jail, where he’s being held on a $30,000 bond, according to The Guardian. On was first identified for his role in the mob attack, led by so-called counterprotestors, in a CNN investigation published May 16. “Video shows On joining the counterprotesters while waving a long white pole,” CNN reported.

Biden Administration Working With Social Media Companies To Limit Pro-Palestinian Content

The Biden administration has publicly admitted that it is working with tech companies to “limit Hamas's use of online platforms, including social media,” part of a campaign to suppress pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel sentiment. Though there has been much speculation that the federal government is pressuring social media companies to police their networks, this is the first official confirmation of its counterterrorism efforts. A little-noticed readout for a May 15 Hague meeting between the State Department’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism Elizabeth Richard and other governments said that Richard “updated the group on U.S. efforts to engage tech companies in voluntary collaboration to limit Hamas’ use of online platforms, including social media, for terrorist purposes.”

On Rockin’ In The Free World

On the evening of 14 May, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken climbed onstage at Barman Dictat in Kyiv, Ukraine, to pick up an electric guitar and join the Ukrainian punk band 19.99. Ukrainians, he said, are ‘fighting not just for a free Ukraine, but for a free world’. Blinken and 19.99 then played the chorus of Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’, entirely ignoring the implications of its lyrics – much like Donald Trump, who, to Young’s irritation, used the chorus in his 2015–2016 presidential campaign. In February 1989, the day after Young received the news that his band’s tour in the USSR fell through, he penned the song’s lyrics, resting on his criticisms of the Reagan years and the first month of George H. W. Bush’s presidency.

International Court Of Justice Orders Israel To Halt Rafah Assault

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel on 24 May to halt its military offensive in Rafah as part of the ongoing genocide case filed by South Africa earlier this year. “[Israel must] immediately halt its military offensive, and any other action in the Rafah Governorate, which may inflict on the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,”  ICJ President Nawaf Salam said. The top UN court said that the current situation entails further risks of “irreparable damage” to the rights of Palestinians in Gaza and that conditions have been met for new emergency measures.

Palm Beach Residents Sue County Over Its Israel Investments

In the first legal action of its kind, a group of Palm Beach residents are suing the Florida county over its massive investment in Israeli bonds. Palm Beach has invested $700 million in the bonds, 22 times more than any other county in the United States. On May 15, dozens of local organizers and human rights advocates gathered outside the county’s courthouse for a press conference announcing the move. David Piña, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, told the crowd that Comptroller and Clerk of the Circuit Court Joseph Abruzzo had put 15% of the county’s investments in Israeli bonds. “[Abruzzo] has has not only failed us morally, he’s also violated two state statutes in the process,” Piña explained.

Israeli Government Seizes AP’S Media Equipment In Latest Act Of Censorship

The Israeli government seized media equipment from the Associated Press after the news outlet refused to quit broadcasting a live shot of northern Gaza. Lauren Easton, who is the vice president of corporate communications for AP, condemned the Israeli government for its act of censorship. “The shutdown was not based on the content of the feed but rather an abusive use by the Israeli government of the country’s new foreign broadcaster law,” Easton stated. “We urge the Israeli authorities to return our equipment and enable us to reinstate our live feed immediately so we can continue to provide this important visual journalism to thousands of media outlets around the world.”

Ireland, Spain And Norway To Formally Recognize Palestinian Statehood

Ireland, Spain and Norway will formally recognize a Palestinian state on May 28, a milestone diplomatic decision that hopes to bring resolution to the conflict in Gaza. “We must be on the right side of history,” Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said amongst the announcements with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Harris, speaking at a news conference in Dublin, said he hopes the decision would “offer hope and encouragement to the people of Palestine at one of their darkest hours.” Sánchez addressed the Spanish Parliament, stating: We hope that our recognition and our reasons contribute to other western countries following this path, because the more we are, the more strength we will have to impose a ceasefire, to achieve the release of the hostages held by Hamas, to relaunch the political process that can lead to a peace agreement.
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