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Israeli Apartheid

Act Now To Stop The Violence In Masafer Yatta

A group of human rights defenders from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), citizens from the above countries, are currently in villages of Masafer Yatta, South Hebron Hills, in solidarity with communities who are facing immediate threats to their lives and of displacement.  Israeli settlers and soldiers have taken advantage of the state of emergency during the current Israeli onslaught in Gaza to escalate their violence and displacement of Palestinians in the southern region of the West Bank. Armed settlers and soldiers have attacked villages of Masafer Yatta daily in recent weeks.

University Students Across The US Walk Out Of Classes For Gaza

On Wednesday, October 25, students across dozens of campuses in North America staged walkouts in protest of Israel’s genocidal war against Gaza. The walkout, taking place at university campuses in the United States and Canada, was organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement. Dissenters, and Students for Justice in Palestine. The students demand an end to Israel’s siege on Gaza, an end to US funding of Israel, and that their universities divest from weapons corporations which supply the Israeli occupation.  Campuses participating in the walkout included Brown University, several City College of New York campuses, Florida State University, Howard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGill University, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago.

What About A One State Solution With An Equal Vote For Everyone?

Vladimir Lenin once said, “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” The past couple of weeks in the Middle East have certainly seen a culmination of decades worth of tension and struggle unfurl in the most ugly and vicious way. The war that has erupted in Palestine and Israel has taken over the mainstream consciousness, and the horrifying images that are produced daily will not cease anytime soon. MintPress News founder and director Adley shares her personal experience in and about Palestine, along with her historic and journalistic expertise.

‘Mutiny Brewing’ Inside State Department Over Israel-Palestine

Morale is low, and some staffers are preparing to formally express their opposition to President Joe Biden's approach, officials told HuffPost.

Over Ten Thousand March For Palestine In Historic New York Action

These days may be remembered as a turning point for the Palestine solidarity movement in the United States. Despite every effort by the most powerful people in New York City, over 10,000 protesters courageously marched to demand freedom for Palestine. Starting in Times Square, the massive crowd made it clear where the people stand. The politicians and generals who are rushing to guarantee limitless support and weaponry to Israel as it carries out a massacre in Gaza of massive proportions do not speak for the people of this country. The people are for Palestine!

‘Innocent Israelis’

Of all the gruesome images and stomach-turning news reports to come out of Israel since Hamas launched its daring attack across the Gaza border last Saturday, one incident stays stubbornly with me. It occurred early on the morning of the assault near a kibbutz called Re’im, which lies in the Negev Desert just inside the boundary separating Israel and Gaza. A large group of young people—hundreds, it seems—were having an all-night rave, according to media reports, when an unstated number of Palestinian troops paraglided across the border and landed amid the festivities. A witness said 50 more militiamen then arrived in vans.

Biden’s Visa Waiver: A Gift To Netanyahu’s Apartheid Regime

The Biden administration just handed the racist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu another personal political victory in the way of the visa waiver program. As people speculate whether or not relations between the apartheid state and the United States are strained and whether or not Biden and Netanyahu will meet in the White House, Biden just handed Netanyahu another priceless gift. The Visa Waiver is almost as big a political gift to Netanyahu as was the Trump announcement recognizing the occupation of the city of Jerusalem by the apartheid state as the legitimate capital of Israel. It is as though the Republicans and the Democrats are competing with each other as to who will be a better, stronger enabler of crimes against the Palestinian people.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – The Israel Lobby’s Useful Idiot

There is a heavy political price to pay for defying Israel, whose overt interference in our political process makes the most tepid protests about Israeli policy a political death wish. The Palestinians are poor, forgotten and alone. And this is why the defiance of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is the central issue facing any politician who claims to speak on behalf of the vulnerable and the marginalized. To stand up to Israel has a political cost few, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., are willing to pay. But if you do stand up, it singles you out as someone who puts principles before expediency, who is willing to fight for the wretched of the earth and, if necessary, sacrifice your political future to retain your integrity.

