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Ivan Duque

President Maduro: Duque Plans Military Strikes In Venezuela

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced this Saturday in the framework of the V Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), his Colombian counterpart Iván Duque of orchestrating a plan to assassinate police and military in the Caribbean country. "Iván Duque is leaving and is desperate to harm Venezuela, he has activated plans with criminal gangs by states and infiltrating through the border, mafia groups that come to attack police and military, the Venezuelan public force", warned the president. At the same time, the Venezuelan head of state asserted that the intelligence is gathering information and is alert for any attack, "we are behind these plans with strategic, police and popular intelligence", he added.

The Struggle Continues in Colombia

Colombia's wave of protests continues unabated. On May 12th, there were massive demonstrations throughout the country, indicating that the movement shows no immediate signs of waning. Between the last national mobilisation and this one there were numerous smaller protests around Bogotá and some big ones in other cities. It is clear from these demonstrations how popular the revolt is. Walking back from the north of the city, I encountered just such a demonstration a few days ago, one of many throughout the city that day. What struck me was the number of cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles sounding their horns in support. A Coca Cola supply lorry even joined in. At 6.40 PM, after sunset the Police attacked what can only be described as revellers --- the protest was over and they were just enjoying themselves.

Colombians Continue To Resist As National Strike Completes 15 Days

Since April 28, hundreds of thousands of Colombians have been organizing and mobilizing across the country as a part of the national strike against the far-right government of President Ivan Duque and his neoliberal policies. The national strike was called for by the trade unions, social organizations and left-wing political parties against the Sustainable Solidarity Bill, a tax reform bill presented by the national government that sought to finance the fiscal deficit incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic from the pockets of the working class. After five days of massive protests, Duque announced the withdrawal of the bill. However, Colombians have remained on the streets demanding that the government address the broader issues facing the country.

Colombia: Anti-Government Protests

Colombia’s security forces apparently entered panic mode and the government of President Ivan Duque all but collapsed after the US Congress reiterated threats to cut military funds. The panic was most evident on the National Army’s twitter page, which suddenly began publishing in Spanglish about mysterious “spirit of body and military training.” The prosecution and the police additionally announced investigations into reports on widespread human rights violations against anti-government protesters. This violence that surged after protests began on April 28 suddenly stopped on Wednesday when police apparently retreated from the streets in the major cities.

Colombian Security Forces Are Massacring People On The Streets

In Colombia the right-wing government of Iván Duque is killing people taking part in an ongoing national strike protesting the government’s economic policies and widespread human rights abuses. Since the strike began at the end of April, Colombian human rights groups have estimated that 26 protestors have been killed by the government’s infamous security forces.   In addition to the killings, there has been a major militarisation of cities, with reports of disappearances, sexual assaults on women protestors, and other abuses committed by the security forces. Local human rights organisations have registered 1,181 cases of police violence so far. Many Colombians are pleading for an end to this horrifying state violence.

Progressive International Statement On The Duque Massacres In Colombia.

On 28 April, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in a nation-wide strike to oppose the neoliberal

Colombia’s National Strike

A year after Colombia’s biggest anti-government protests in four decades, President Ivan Duque has gone from being an unpopular fraud to being accused of terrorism. Duque and his Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo may not know it yet, but the protests marked the beginning what doesn’t only seem to be the end of them, but also of their far-right party, the Democratic Center. The National Strike of November 21 last year also made it clear that the country’s youth will define the 2022 elections.

Colombian President Duque Authorizes The Return Of US Troops

Colombia’s Defense Ministry Thursday informed that President Ivan Duque allowed the resumption of the U.S. Army’s cooperation work in the country after it was suspended by a court order. In July, Cundinamarca's Administrative Court ordered to suspend the U.S. Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) activities after several senators’ complaints. Over 20 lawmakers claimed that Duque had violated political controls because he did not ask the Senate’s authorization to allow the transit of foreign troops in the national territory. Alternative Democratic Pole Party (PDA) Lawmaker Ivan Cepeda urged the government to analyze this decision as it is contrary to the Administrative Court’s decision. The Social Party National Unity (PSUN) Senator Roy Barreras also denied the alleged congressional authorization as the issue was never voted on.

Three Massacres In Colombia In 24 Hours

Seventeen people have been killed since Friday in the latest string of massacres under the government of Ivan Duque. The government of Colombia’s Nariño department has confirmed a new massacre in the area of La Guayacana, a rural area of the municipality of Tumaco.
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