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US Media Downplay And Ignore ICJ Declaring Israeli Occupation Illegal

The International Court of Justice’s landmark opinion that Israel’s “settlements” in the occupied Palestine West Bank violate international law should have been on the front page of the New York Times. Prominently. But no. Instead, the Times, along with the rest of the U.S. mainstream media, downplayed, covered up, and even ignored the historic July 19 decision. Let’s start with the Times. The print edition the day after ran the story at the bottom of page 5. Two days later, the report has already disappeared from the paper’s online home page. This site has long and regularly explained how the New York Times tried to finesse its reporting about Israel’s illegal settlements.

How Human Rights Watch Laundered Israel’s 7 October Falsehoods

Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a new report on 17 July entitled “I Can’t Erase All the Blood from My Mind,” in which the US-based rights group brazenly claims that Hamas’ leadership issued orders for its fighters to deliberately kill Israeli civilians during their attack on Israeli military bases and settlements in the Gaza envelope on 7 October. Then, based on that unsubstantiated premise, HRW declares that Hamas leaders are guilty of committing crimes against humanity for launching last year’s Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. However, any close reading of the report reveals that HRW bases these allegations on dubious evidence. The rights group deliberately ignores the much stronger evidence – presented by numerous Israeli military sources – that Israeli military leaders issued orders to their forces to kill Israeli civilians deliberately.

Palestinian Factions Sign A Deal In China To Establish A Unity Government

Palestinian factions signed a national unity agreement on July 23, in China’s capital Beijing, to end a 17-year power sharing conflict between the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah), and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). The reconciliation agreement was reached after three days of intensive talks brokered by China, in which 14 Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah, took part. By signing the agreement, Palestinian factions came to a consensus to reach comprehensive Palestinian national unity, which encompasses all Palestinian forces and factions under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Israeli Settlers Attack And Injure Palestinian, US Activists

A Palestinian citizen and several foreign activists, including US citizens, were injured on 21 July following an assault by Israeli Jewish settlers in the town of Qusra, located south of the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank. WAFA news agency reported that, according to local sources, a group of settlers attacked the activists with batons and stones while they were working to plow and clear weeds from village lands. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said its medics transferred two US citizens to the hospital after they were assaulted. Jewish settlers have become increasingly bold in confiscating Palestinian land and establishing farming outposts, which are illegal not only under international law but even under Israeli law.

Palestine Action Just Hit Two Israel Weapons Suppliers Before Dawn

Just before 5am on Monday 22 July, one group of Palestine Action activists broke inside Manchester-based arms components manufacturer Dean Group International and dismantled machinery and equipment. Police have cordoned off the premises and remain at the scene as activists continue to occupy Dean Group International, Brinell Dr, Irlam, Manchester M44 5BL. Then, in Sunbury-on-Thames another group jumped security fences, shattered windows and hardware belonging to an arms supplier, Ametek Airtechnology. Both companies supply parts to Israel’s largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems.

International Court Of Justice Advisory Opinion On Israel

In the Court’s view, the fact that an occupation is prolonged does not in itself change its legal status under international humanitarian law. Although premised on the temporary character of the occupation, the law of occupation does not set temporal limits that would, as such, alter the legal status of the occupation. Occupation consists of the exercise by a State of effective control in foreign territory. In order to be permissible, therefore, such exercise of effective control must at all times be consistent with the rules concerning the prohibition of the threat or use of force, including the prohibition of territorial acquisition resulting from the threat or use of force, as well as with the right to self‑determination.

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hodeidah Port In Yemen

The Israeli Occupation Forces launched airstrikes on the Red Sea port of the Hodeidah Governorate, in Yemen on Saturday, July 20. The Israeli airstrikes targeted gas, oil and power facilities within the Ansar Allah-run sea port with F-35 fighter jets, according to media reports. The Yemeni Health Ministry announced that a number of people were martyred and wounded in the attack without providing further details. The Israeli airstrikes on Yemen came around one day after Ansar Allah-led Yemeni Armed Forces launched a drone attack against the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. This was part of the military operations which the Yemeni Support Front has initiated in response to Israel’s genocidal aggression on Gaza.