Edinburgh Festivals Are Facing Protests

Two festivals in Edinburgh have faced the anger of both campaigners and artists alike, over their respective platforming of an Israeli dance company and a fossil fuels investor. People’s objections, however, point to a larger problem: the corporate capitalist capture of culture. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and Edinburgh Action 4 Palestine organised two nights of protest over the Edinburgh International Festival hosting an Israeli dance company. In a letter to the festival’s director Nicola Bendetti, the groups said: L-E-V are promoted by Israeli government embassies, most recently by the Israeli Consulate in Toronto last year, and are scheduled to perform in the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) on Sunday 13th and Monday 14th of August.

415 Prominent Jewish And Palestinian Academics Decry Israeli Apartheid

More than 400 prominent academics and public figures from Israel, Palestine and the Jewish community have united to sign an open letter that establishes a "direct link" between the Israeli government's ongoing judicial overhaul and its occupation of Palestinian territories. The letter, a resounding call to action, urges the Jewish community in the US to break its "silence" and engage in meaningful discourse. Railing against the controversial judicial overhaul, the letter says that the purpose of the proposal is "to tighten restrictions on Gaza, deprive Palestinians of equal rights both beyond the Green Line and within it, annex more land, and ethnically cleanse all territories under Israeli rule of their Palestinian population."

Africa: Untapped Ally For The Palestinian Cause

Africa could potentially be the much-needed ally for the Palestinian cause, and Israel is well aware of this fact. However, the issue lies in the lack of active pursuit of such an alliance. Transforming Africa, a natural candidate for an alliance, into a committed working ally to advance the cause of a free Palestine from the River to the Sea could be a transformative game changer. Unfortunately, the Palestinian cause remains orphaned, with no one actively advocating for its interests. Israel recognizes the potential of forging an alliance between Africa and Palestine. Working in tandem with the United States government, it is exerting every effort to solidify Africa as a staunch pro-Israel bloc.

Condemn Congress’ Resolution Of Unconditional Support For Israel

The resolution follows on the heels of comments made by Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) to a pro-Palestine protest in Chicago earlier this month in which she correctly identified Israel as a racist state and pointed out that the Palestinian people have a right to self-determination. In a bipartisan effort to exonerate Israel of its crimes and to shame those who speak out, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution defending Israel, which was supported by more than 400 Congressional Representatives, including 195 Democrats. Denial of reality, however, does not change that reality. Israel is not only a racist state; it is a violent apartheid state and a puppet for U.S. imperialism.

Nkosi Mandela On South Africa Resisting Israeli Apartheid

In 1999, South African anti-apartheid activist and revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela visited Gaza and said, “We know too well our freedom is not complete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” Since his death in 2013, Mandela’s unifying message of decolonization reverberated across the globe. The anti-colonial, anti-apartheid struggle that he led to end racial segregation and transform South Africa into a democratic nation has been lauded by Palestinians, who have drawn parallels between Israeli occupation and apartheid to the situation that Black South Africans faced. Joining Mnar Adley for this week’s MintCast interview to discuss the struggle against Apartheid and the continued struggle against colonialism is Nkosi “Mandla” Mandela.

Activists Smash Into Logistics Giant And Arms Traffickers

This morning, Palestine Action activists targeted the premises of Kuehne + Nagel, a global transport and logistics company known to partner with Elbit Systems. The activists smashed their way into the building, and covered the premises in spray paint, while taking apart office equipment including phones and computers. The office, at the Meridian Business Park, Braunstone Town, Leicester, is only across from the UAV Tactical Systems (U-TacS) factory to which actionists are currently laying siege [1]. A whistle blower from Kuehne + Nagel employee alerted Palestine Action to the extent of their company’s involvement with U-TacS, the drone-making brand ran by Israel’s largest weapons company, Elbit Systems.

Direct Action Succeeds In Weakening Support For Israeli Apartheid

In 1917, the British government issued the Balfour Declaration, a statement of support for a Jewish State in Palestine. The United Kingdom has been a key ally of the Israeli Apartheid State since its inception. Palestinian rights activists in the UK, recognizing this reality, decided that direct action against entities that support apartheid would be the most effective strategy. Clearing the FOG speaks with Richard, a co-founder of Palestine Action, about the successes they have had over the past three years in their campaign targeting Elbit, an Israeli weapons maker, from forcing factories to close to creating a liability for the government that led to the cancellation of contracts. On May 1, Palestine Action will begin its first public action, the occupation of a factory in Leicester. Their intent is to stay until Elbit leaves. Learn more at
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