September 7th: The Greatest Crime

By Marcelo Zero, Brasil Wire. -

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro  just appropriated Brazil’s September 7, Independence Day holiday for his own political purposes. If he had appropriated Rio’s Cristo Redentor statue or [...]

Brazilian Military Curtails President Bolsonaro’s Power Over COVID19 Dispute

By Emir Sader, Brazil Wire -

Bolsonaro made threats he couldn’t carry out about replacing the Health Minister and reopening commerce. Now he is isolated and everyone has turned on him, as General Villas Boas admits. He’s [...]

Bolsonaro Has Destroyed Brazil In 400 Days

By Eric Nepomuceno, Pagina 12, translation Resumenlatino Americano. North America bureau -

Right-wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro has just served his first 400 days as President of the largest, most populous and economically powerful nation in Latin America, Brazil. It has turned out to [...]