Collapsing Empire: Yemen Defeats US Navy

On July 12, the Associated Press (AP) published an astonishing report, on the return of US Navy fighter pilots to Virginia after nine months of failing to thwart the righteous anti-genocide blockade of Red Sea shipping by Yemen’s Ansar Allah. The article was at pains to portray the pilots’ arrival Stateside as a heroic homecoming for courageous American flying aces. In reality, the Empire’s terminal weaknesses, and drastically ever-reducing power, were amply exposed. AP described the pilots as “feeling relieved… after months of shooting down Houthi-launched missiles and drones off Yemen’s coast in the most intense running sea battle the Navy has faced since World War II.”

Bernie And The Squad Cut A Deal To Save Biden

Bernie Sanders, with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), Ilhan Omar, and others in the left wing of the Democratic Party are lining up to try to save Joe Biden’s crisis-ridden campaign — a campaign for a deeply unpopular millionaire whose main legacy will be supporting a genocide in Palestine. That might seem shocking. The leaders of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) — and of Jacobin — have made supporting Bernie and the Squad the tentpole of their strategy since the Sanders phenomenon started. Those electeds were supposed to be the left wing of the Democratic Party, moles inside the Party working against the grain to drive radical politics.

In A Historic Ruling, ICJ Declares Israeli Occupation Unlawful

In a scathing Advisory Opinion sure to tighten the legal screws on Israel and place its Western allies in a huge bind, the world’s supreme judicial body declared today that Israel’s 57-year occupation and settlement of the West Bank and East Jerusalem are unlawful, that both must end, that settlements must be evacuated, and that Palestinians — denied their inalienable right to self-determination – must be compensated for their losses and allowed to return to their lands. “The sustained abuse by Israel of its position as an occupying Power, through annexation and an assertion of permanent control over the Occupied Palestinian Territory and continued frustration of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination...

ICJ Says Israel’s Presence In Palestinian Territory Is Unlawful

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Israel’s continued presence in the occupied Palestinian territory is unlawful and should come to an end “as rapidly as possible”. Nawaf Salam, president of the ICJ in The Hague, read out the nonbinding advisory opinion issued by the 15-judge panel on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory on Friday. The judges pointed to a wide list of policies – including the building and expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, use of the area’s natural resources, the annexation and imposition of permanent control over lands and discriminatory policies against Palestinians – all of which it said violated international law.

Thousands To Protest Netanyahu Congressional Visit In Washington, DC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to speak on July 24 in front of the United States Congress following an invitation by leading politicians from both mainstream parties. Netanyahu is considered a war criminal internationally, with the ICC expected to issue a warrant for his arrest within the next two weeks—however, he is completely safe in the United States, which is not a state party to the Rome Statute of the ICC.  Both the Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant are wanted for “war crimes and crimes against humanity.” In May, Chief ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan applied for arrest warrants for the two officials, which are expected to be issued within the next two weeks.

US Navy Falters; Yemen’s Blockade Bankrupts Israel’s Eilat Port

Despite the formation of a multinational naval coalition led by the United States, the Israeli-controlled Port of Eilat has reportedly gone bankrupt and is seeking a government bailout. The situation underscores the failure of U.S.-led efforts against Yemen’s Ansar Allah–known pejoratively as the Houthis–blockade in the Red Sea, enforced until Israel ends its war on Gaza. “It must be acknowledged that the port is in a state of bankruptcy,” said Gideon Golber, CEO of the Port of Eilat, who has been vocal about the port’s dire economic condition for months and is now appealing for financial support from the Israeli government.

How A Tech Professionals Collective Shut Down Israel’s Extortion Website

In May this year, as part of its psychological torture campaign on the Palestinians of Gaza, Israel’s army rained down yet another batch of leaflets on the besieged population of Gaza. The leaflets stood out for many reasons, but most of all for the extortion website associated with them. The Zionism Observer collective, made up of software developers, cartographers, translators, and archivists, traced the website’s registrar to NameCheap and the hosting service to Webflow. They immediately lodged a complaint with both companies. Webflow removed the IDF’s extortion website within 24 hours.

EU Admits ‘Double Standards’ On Israel, Ukraine, Iraq, Climate Crisis

The European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell, has acknowledged that the West has hypocritical “double standards”. Borrell argued that “diplomacy is the art of managing double standards”. As examples of Western hypocrisy, the top EU diplomat cited international law, the Russia-Ukraine-NATO war, Israel’s bombing of Gaza, the US-led invasion of Iraq, and climate change. “Wherever I go, I find myself confronted with the accusation of double standards”, Borrell recalled. “I used to say to my ambassadors that diplomacy is the art of managing double standards. Certainly, something difficult, but it is about [that]: to manage double standards”.
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