Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Laughing Protest Against Sessions

By Ronn Blitzer, -

By Ronn Blitzer for Law Newz - Desiree Ali-Fairooz (also known as Desiree Fairooz) was convicted of misdemeanor charges in May after she laughed during Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ [...]

Jeff Sessions Issues Directive Undercutting LGBT Protections

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Guardian - The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, on Friday issued a sweeping directive that undercuts federal protections for LGBT people, telling agencies to do as much as [...]

Georgetown Law Faculty Take A Knee To Protest Jeff Sessions

By Ryan Grenoble, -

By Ryan Grenoble for Huffington Post - Professors at the school have vociferously opposed the visit by Sessions. In an open letter published ahead of the event, signed by around a third of the [...]

Jeff Sessions Is Met With Protest At Georgetown Law

By Karen Sloan, -

By Karen Sloan for Law - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions received a frosty reception from some students and faculty at Georgetown University Law Center, where he delivered a talk on free [...]

Vindictive Prosecution: Activist Who Laughed During Hearing

ByAndrea Germanos, -

ByAndrea Germanos for Common Dreams. CODEPINK activist Desiree Fairooz, who was arrested after laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing, will face a second trial this [...]

Trump Administration In Crisis Targets Leaks, Threatens Media Freedom

By Kevin Gosztola, -

By Kevin Gosztola for Shadowproof. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an aggressive supporter of anti-leaks policies, indicated the insider threat task force within the government would refine [...]

As Sessions Promises Drug War Escalation, Listen To Drug War Prisoners

By Doran Larson, -

By Doran Larson for The Conversation - Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced a return to a pre-Obama policy of seeking maximum penalties for all drug crimes, including low-level, [...]

Senate Committee OKs Medical Marijuana Protections

By Bruce Barcott, -

By Bruce Barcott for Leafly - The Senate Appropriations approved an amendment to protect state medical marijuana patients this morning, delivering a setback to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In [...]

DC Judge Tosses Out Conviction Of Laughing Woman

By Ryan J. Reilly, -

By Ryan J. Reilly for The Huffington P0st - WASHINGTON ― A D.C. judge has tossed out a jury’s conviction of a protester who laughed during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate confirmation [...]

Jeff Sessions Eyes Crackdown On Medical Marijuana

By Mike Ludwig, -

By Mike Ludwig for Truthout - The Trump administration's policy toward legal marijuana began to emerge from the fog this week, and it appears that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his [...]

More Dangerous Than Trump

By David Cole, -

By David Cole for NYR Daily - Tangled in self-inflicted chaos, President Donald Trump has been unable to accomplish much during his first four months in office. His signature executive orders [...]

Jeff Sessions’ Department Of Injustice

By Marjorie Cohn, -

By Marjorie Cohn for Truthout - Motivated by his deep-seated biases and those of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pursuing a draconian agenda on voting rights, [...]

Jeff Sessions Doubled Down On Immoral, Racist, And Counterproductive War On Drugs

By Udi Ofer, -

By Udi Ofer for ACLU - So when most Americans learned that the incarceration rate in the United States began to decrease and that overall crime rates were at historic lows, they cheered the news. [...]

Jeff Sessions Orders Harsher Sentences, Taking U.S. Policy Back To 1980s

By Elisabeth Garber-Paul, -

By Elisabeth Garber-Paul for Rolling Stone - On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo ordering Justice Department staff to charge criminal suspects – specifically low-level, [...]

Jury Convicts Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions During Senate Hearing

By Ryan J. Reilly, -

By Ryan J. Reilly for The Huffington Post - WASHINGTON ― A jury convicted a woman on Wednesday who was arrested during a congressional hearing in January after laughing at the claim that [...]

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