2021 Proves Deadliest For Palestinians Since 2014

By Jessica Buxbaum, Mintpress News. -

The latest string of killings by Israeli forces follows the same predictable pattern of Israeli state violence against Palestinians, but with one significant distinction. Israel’s violence is [...]

Palestine Action Acquitted In First Trial

By Asa Winstanley, The Electronic Intifada. -

United Kingdom - Three activists who defaced an Israeli drone engines factory in the UK were found not guilty of criminal damage on Monday. The two-day trial took place at Newcastle-under-Lyme [...]

Why Jordanian People Are Protesting Pact With UAE, Israel

By Ali Abunimah And Tamara Nassar, The Electronic Intifada. -

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrated in Amman on Friday against a deal that will supposedly see Jordan send electricity to Israel in exchange for desalinated seawater. This followed protests [...]

Zionists Rewrite Palestine’s Story

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News. -

Palestine - As these words were being written, the final two Palestinian freedom prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison were caught by the Israeli authorities. Palestine is still reacting to [...]

Palestine Factions Call For Day Of Rage If Flag March Goes Ahead

By Middle East Monitor. -

Hamas and other Palestinian factions have called for a day of rage tomorrow after Israel approved the settler Flag March through Jerusalem, local media reported yesterday. "Our people in Bayt [...]

Israel Doesn’t Have A ‘Right To Exist’

By Ben Burgis, Jacobin Magazine. -

In 1991, Israeli and Palestinian representatives gathered in Madrid, Spain to restart a “peace process” they hoped, at least ostensibly, would lay the groundwork for a future “two-state [...]

60 High School Seniors Refuse To Serve In The Israeli Army

By Or Kashti, Haaretz. -

Sixty Israelis of eligible draft age have signed a letter declaring their refusal to serve in the military because of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. Departing from [...]

‘Refusing To Serve In The Army Is My Small Act Of Making Change’

By Oren Ziv, +972 Magazine. -

As Hallel Rabin stood before the IDF conscientious objectors committee two weeks ago, the military body that decides whether or not she would be sent back to prison for refusing to serve in the [...]

Israeli blockade Has Cost Gaza $16.7 Billion

By The New Arab. -

Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip cost the Palestinian enclave's economy an estimated $16.7 billion in just over a decade, the United Nations said Wednesday. The coastal enclave has been [...]

Pompeo’s Vineyard Visit Met With Palestinian Protests

By Akram al-Waara, Middle East Eye. -

Thundering booms and clouds of smoke adorned the entrance to Psagot on Wednesday morning in anticipation of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s arrival at its Israeli winery. But these were no [...]

How Maher al-Akhras Is Resisting Israel’s Administrative Detention

By Neve Gordon, Middle East Eye. -

Facing imminent death, 49-year-old Maher al-Akhras has been refusing to eat in prison for more than three months. The Palestinian father of six has been protesting his repeated arbitrary arrests; [...]

Holding General Mills Accountable For Profiting From Occupation

By Noam Perry, AFSC.org. -

Earlier this fall, we launched our No Dough for the Occupation campaign to pressure General Mills to stop producing Pillsbury products in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. Last [...]