One Year After Khashoggi’s Brutal Murder: Business as Usual?

By Medea Benjamin, Popular Resistance -

Who is more evil—the maniacal Saudi crown prince responsible for the journalist's gruesome assassination and the murder of tens of thousands of Yemenis, or the mendacious world leaders and [...]

Khashoggi – A Deal Has Been Made, Will It Hold?

By Moon of Alabama. -

October 25 - A preliminary deal has been made between the Turkish president Erdogan and the al-Saud clan in Saudi Arabia. The case of Jamal Khashoggi, killed in Istanbul by bodyguards of the [...]

Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Trump Coordinating a Plan to Get Away with Murder

By Jefferson Morley, Deep State, Independent Media Institute -

Defense contractors are mobilizing to protect those oh-so-generous contracts with the Saudis. The Saudis are deploying their media assets in the Persian Gulf and the United Kingdom. And now [...]

Khashoggi Is Not The Only One Reason The US Should Cut Its Saudi Ties

By Medea Benjamin and Mary Miller -

Saudi Arabia has made headlines recently for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. What happened to Khashoggi is certainly tragic, but it’s far from the only crime committed by the Kingdom [...]

Why Khashoggi Was A Threat To Saudi Arabia

By Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press  -

The Saudi contributor to the Washington Post who went missing more than a week ago and is feared dead had major plans, including a string of new projects to promote inclusiveness and [...]

The Unpredictable Implications Of The Killing Of Khashoggi

By Moon of Alabama -

The negotiation over the Khashoggi case will be extremely difficult. The protagonists are headstrong and dangerous people. The issue could easily escalate. It could escalate into something much [...]